Sports Plus Bundle $29/Month, Movies Plus Bundle $29/Month, Sports + Movies Bundle $39/Month for 12 Months @ Foxtel Now


Foxtel Now Bundle Discounts for 12 months.

10 Day Free Trial is included on all bundle packs.

Sports + Movies Bundle = $39 P/M for 12 months

  • Essential Pack
  • Drama Extra Pack
  • Movies Pack
  • Sport Pack

Sports Plus Bundle = $29 P/M for 12 months

  • Essentials Pack
  • Drama Extra Pack
  • Sports Pack

Movies Plus Bundle = $29 P/M for 12 months

  • Essentials Pack
  • Drama Extra Pack
  • Movies Pack

Supported Devices - Click Here

  • Please note there is no native Apple TV app for Foxtel Now.

Fine Print

  • Only available for new and reactivating Foxtel Now customers (not available to Telstra carrier billed customers)
  • Foxtel Now standard monthly pricing applies at the end of the 12 month offer period
  • If you remove a pack during the offer period your offer will be cancelled and you will pay the standard price for the packs you remain subscribed to.

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  • -1

    Does anywhere here have Foxtel for 4K sports? and is it worth it?

    • +1

      Sure do - I love it!! Bear in mind though that only maybe 3 or 4 games per week are in 4k, and none of the Channel 9 broadcasts are (cries as a Broncos fan).

      I wouldn't base a new subscription around 4k, but it's very nice to have that's for sure.

      • -1

        Have you or anyone else noticed the quality of the 4K sports differs between matches? I watch AFL and I've noticed some matches in 4K are awesome, but others have terrible motion blur, for example when the footy is spinning in the air, it almost makes it non-watchable. Anyone know if this is something to do with it being upscaled in some matches perhaps as opposed to being native 4K? I'm not really sure how it works but it's pretty bad to watch. I'm finding maybe 1 in 3 matches have this issue.

        • Do you need to sports HD pack? Or will the 4K work with this pack?

          • +1

            @Mousey57: I believe 4k is only available on the IQ4/5 boxes, and not via foxtel now or foxtel go. So you'd still have to fork out minimum $50+/month for a proper foxtel setup to get it

  • is this 29 per month for sport? Do you need a base pack?

    • +1

      Sport Pack = $29 normally

      This Sports Plus Bundle = $29 for 12 months

      The bundle includes these packs:

      • Essentials Pack
      • Drama Extra Pack
      • Sports Pack

      So you are effectively getting the Essentials Pack + Drama Pack for free for 12 months.

      • -1

        Also what do they believe are essentials for my viewing, make me laugh ;)

      • -3

        $29 for 12 months or $29 per month for 12 months?

        • +3

          Take a wild guess

          • -2

            @timwog: I dunno, I’ve had free for 3 and 6 months before on various foxtel deals. And by all accounts foxtel is struggling. Hence I asked. Looks like OP updated the deal.

            But thanks for being rude about it. Way to foster a community.

            • +4

              @SirHeadlessT: You're right. I apologise. I too don't want this to become like Whirlpool.

  • +12

    Considering Kayo has increased its fees to $27.50 a month, for $1.50 more that's not a bad shout

  • I've always had weird motion issues using Foxtel like game of thrones, selling houses etc and this was on a high end Samsung KS8000 and also a media PC using both the app or through chrome..

    • +1

      How about using Kodi with slyguy addon?

  • Sports Plus Bundle = $29 for 12 months

    This one works out to be very similar to the new Kayo Sports pricing.

    You'd have to use the Foxtel Now app instead of Kayo though right?

    • +1

      Not with apple discounted gift cards still $25, if you only want sports better as can turn off after football season, I do anyway.

  • +3

    If I was to switch from Kayo to this, what are the downsides?

    For example, does Foxtel Go have match replays/minis/highlights, or can you only watch it live?

    • Interested to know this also

    • The Foxtel Now interface is nowhere near as good but as far as I can tell all the content is there e.g. for some reason F1 races appear as episodes S2022E08

  • I've only got Kayo for AFL. This becomes redundant in a few months as I'm essentially paying $29 a month or Essentials and Drama, so not worth it for me

    • +1

      The site says you can cancel at any time. That's my plan if I go ahead

  • anyone want to go 3rds in the $39 deal?

    • +1

      pretty sure its only 2 screens + 5 devices?

      • +1

        My bad thought it was 5 screens

    • anyone looking to go Halves?

  • Is there much AFL content in the off season on Foxtel?

  • +1

    Anyone know if Foxtel Now works like Kayo? IE. watch replays anytime etc? I only use Kayo for F1 now that they lost the rights to WEC, Formula E etc.

    • Kayo is Foxsports renamed so no reason why not. Sign up for a trial and check if it meets your needs first.

  • Kayo app locked to standard definition on Samsung TVs. Anyone know if Foxtel Now has the same issue?

    • +1

      Per Foxtel

      Foxtel Now streams in up to 1080p for On Demand titles and up to 720p on linear TV.

      • Good find and thanks for the reply!

        Kayo also lists 1080p for Samsung TV’s, but sadly the picture is awful and diagnostics show it never goes higher than 480p. Issue is documented online, with many having contacted Kayo supported to have their own internet connection blamed despite streaming 4K content via other services. Disappointing, but shouldn’t be surprised.

  • Do you get iq5 thrown in?

    • Its Foxtel Now!

      • +1

        DOH! - I'll stick with Kayo and Kodi then…

  • Saying $84 p/m after 10 days free trial? not $29p/m or even $39 p/m be wary.

  • Content wise, is there a big difference between having "Kayo ($27.50) + Binge ($14)" vs. "Foxtel Now: Sports + Movies Bundle ($39 P/M for 12 months)"?

    I can see the Foxtel Now Essentials base pack includes a number of channels such as: BBC World News, CNN, MTV, etc., but otherwise is the content in the "Movies" and "Drama Extra" packs the same as what Binge would have?

    • Binge doesn’t have all the content Foxtel has - especially when it comes to movies.

      • What's missing? I got the vibe it was largely the same too.

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