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Crescent Cable Ties - 100-Pack Varieties $0.71-$5.95 (RRP $2.71-$12.61) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings


Crescent Cable Ties are high quality, self-locking nylon cable ties that come packaged in a handy, resealable zip lock bag. Available in a range of colours and sizes.

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  • good ole crescent

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    been a while since they went on sale, time to stock up again. thanks OP.

    • +3

      It feels like there only on sale once in a blue moon

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    Tools , tools i have to have my tools , i like to bind i like to be bound, no questions the golden god is not taking questions.

  • Are these "Zip-tie-guy" approved?

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    Useful for when someone parks across 2 spaces at the supermarket

    • +1


      • Cable tie shopping trolley to door handle

        • +1

          doesn't seem as good as a bit of poo smeared under the door handle, just make sure it's not visible.

      • oh check your social media last week! It was so funny

      • +9
        • ROFL!

  • duct tape & shovel next?

    • +4

      Dexter approved products

      • Final season was a let down.

    • According to a guy I know you also need tarp and an inflatable boat. He was caught however.

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    Finally I can properly restrain my gf for under $5

    • +2

      Usually the other way around?

      • I restrain her, she puts on the strap on, and pegs me while restrained?

    • +5

      Has she agreed to be your gf?

    • Please get consent before playing the r a p e game..

      HIM "Do you want to play the r a p e game?"

      HER "No..!"

      HIM "That's the spirit.." hahaha

      A joke, I do not condone sexual assault in any way…

      • +1

        My favourite meme

  • 10 packs of the 370mms for me. Just in time for winter. Cheers op. A true bargain!

  • Cat toys*

  • What's the % off RRP?

  • +6

    Also referred to as a '100 Piece Tool Kit'

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    Can I ZipPay these?

  • Thanks OP, next decade worth of cable ties sorted for less than $30. Bargain. Now I just need to find a girl who's into this ;-)

    • Do you want to Me tooed team teri ?

  • +6

    easy tip insertion

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Thanks OP, grabbed 3 packs this morning, my old stash was almost empty so this worked out great.

  • next party sorted out

  • Thanks - stocked up.

  • Did I need more cable ties? Maybe, so bought a heap just because I could. Still want a cheap 18V chainsaw. Prefer AEG.

    • Have you ever seen the AEG on special? I've got my eyes out for it as well but it's been a long wait.

      • No, but never looked until the Ozito come up and I missed out.

  • Went in-store, but the price labels still showing old price

  • Sale not on anymore, if it was ever on

    • What do you mean, I spent $16.28 on 5 packets of 100 zip ties of various sizes.
      Picked up yesterday in click and collect drive thru

      Sale was on for me

      • Unsure, at bunnings now, not showing special price just normal when checking out in store. I'm in Victoria

        • Deal was posted Thursday the week before last.
          I'd say the special is def over now.

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