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Metz 55" OLED TV $1799 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ The Good Guys


3 year warranty.


Catch every detail without being close up to the screen with this Metz TV's 55-inch screen. It features an OLED display. The Metz 55MXD9500A has smart TV capabilities, so you can increase your entertainment options. It has 4K HD video. The Metz television's 3840 x 2160 pixel screen resolution helps you discern precise details in videos. Plus, you can connect to a wide range of high-definition video equipment with its three HDMI inputs. The television features two USB inputs.

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The Good Guys


  • -2

    55" any quality is never going to be worth $1799 in my opinion.

    • +3

      Why not? the LG oled at 55 inch is sitting at $2k and selling like hotcakes. It's very, very rarely been cheaper.

      • Well they've got some competition with Samsung this year don't they?

        Plus those LG's are pretty loaded feature wise imo.

        • +1

          Do people still care about features on a TV? As in software (not image processing). $80 chromecast TV does a better job than any TV OS really.

          • @krisspy: More than just Smart TV… Slow menus can be annoying to use just to configure the TV… Then there are other compatibilities with technologies such as when you start connecting other equipments such as audio features, VRR, 120hz…

    • +6

      Depends how big your inner city rental is ….. 55" is plenty big for some

    • An OLED is an OLED. Not everyone has a giant room that needs an 85" behemoth. I'm sure some nutjobs eyeing this right now as a computer monitor

  • Same price at good guys commercial…

  • +1

    better go for a big brand. go for the LG A1 oled with similar price

    • +1

      Metz used to make some of the best crt TV's in the 90s , they used to be at all the best hifi shops

  • +5

    I thought Metz made tiles… There is no way I'd buy this. Spend the extra few $$ and get an LG

  • +6

    who in their right mind would pay $200 less for Metz some budget brand over lg c1

    • Pity it’s not the old Metz brand.

    • Any PRO Photographer would know who METZ is, flash units used worldwide, cant comment on TV's.

      METZ blue
      A German Brand. Through a combination of the strength of Skyworth, a global player in the TV business, and the 80 years of experience of traditional German manufacturers Metz, high-quality smart TV solutions are being created by METZ blue, with the aim of making state-of-the-art screen technology available to everyone.

  • isn't this just the standard RRP

  • Oled TV Made in Germany?really?

    • Volksoled why not.

      • +7

        Expecting dsg issues after warranty

    • Apparently they are or at least assembled in Germany

  • Is this some kind of sick joke?

  • +1

    Metz and Loewe were the Bees Knees long before Korea started.

    • Seen a few Loewes in hifi shops back in the days, never knew why people would pay 10s of thousands for them, mind you this is when the Kuro was king.

  • +1

    I would rather save $200 and get the Philips 805.

  • Philips 805 for $1599 is a safer deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/700686

    • I've heard the Philips 805 uses LG C1 (2021) Panel.

  • Can't find anything about HDMI version… the Philips 805 is unfortunately not HDMI 2.1 either :(

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