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Free $65 Budgy Smugglers Store Credit if You Vote in Budgy Smugglers Swimwear and Upload & Tag Photo on Instagram


I'm not sure how many of you will actually do this . But it sounds like a bit of fun. Vote this weekend wearing your Budgy Smugglers. Head to instagram #smugglersdecide and they will send you a free $65 voucher.

Description on Instagram:

The election is coming in hot and while we don't mind who you vote for, we do want you to exercise your constitutional right to vote without pants on.

To encourage this we'll give a free pair to anyone who:

🗳Votes in their Smugglers or Smugglettes
🗳Captures a photo similar to this one
🗳Posts to socials with #SmugglersDecide by 3pm this Saturday 21st of May.

We'll send through a credit for $65 to all those who participate on Monday morning.

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  • What type of voucher are we talking here?

    • +1

      I would love to post it without a swimwear if the voucher doesn’t have a minimum spending

      • You mean… go the full budgy?!

    • The kind that they put in the waistband

  • +23

    … but who will they vote for? Tony Abbott isn't running…

    • +93

      I'm here…

      • +1

        He'll be here forever

        • +1

          Oh no

      • +4

        Please Tony, put it away! We’ve seen too much already to last ten lifetimes. 😂

      • that explains a lot

      • +1

        Not the democracy sausage we wanted to see.

    • Just make a extra box on the ballot paper

      • +2

        And cut a hole in it?

  • -1

    Bought one for each of the family!

  • +13

    Does it count it if you phone/postal vote in your budgy smugglers?

  • +98

    Not the democracy sausage I was expecting but hey…

    • +9

      it's 18 degrees and raining, won't see much of that sausage :)

      • +8

        Top it up with some sizzling onions and see what happens.

        • +1

          oh no, not the "onions above or under" argument again..

  • +5

    Not the kind of "Sausage and buns" I was hoping for at a voting slave line…

    • +17

      If I wanted to see dicks I'd talk to the guys in yellow shirts handing out how to vote cards.

  • +1

    save your administration time and just already give credit to Tony Abbott

    • +4

      Tones has a 300k pension, he isn't exactly hurting for budgie smugglers.

      • +5

        300k tax free ? Far out, no wonder why some rubbish politicians keep clinging on to power. So much money to have

        • +4

          They merely only have to touch it and then its forever pension.

          • +2

            @Xistn: not any more - now they are all on standard pensions (APS equivalent, so i think 15.4% employer contribution). No more indexed pension. Well, those elected post 2004. Pre 2004 they are on the old scheme

  • +2

    I'll do it then realise you're supposed to put the sock in the front and not the back :/

  • +7

    Brilliant marketing move, but…

    … what kind of moron would spend $65 on budgie smugglers? I'd be amazed if even the most luxurious pair would cost more than $5 to manufacture (even factoring in shipping from wherever).

    I suspect the only people to take this up would be happy to do it for free if they were guaranteed the attention.

    • +20

      Have you heard of lingerie by any chance

      Less material does not equal less cost

      • +2

        No kidding, have you been watching the Amber Turd trial? She has almost no material and the cost will be $50m

      • +1

        But we're talking budgie smugglers.

        Sex toys, lingerie, anything sex related is always marked up heavily.

        But budgie smugglers are just undies. Would you pay $65 for a single pair of Bonds briefs?

        • Some brand names charge hundreds for their underwear. I remember the tattoo artist Ed Hardy released a series of underwear each one over $100 a pair!!! It featured in some magazine I saw whilst waiting at the doctor’s!

  • -1

    Most likely some kind of scheme of one of the larger parties to skim votes away from their opposition

  • +10

    Damn I really regret early voting

    • +8

      Just vote again? Pretty easy apparently.

      • +2

        especially in Georgia !

      • +2

        Follow dust for more #lifeprotips

        • +2

          *Tinfoil hat not included

  • +4

    Unless you are a handsome/rich/muscular 9 or 10, it's likely you will be arrested for indecent exposure and put on the sex offenders register if you happen to offend anyone, which is highly likely.

  • +4

    People behind him have no idea why his voting in red little swimwear , but he couldn't care the man is a true Ozbarginer

  • Lol has anyone read the Instagram

    Someone is like hey that's my daddy!

    Quite funny

  • +

    • +1

      Really sticking with this no-vote thing aren't you


  • +2

    and can these events be live streamed like that guy did outside the incorrectly labelled Australia Post vending machine?

  • spmeoen should send this to Tony Abbott

    he would be annoyed though, should have gotten thousands of free pairs in the past

  • +2

    Are you really allowed to take a photo at the poll stand?

    • +1

      That's a good question.

      While I couldn't find anything specific saying you can't, there are general rules that say you can be removed from a polling place, etc.

      So I'm going to say pulling out the camera at a polling place is an idea almost as stupid as wearing speedos to a polling place…

    • No.

    • +2

      mmmm, ask for permission and ensure you don't capture anyone else's voting activities.

      Media are allowed to go and film inside but must arrange it first. It is all orchestrated for the high profile voters.

      • That's what I was trained as OIC of a few AEC Polling Places.

        The voting process is private & mustn't be recorded. Voters mustn't be identified.

        Its up to the OIC to determine what can or can't occur inside the Polling Place.

    • No you're not.
      Technically, aec rules are no photos should be taken at the polls

    • Here is the law on this.

      Section 329. No can do. Penalties are severe. This promo is about to backfire on budgie smuggler big time. If any of the people show someone else’s face or vote or preference etc

      Misleading or deceptive publications s. 329
      A person must not print, publish or distribute, or cause, permit or authorize to be printed, published or distributed any matter or thing during an election period that is likely to mislead or deceive an elector in relation to the casting of a vote in an election under the Act. The scope of what amounts to "publish" includes not just the print media, but also by radio, television, internet or telephone.

      If a person is found guilty of this offence, a court may impose a penalty not exceeding 100 penalty units or a period of imprisonment not exceeding three years, or both. A body corporate found guilty of this offence may be subject to a penalty not exceeding 500 penalty units.

      Behaviour at polling booths etc s. 348
      In a polling booth, counting centre, or premises at which an application may be made for a pre-poll vote, a person must not commit misconduct, or disobey a lawful direction given by the person in charge of the premises

      It’s likely this could be considered as misconduct as it disrupts other voters by distraction. And the pic used by the company, the voter’s vote is visible (may not be able to see names but the vote is visible)

      Unless you’re a local at Byron Bay or Noosa or other beach town I’d say you may be in for a bit of trouble showing up in budgie smugglers.

  • Ah fantastic, best chuckle of the day. :D

  • We can see the real OzB keyboard warriors on instagram…

  • 67% of the adult population wouldn't dare do this ;)

  • Pretty lame 'marketing' in my view.
    Some / most will have a laugh at the bait, but probably not so funny in real life if you aren't in a warm climate on Saturday, you need to wait in-line for an hour or so, and the people working at the polling booth have to put up with you prancing about in your swimmers.

    • Take a bathrobe with you.

    • strip down at the booth, then vote

      • I think I would rather make sure that I voted correctly. I can wear swimmers any day.

    • I reckon it would be the highlight of the day for the people working there.

      • Agree - it can be a pretty long boring day! They'd have a good snicker 😊

        Makes a change from drunk / drugged / abusive voters!

        The highlight at the end of the day, can be being asked if this "dick & balls" drawn on a ballot paper invalidates the vote. "As long as the voter's intentions are clear" was my response as OIC. Disappointingly, we never got many of those.

  • Do u reckon they will accept my pic of Abbot hehe ?

    • Nah, they've got too many of him already. Try getting one of Palmer or Hanson… or both if you're sure you'll survive that image

  • Is that legal?

  • Does doing a Superman count?

  • +1

    I thinks it’s the right time to use my Photoshop skills!

  • who actually wears this sorta shit?

  • +6

    My local voting centre is in a primary school 😬

    • Most of them are schools of some sort. Kids with their parents will be holding cake stalls and probably wont appreciate it so much.

      • +1

        Do you take your kids to swimming pools?

        • +2

          Theres a time and place for everything.

          • @ATangk: one is a public facility with lots of kids running around

            And the other is a school on the weekend where virtually everyone is over 18

          • @ATangk: Just like there's a time and place for a mankini.

    • Shouldn't be many students there on a weekend…

    • went to early vote last night the queue was in the 100's of people at about 6pm… :(

  • +2

    you must be so cheap to whore yourself for 65 bucks.

    • +9

      This is ozbargain.. I’ve done more to save 10 cents

  • +2

    so i took a picture of my wife voting for the first time since becoming an Aus Citizen inside the polling booth and was told to delete the picture and any browsing history (haha they had no clue)

    Are we allowed to take pics inside the polling rooms?

    • +2


    • Understandable, but…
      You aren't allowed to take a picture of my wife voting! That is against the Commonwealth Electoral Act.

      Issues of identifying the voter, voter privacy, possibly showing their vote, etc.
      You can't take photos of the voting process - it is private. That can be broadly interpreted as anything or anyone inside a Polling Place.

      If you want to take a photo inside the Polling Place, ask the OIC (Officer In Charge).
      What happens inside a Polling Place is totally up to them. There is a thick book of rules governing what is permitted.

      Best done outside, beside AEC Polling Place signs. And not at busy times.

      As a past OIC of several Polling Places, I've stopped people taking photos, & allowed others only well away from voting screens.

      Some voters originally from countries which have had experience of intimidation or violence at Polling Places, may react badly to being in people's photos. Or that their voting is being recorded by unknown people. In general, photos are not allowed (especially if also show other voters).

  • +1

    I am also happy to accept the photos. DM me.

    • +1

      You sure your username shouldn't be killer187?

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