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Dell 20% off (22% off eBay Plus) Storewide @ eBay Dell


20% or 22% off (eBay Plus) Storewide at Dell (prices updated)

Dell 32 USB-C Gaming Monitor - G3223D $535.27

Dell 32 4K UHD Gaming Monitor - G3223Q $876.52

Dell 32 Curved Gaming Monitor – S3222DGM $437.77

Dell 34 Curved Gaming Monitor – S3422DWG $554.77

Dell 34 Curved Monitor - S3422DW $515.77

Dell 34 Curved USB-C Monitor – S3423DWC $554.77

Alienware 34" AW3423DW Curved QD-OLED Gaming Monitor $1,793.22

Dell 27 USB-C Monitor - S2722DC $340.27

Dell 27 4K UHD USB-C Monitor - S2722QC $389.02

Inspiron 15 3505 Laptop AMD Ryzen 5 3450U 8GB RAM 256GB SSD FHD Win11 $623.22

Inspiron 15 3525 Laptop Ryzen™ 5 5625U 8GB RAM 256GB SSD AMD® Radeon™ FHD $779.22

Terms and Conditions

Acceptance. By using or attempting to use the redemption code for this offer, you agree to accept and be bound by these terms and conditions.

Offer Period. This offer commences at 10:00am AEST on 20 May 2022 and is available for a limited time only as long as it is available on the ebay.com.au site (“Offer Period”). eBay reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time.

Conditions. This offer entitles you to 20% off the pre-coupon purchase price (excluding postage costs) on Eligible Items during the Offer Period, up to a maximum discount of $1000 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in 5 transactions (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).

“Eligible Items” means items listed at Dell Australia on eBay.com.au where a link to these terms and conditions and the coupon redemption code DSLL20 and DSLL22 is found in the item listing, or the item appears in the following URL:


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  • +4

    Thanks for sharing OP,
    and looks like Dell pulled all their UltraSharp series from their eBay store :/

  • +1

    No real decent 14 or 13 inch laptops.
    Really keen for a FHD+ or QHD+ with 12th gen intel or 5th gen AMD.

    Perhaps they will add more items?

    • +1
      • +4

        I usually try to only get the 7000 series of Inspiron. I feel the 5000 series are much more poorly built.

        • I had a 5000. The display was crap, though I recently discovered it was still very fast when connected with S2722DC (for reference my HP AIO was much slower when connected to an external display. I bought HP in 2016 and Inspiron in 2017). Due to 5000 I almost lost faith in Dell until S2722DC was really one of my fav tech investment!

      • do you know if the RAM is upgradable to 16gb?

        • The tech specs list 1x8GB RAM.

          Looking up the same model on the Dell website, there are 8GB and 16GB options, with the latter being 2x8GB which implies that the 8GB model would come with a free RAM slot.

  • Whaaaaaat no dealbot?!?!

    • Whaaaaaat no dealbot?!?!

      Yeah, I saw that popup and searched ozbargain and didn't see dealbot posted it for some reason.

  • +7

    Wow what an increase from the last deal!

  • +2

    Shame they've jacked the original prices though.

  • +2

    S3422DWG is unusually expensive here for some reason? It's frequently on sale for $549 and is currently available for $584.34 directly from Dell, or $555.13 with code VIVID5.

    • We need dealbot to get a better price XD

      • +42

        I actually do have better prices than the ones in the OP but it’s still at least $50 more than the past.

        Trying to wear the rep down to do something but need time.

        • +8

          doin god's work

        • +9

          From PLSDELL to GUNPOINTDELL lmao

        • +1

          can we expect deals on latest models P2723QE / U2723QE ?

    • Great find! Might consider buying it!

    • Dealbot has mentioned in his/her last dell post next "sales" will be (is) shet.

    • Somebody bought 6

      • You found broden.

  • 2722DC is cheaper direct from Dell, I was looking at it this morning.


    • ebay looks is slightly cheaper by $7

      • $321 (with 10% AMEX Cashback.)

      • +1

        Is now, wasn't before as per the OP

  • Anyone know if the Inspiron 15 3525 has soldered ram? and if it has a free slot?

    • I want to know too. I think it has 1 free slot

  • +3

    Glad I got the s2722qc on last offer $369

    • +1

      Yep same. No rugrats, great monitor.

  • +10

    Update for everyone. Just hang a little as the prices are being adjusted. It is still higher than the last promo but will not be as bad.

    • Thanks, man, hanging for a S3422DWG…

    • +2

      Prices are certainly much higher than last time. A monitor I bought last time is $40 more expensive after the discount.

    • Thanks! Keeping an eye on G3223Q.
      Will the price be the same as the last deal?

      • Was ready to spend the money on that monitor too then I read about possible issues with image retention and a lot of games not working properly with G-Sync (only fixed by changing to 8-bit colour I think).

      • It was $846.12 last month fyi.

    • @dealbot - Waiting to pull the trigger on a S3222DGM, Do you still think this price might get adjusted? - $437.77

  • +1

    This model “Inspiron 16 2-in-1 7620 Laptop 12th Gen i7-1260P 16GB RAM 1TB SSD MX550 UHD+ is the same price from last promo, I am surprised that dell didn’t increase the price on this one ;)

    • I was thinking about buying but there are no reviews for this model. Are there any reviews out for this model?

      • +1

        “There are no reviews for this model. Are there any reviews for this model?”
        - you

        • I'm just making sure like if there is any reviews which i missed out because i just checked on YouTube so i was asking

  • +3

    Any deal for 32" flat 4K monitor (not gaming and cheaper) like SE3223Q

  • if price is same, consider ordering via their website with Amex 10% off.

  • s2722qc will wait for this.

    • +2

      Huh? It's in the list.

  • Any recommendation for a WFH monitor? 24"-25" to go with my existing 25". Something cheap and cheerful, will be used to look at spreadsheets all day

    • If looking at spreadsheets all day is your livelihood, “cheap and cheerful” is false economy. Let taxpayers subsidise a better choice.

  • Wow…S3422DW was $499 after discount last month. Now it is $515

    • +1

      Everything price gone up, like in supermarket.

    • Yes inflation I'm afraid…

  • +1

    I really need USB-C and KVM would be great.
    Using student discount codes U3421WE comes down to $975.38.. Seems like a reasonable price maybe?

  • +1

    any deals on 14inch laptop suitable for uni?

  • Dell 34 Curved USB-C Monitor – S3423DWC AMD FreeSync WQHD 100 Hz
    That seems like a good deal…

    • What advantage does it have over s3422dwg?

      • usb C for new Macs

  • +2

    Got the Dell 27 4K UHD USB-C Monitor - S2722QC about a month or two ago for $369 delivered. Not sure if the discount was bigger or if the RRP has gone up. I still think it's a good deal personally. Happy to answer any questions about the monitor, but brief overview of my experience below:

    Cracking monitor, USB-C hub is genius. Makes working off my macbook a million times better - strongly recommend it if you do WFH on a USBC ultrabook.

    Personally I don't think two monitors is worth it, but with a shitty older 1080p monitor I needed to use my mac screen too. The 4K + USBC mean I have enough real estate on just the monitor and my mac can sit closed behind the screen.

    Call me crazy but freeing up space on my desk (including the board games and books I was propping my macbook up on to use as screen 2) has made so much difference.

    • +1

      I'm another one in the camp of 1 high-res monitor over dual screen. Some people have different workflows and each their own, but personally it drives me crazy spanning multiple monitors.

      • +1

        Yeah I used to be firmly in the 2 screens camp but I have 1 at home and 2 at work. 1 good screen is plenty for my workflow (research, word processing, spreadsheets, mapping) and it's pretty rare that i genuinely need the second. I also find myself doing a few things that are super annoying in the office setup (that I don't do at home).

        a) growing increasingly frustrated without knowing why, then realising I've been working in the furthest corner of one screen and have had my neck tilted at a dumb angle for like an hour

        b) losing windows. where did it go? i have no idea. cue spending a stupid amount of time trying to find it, or restarting the application. maybe it's just the way our setup in the office, or it's to do with remoting in to that desktop, but it's super annoying.

        • I also finding it frustrating moving my head to find a window, this action alone feels very conscious and breaks concentration for me. Work for me has a giant 34" ultra wide and despite setting up Fancy Zones and trying to make it work - it just doesn't for me.

          I work with multiple apps open at a time, plenty of tabs, spreadsheets and presentations. Over the years I've become quick at switching with keyboard shortcuts and snapping windows.

          • +1

            @cyssero: Yeah totally mate I think we’re in exactly the same boat. I have adhd and just like, any minor barrier to concentrating on a task needs to be removed as much as possible.

            Keyboard shortcuts > more real estate. That head and eye movement, shuffling things around looking for something kills my concentration and train of thought. Now which browser window was I in again…?

    • Would two monitors fit nicely with the bezzels?

      • Umm not sure, it's not a massive bezel but it's definitely there. I only use it as one screen, so hard to say. I'm not sure if it can be daisychained anyway.

    • Can you answer if just using USB-C to your Mac/laptop do the USB hub ports work? Wanting to connect keyboard and mouse to the screen without adding another cord.
      Looks like the code is still working!

      • +1

        100% - that's the entire point of it, it's great. Absolute gamechanger. My mac sits behind the screen plugged in via USBC. there's a handy port on the bottom left of the screen to chuck a USB or to plug my keyboard in for recharging. love it.

        • +1

          Amazing thank you for the response!

  • Anyone who ordered the Dell Inspiron 16, did they receive yet and if so how is it? Can't find any reviews about it online

    • Same. I was thinking of buying it but no reviews as if it doesn't exist

    • Yeah, there doesn't appear to be any reviews/videos/feedback. However, there's been a few people who've provided some feedback in previous posts.

      https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/691602 - e.g. auswill - provided feedback and he recorded a short demo of the sound issue on his device. He got a replacement from dell and it was fine.


  • I'm about to bite but no real reviews i can find for the S3423DWC …

    • I know. I pull the trigger anyway…
      This model was released few months ago.
      I had 2 other DELL monitors and was super happy.
      For this price I don't think you can go wrong

  • +1

    Can some monitor genius tell if the dell UWQHD s3422dwg is better than msi artymis 343cqr. They seem identical but a huge price gap.

    • +1

      165 vs 144hz.

      1000r vs 1800r (curve radius) msi has a tighter curve = designed for closer viewing.

      Builtin aiming Ai thing with the msi

      • Good pickup

    • msi artymis 343cqr

      Over $1000 quite expensive for a VA panel.

  • Damn, no U2720Q to match my existing monitor

    • +1

      s2721q is as good as u2720q (minus KVM and USB hub). Buy i1Display Studio to calibrate both monitors as even same make/model (with factory calibration) look different - cheap investment to save much frustration.

  • -1

    I think I have changed my mind and will go the U3821DW with students codes comes down to $1377.14

  • For further discounts, try some of these (not sure if they all stack)

    Shopback: Ebay (Existing customers) Electronics 0.5% Cashback may not work with coupons
    Shopback Gift Cards: EBay 3% cashback

    And if you don't have Ebay plus and are buying something over ~$500 (2% * $500 = $10 which is greater than the $9 cost of Ebay plus (49 - 40 = $9))
    Shopback: EBay Plus $40 Cashback on $49 Subscription

  • Prices are a bit high…better prices at EOFY?

    • exactly my thought, should i wait for eofy :D

  • +1

    On the Dell website the shipping estimate is about 5 days, but on the eBay it's over a month. Can anybody confirm whether this is the case, or do they just put lower priority on the eBay store?

    • EBay is around 2 weeks when I ordered last time.
      Depends on their stock levels.

  • Not exactly related, but I have a Dell XPS 9510 with a 130W charger. If I plug in one of those USB-C monitors with PD @ 65W will it just charge slower or not at all? I'd ideally want one cable to rule them all, Frodo.

    • +1

      It will explode. Just kidding. It will charge slower.

  • For the S3422DWG, is it a built-in software that we are able to split the monitor in two displays. Same question for S3423DWC as well because the pictures show split screen.
    Essentially want to use this feature with my work laptop. Currently have two monitors and I'm keen to switch one ultra wide one if this option is possible.

    • You can split the monitors using the on screen menu. No need to install anything on the computer.

  • Shame the G3223Q has no USB-C/Thunderbolt, which makes it unsuitable for Mac.

  • +1

    I recall 27” were $270 and 32” were a bit over $300, maybe 2 years ago from a Dealbot Dell deal.
    Tech prices were meant to go down over time, not up.

    • Tech prices were meant to go down over time, not up.

      Only if no shortage of chips

      • New models comes out, older models should become cheaper.

  • Shame there's no UltraSharp monitors, my trusty 10yo one has burn in all over and just got a XPS 8950 12900k. Did they remove all their UltraSharp monitors just for the sale?

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