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Razer Opus X - Mercury Wireless ANC Headset $79 + Delivery ($0 VIC/SYD C&C/ in-Store/ to Metro) + Surcharge @ Centre Com


Apparently the original Razer Opus was similar to the Sony XM3s, but these are not them.
But they are just $79.

Surcharge for select payment methods: 1.2% Card & Paypal, 2% AmEx

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  • Are these white only?

  • Are these actually any good or?

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      Bought a set last time and suprised at how good they are for the price. I have used some high end stuff in the past (Sennheiser Momentum (original), Bose QC35, Bose 700's) as well as low end stuff, and would say that the reviews are pretty accurate - very comfortable, good passive noise isolation, quite decent active noise cancellation (but not as good as Bose), and the sound quality is good (but the sound signature is a personal thing). Well worth it in my opinion.

  • They look pretty reasonable from the comments on the last post. Would be curious about any real world experiences


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    Also $79 delivered on Amazon but only two left in stock: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08Z6WYYR5/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i…

  • I'm sure they're decent, but that is not low latency

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    Don’t confuse them with the original Opus (which was an excellent XM3 alternative).
    The X model is pretty cruddy.

    • Yeah, I didn't see that the reviews I saw didn't have the 'X' :(

  • You forgot to put their main feature active noise canceling in the description or heading

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