Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 128GB Wi-Fi $900 + Delivery ($0 to Metro Areas/ C&C/ Limited in-Store) @ Officeworks


Officeworks have the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 128gb wifi (mystic silver) for $900. Limited availability in store but available for postage.

JB HiFi price matched at $891 and I signed up to JB Perks for the $10 coupon deal which was posted recently:

As always, use discounted JB gift cards for further discount.

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  • How did JB price match for $891? Not 900?

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      Find a cheaper price on an identical stocked item, we'll beat it by 1%

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    $900 for a tablet….

    • For a tablet with these features, it's cheap.

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      wait until you see how much the new top model iPad Pro 1tb costs

    • How did tablets get above the $300-$400 mark when they first became a thing, shouldn't they have become more affordable….or are these designer models.

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      Its an awesome luxury device, I own the Tab S6 and Tab S8+. At home I generally use my tablet more than my phone and its great for travel.

      Definitely not a necessity but its great media consumption and light productivity device. Whenever I show my S6/S8+ to people and the things it can do they end up wanting one.

  • I should probably just go iPad at this price point right?

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      Don't fall into the apple ecosystem trap!

      • My curiosity for simplicity grows. All Android still

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          Was a big Android fan boy. Got Macbook Air (M1) as it was powerful and fan less so could WFH from couch without heating issues or charging. Then iPad Pro M1 11 (512gb on FB market place with Apple Receipt for $900) and then iPhone mini 12. All sucked in now. So seamless!

          Also, google and MS apps works mostly the same way so no loss there. Still got Android/MS devices but using them lesser and lesser.

          I am finding that as life gets busier and more stressful, I need things that just work out of the box.

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            @RandomDealHunter: Mirrors my experience, loved rooting and ROMs back in the day, now I’m pretty deep in apple and do like the universality of the devices however there are barriers I faced on moving where android was just more straightforward, file manager on iPad is a joke, not being able to just sideload cbr files and open in a suitable app is just strange, fingers crossed for next iPadOS version.

            Final point I picked up a 2018 iPad Pro second hand, added AppleCare and I’ve had it replaced without issue due to port beginning to fail.

            • @revmacca: I agree. Did app development in past just for fun along with rooting. Priorities have changed and crave less screen time each day.
              File management is pretty crap both on MacOS and iOS. At least the new iPad has usb c for memory stick.

    • If you got iPhone and AirPods with handover support I say absolutely . I LOVE how seamless it is to switch around.

  • Do you all think that this will go lower than $900?

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    I bought for 829 back in November 2021

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    Do I go with this deal or look for a deal on the P11 Pro?

    Use = office based (wifi or hotspot), booking appointments via browser interface, email, billing, maybe occasional Zoom calls, showing short videos to clients (vimeo, YT, locally stored), etc.

    Really keen to hear anyone's real world experience of either device and limitations/strengths.

    Thanks in advance.

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      P11 pro looks like awesome value.

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      If you are not in the Samsung eco system then you will probably get better value from the P11 Pro.

      Though if you do like to tinker with settings and playing with extra features then these Tab S devices from Samsung are years ahead of the competition in software. Samsung Tab S have many quality of life improvements for multitasking, gestures and features that will take you years to figure out.

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        Thanks a bunch. I sincerely appreciate your thoughts. :-)


    Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Bronze Wi-Fi 128GB $796.95 ($746.95 with Newsletter Voucher) )

    Doesn’t hold a flame to this legendary short lived deal haha

  • Got the s8+ for $959 part of bundle samsung government portal.

    • i just jumped on GOV portal.. s8+ is still the same price as EPP portal
      what bundle did you get?

      • 20% off when you buy s22 ultra tab s8 watch 4 and buds.

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          a deal that forces you to buy 10 other things arent really comparable tho.

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            @PuntyBrah: No you could purchase then contact to cancel other items and keep the discounted price.

            • @Jklaro: lol you can't be serious? samsung just keeps having loopholes in their systems aren't they..

          • @PuntyBrah: il just keep waiting for a price drop

    • went was this tho…

  • didn't i just see this on amazon for 650 ish a few days ago?

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      Probably the FE version.

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    Dex on this is awesome. Completely different tablet experience. More laptop like. I have an iPad Pro, Tab S7+ 5g (now on eBay) and now the S8 ultra and struggle to use my iPad Pro for anything work related. Sits on my desk looking nice and probably used for less than 30hrs in the 2yrs I've had it.

    iPad is great for kids though and oldies. Less buttons to click.

    • My kids use tab s7 only 3 Years old.

  • There is something interesting for this model for someone not afraid to do DIY repairs. The Tab S7+ repair program will be released this summer:

  • Thanks OP! Ordered one for click and collect at Officeworks.

    I called JB Hi Fi to and was told that they can't price match because it's a clearance sale, unfortunately.
    I didn't know that disqualifies for their price guarantee, so I ended up buying from Officeworks.

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