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Demon Slayer Replica Swords $89 + Shipping ($0 NSW Pickup) @ PCMarket


Tanjiro's is out of stock now, we still have a few of Rengokus left though.

Note: Swords are blunted and not sharpened.

We also have Rengoku's at the same price as well.

Made from high carbon steel, the blade is easy to clean, and both resistant to scratches and rust. Blunted blade assures that the sword is safe and easy to handle, weighing in at a comfortable but sturdy 0.93kg, but measuring in at an impressive 103cm in length.

Features :

  • The blade is made from high quality carbon steel with an accented black & red finish, proving easy to clean and resistant to both scratching and rust.
  • Protected by a matte black wooden sheath with silver fittings to protect the blade.
  • A blade that is aesthetically pleasing but not sharpened so it is safe and easy to handle.
  • Weighted at a comfortable but sturdy 0.93 kg with the sword sheath
  • Measures at an impressive 103 cm in length with the handle having a length of 28 cm.

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  • +5

    Better not break it…

  • Can you actually hurt people with this?

    • +6

      Yes. You could easily bruise someones arm

    • +13

      Only demons

    • +1

      You can hurt people with a pencil if you wanted to.

      • +4

        I heard this guy named John Wick once killed three men in a bar with just a pencil.

        • Just poke them in the eye!

        • +2

          You speak of Baba Yaga.

        • I also heard of a guy named Riddick who used a teacup to kill.

    • -1

      It’s a kilo of wood and steel in a form factor designed to give mechanical advantage to the person holding it. Assuming it really is steel and not some softer material gimmicked to look the part - you could hurt or possibly kill someone.

      Assuming it is high carbon steel, we don’t know if it was heat treated and hardened. Assuming it was heat treated and tempered, it should hold an edge if you sharpen it at which point losing chunks of your own body becomes very possible if you don’t have training or respect for how scary real swords are. If you manage to clock someone else with it instead of yourself - it would have a decent chance of killing or permanently injuring that person.

    • yes, some swords are effective not because of a sharp edge , which in real,life can chip and aren’t always practical if not on a one on one ground fight e.g cavalry rider but have a blunt edge , damage is done by the 90 degree edges and point of impact …… can crack skulls, break colllar bones, etc. if the edge isnt rounded.

  • Can this be sharpened to make it suitable for the actual business?

    • +8

      Better talk to haganezuka about it

  • +6

    Can you sharpen this enough to cut vegetables. Asking for a friend.

    • +4

      My friend wans to know about cutting meat.

      • +3

        I would also like to know about this

    • In wrong hands, yes! Could leave someone in vegetative state…

  • +5

    For those people who asked about sharpening the sword, I think you need to find where the Swordsmith village is and ask one of those swordsmiths like Hotaru Haganezuka to sharpen it for you.

    • +2

      This you Hotaru Haganezuka?

      • All I can say is all swordsmiths would need to wear a mask and hide their identities.

  • Don't worry.

  • +15

    from the thumbnail I thought this was a post for a really widescreen monitor!!

    • +6

      Its not real

      Its a replica

      • facepalm
        my mistake!!

    • +1

      Thought the same thing. Super ultrawide. For people who like looking at the world through a mail slot.

    • Sword pictured only for scale.

  • +1

    Is this 3440x1440?

  • +1

    What a bizarre shop. Almost sells everything.

    • +2

      The one stop shop, get yourself a replica sword, masturbator, flight simulator and a solar panel. Weekend sorted.

  • nice swords

  • +1

    Set your heart ablaze!

  • -1

    Why am I reminded of neck beards, your mother's basement and glass patio tables?

    • +8

      you're having a family reunion?

    • Too late for Mothers day???

  • +2

    Sadly, even though these are not edged, in my nanny state of Victoria these are not allowed without a weapon collector's permit or being a member of a re-inactment society.

    • Are you serious??

      • +1

        probably because if you walk down main street with it on your tool belt you'd get the cops called on you

    • Ahhh yup, and has to be locked up… So mental..

      • it would not be too hard to sharpen with some very low end commerical gear but i would imagine you'd get shot by VicPol if they found out…

  • +2

    As someone who only watches the anime, this was a spoiler :(

    • +1

      Yeah I already got this spoiled for me while looking at other merch (don't look up figurines/statues!!!) but it does suck a bit if you didn't know :(

      • What was spoiled?

  • Free Shipping for orders over $150… BS… just got charged $8.10 for an order of $238.00… the cheapest shipping option, unless I want to pickup.

  • No Inosuke Dual-Swords, am disappoint.

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