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Skateboards & Longboards $50 with Free Postage @ Conveyor


Seems to be the same company as Globe.

Small selection of boards, cruisers & longboards for $50. Free shipping too!

Ideal if you want to get your kid into skateboarding without breaking the bank.

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  • Damn, wish I was onto this earlier, would of grabbed a Longboard and probs a few other things. I did get an Almost complete for $50, pretty great

  • In-line OR roller skates for a 7 & 5 year old who want to learn to skate? Mostly would be used outside.

    • Quads are probably best for noobs because they’re easier to balance on and have front stoppers to push off from.

  • Best size board for a 28 year old child that's 168cm tall, weigh 77kg and has 26cm feet?

    The internet guides confuse me on what to get 🙃

    • +1

      8.25 for commute, 8 easier for kickflip

  • Damn saw this too late. Adult skateboarder wannabe here. Is 8" okay or I would need 8.25"? I am size US 9. What do you guys recommend from what's left? Enjoi, almost, zoo york?

    • +1

      enjoi and almost are the decent ones left, I came late to the party and I'm fuming I missed the chocolate. copped enjoi instead

      if you have time today you can go to a skate shop to stand on either sizes, i wear 9.5 and i started on 7.75 and now i ride 8's

      • I was quite busy and didn't have the chance to go to a slate shop.

        Yeah are the chocolates much better? I see people talking about buying those only, I see they cost more normally.

        I was debating between a few then the red almost and black flowers enjoi sold out after I had it in cart early this morning. Ended up getting the Enjoi Helvetics Neue. Tempted to buy the still available almost as well but doesn't look as great, haha.

        • +1

          honestly, if you end up liking it, you'll probably burn through the first skateboard quickly and high quality parts are worth more than all these completes (wheels are 40-60, trucks start at 90) so might as well buy 2 completes haha

          chocolate have been in the game for so long, they're never a bad choice, almost are decent as well

          • @bakemon0: Well I want to skate and attempt very simple tricks. Would I still break board? Or I will probably stack it many times and break it?

            Ah so parts generally cost a lot more once you get better parts?

            Yeah people mention chocolates but they were sold out first

            • +2

              @JL1: Depends on what sort of tricks you want to try and how heavy you are.

              When i was young and 50 odd kg I rarely snapped a board and that was going for big tricks down stairs and rails.

              As an adult though… a poorly landed kickflip could probably snap it haha.
              Also, when you fall over and the board flicks out from under you, it will inevitably find a wall or corner to smash into and chip the kicks.

              Parts do cost more but some will last (trucks and wheels for example)
              Where as good bearings will last until you pop them from a heavy landing or they get ruined by sand/water etc.

              I skateboarded for 14 years but it’s been almost 8 years since i had my own, so might have a fuzzy memory 😂

              • @El cheepo: Haha well I am an adult that weighs in the mid 80kgs, so definitely some mass to snap it! Was thinking just simple stuff to not break my old bones.

                Haha guess I don't have to worry about better parts for a while.

                • @JL1: Yeah I’m in the same boat now, bit older and a bit heavier and scared to fall over 😂
                  Personally, I’m more scared of myself, everytime someone has let me have a go of one i go and try stuff i use to be able to do and it doesn’t end well haha

                  I’m sure you’ll be fine, just get some wrist guards, the probably the most risky area your likely to injure.

                  Honestly the parts won’t make much difference at a beginner level. A decent board is all you really need and maybe some slightly better bearings. But just see how you go first.

  • Got a board on the way… the big question now is, where do i find some skate shoes for $50?

  • Is this basically as good as skateboard deals go? Can't seem to see other popular skateboard deals on ozbargain except this one?

    • this is so good it's suspicious territory, no name decent completes start at 90 and branded ones like the one's here goes for 120 upwards

      • Ah yeah that's what I am seeing on other sites. Like not much discounts and chocolate completes discounted to $120-$130 and that seems to be the cheapest.

        Suspicious territory, mmm. Clearance?

        • +1

          it could be clearance because its winter and people don't tend to buy skateboards when it gets cold
          fow what its worth I called them up today to check something and they didn't seem sketchy

          • @bakemon0: I am not worried with PayPal and afterpay I guess! Some extra boards on discount now!

      • Ah missed that when I searched and looked but everything else is barely double digit upvotes and nothing big like this

  • +1

    Jesus…what have I just done?

    Curse you OzBargain!!

  • Completely serious, I think the better question for everyone who bought one including myself is:

    Any good deals on helmets?

    • Following here. Wondering if I need elbow pads too 😁

    • +1

      As someone who's fallen off a skateboard many times, I've only hit my head once; the other times my knees copped the brunt of the fall. So I recommend a good set of knee pads. Helmet's important too and a pair of mtb gloves will save your hands from road rash. And learn to fall properly i.e. rolling will help you heaps. Although sometimes you just get thrown off your board by a pebble or tree nut and you throw out your hands from instinct.

      • lol….it's not that I don't believe you but with my current skill level (ie. zero) I will need all the protection I can get.

        • +3

          Wear all the protection you feel you'll need and don't let anyone shame you out of it :)

    • +1

      you're better off investing in wrist guards, the human body is more inclined to put its hands out when falling and instinctually protect the head regardless

      source: 2-3 years skating, worse injury is a badly rolled ankle and a few sore wrists here and there

  • +2

    Element has 30% off for new members and occasional they have 50% off..

    6 month ago i brought a Element cruiser and is pretty happy with it.

    Few years ago i click pass 50.. old but still a child inside. Way chepa than a Harley.

    Just few words of advice.. buy protective guards 4 newbies, prenty of options on ebay.

    Start off by going to netball courts, the surface is smooth n grippy (only in dry) and is fun way to start n is safe. Once comfortable, you can try Pump track. Both are available at Barton Ridge, near Menai in Syd.

    Don't go skateboard parks unless u had skated in there past… i skate ok, but skate parks are less forgiving, luckily had wrist guard, otherwise i would had some serious injuries.

    Have fun n enjoy

  • +3

    Longboards are back in stock for anyone that missed out.

    • Cheers for the heads up, got myself the 36"

  • What's the difference between a cruiser and longboard? Are they a lot easier and comfortable to cruise on than a normal skateboard?

    I bought skateboard to cruise and perhaps to attempt very simple tricks. Don't think my old self can do anything too tricky

    • +2

      cruisers are shorter, in the 27 to 31" range.
      longboards start at 34" up, although there are some weird hybrids that overlap both categories.

      the "popsicle"/double kick skateboards that are the majority of boards in stock here are more for tricks. tiny, hard wheels don't make for a comfortable ride and are more prone to pebble attacks.

      if you want to attempt basic tricks like ollies and dropping off kerbs, you'll need a kick tail. it is possible to ollie on a longboard, like one of those pintail styles, but only for the elite skaters lol

      • Thanks for the info! I saw both cruisers and longboards for sale so I wasn't sure.

        Ah well I won't travel long distances on the board, I mean I just try to skate in a straight line and cruise without falling too much.

        Kick tail as in the normal double kick skateboards you mentioned? I am definitely a super newbie. I like snowboarding so want to give skateboarding a try!

        • +1

          the pink duster cruiser has a kick tail as well (and looks like even a slight nose kick too) if you want to attempt tricks. yes, i know it's pink but you don't actually see the graphics when you're on the board ;) just my opinion that it's the most suitable board for what you intend to do.

          • @tdw: Sorry don't know what kick tail or nose kick is! I just know, normal skateboard and longboard. Sorry super newbie here.

            So it won't be a good idea for me to get the normal skateboards unless I want to do heaps of tricks?

            • +1

              @JL1: tail and nose refers to the ends of the board. if they angle up, that's the "kick." having a tail kick allows for quick turns, ollies and other tricks. a nose kick helps with "catching" the ollie but you don't usually see those in cruisers which aren't meant for tricks. still is helpful to have when cruising around so you can ollie up/off obstacles.

              you can just get the normal skateboard, but since you want to cruise around mainly, i'd be advising you to change the wheels for something 58-62mm diameter that's a soft 78a for a better ride. you might also need to add riser pads to accommodate those bigger wheels.

              • @tdw: Thank you for all the info! Ozbargain gives education and takes away from wallet, lol.

                When I meant cruise around, I just mean going to a safe place to skate a little for fun then drive home, lol. Won't be going far distances!

                I want to try tricks but think I need to learn to not fall off and get too hurt first!

          • +1

            @tdw: That cruiser is gonna be super heavy to do tricks, especially for beginners tho?

            • +1

              @ShouldIBuyIt: there aren't any weight specs for all the boards, but there isn't much difference in weight between the cruisers and the standard skateboards. they're going to be "heavy" anyway when you first pick one up, compared to say a Penny plastic skateboard.

            • @ShouldIBuyIt: I didn't know cruisers and longboards were used for tricks and thought they were for cruising in!

              • @JL1: oh longboards can absolutely be used for tricks. check out the slides they do going downhill.

                • @tdw: Haha I've seen very cruisey videos of people longboarding but nothing too crazy. Will check it out

  • hmm…the specs on some of these boards is wrong. 52mm wheels on the dusters 34" felix? kickpush reckons it's 71mm 83a

    • Bought an almost that said it was 8" in name but says 8.25" in description.

      Sorry wanted to ask, is 8.25" more stable and easier to ride but harder for tricks? Whereas 8" and smaller lightet and more for tricks?

      Some different boards on discount but some are 7.75 or 8.25 and wasn't sure what to choose. The girl brand good?

      • +1

        yeah, the wider the deck, the more stable but it's also heavier. stability is also controlled by how loose/tight your trucks are, and, to a lesser extent, the bushings. (you can experiment with various components for eternity!)

        a lot of these brands' decks are made by the same company, so i'd just look to see if they're maple wood, what length/width, branded/unbranded trucks and the size/durometer of the wheel.

        • Thanks for all the info! So a lot of variables! I just read wider is heavier and more stable, etc so wasn't sure!

          • +1

            @JL1: it is, but you don't need a board so wide that your feet don't hang over. you kinda need a bit of foot overhang…helps with turning and also better for pushing so your stance doesn't get too wide

            • @tdw: Yep yep I understand! That makes sense, I never thought about the foot overhang thing. Haven't tried to turn on a skateboard yet, haha. What does it mean pushing and stance doesn't get too wide?

              Maybe I need to watch how to skateboard videos!

              • +1

                @JL1: if your board is really wide - and this is more a problem for little kids - your pushing foot has to go out wider so it doesn't clip the board/wheels.

                braille skateboarding and vl skate are some good channels

                • @tdw: Thanks again for the info! Haha little kid I am not, more a bigger sized adult unfortunately.

                  Thank you for the channel suggestions!

                  • +1

                    @JL1: i was watching Never Stop Improving last night as well. he's making excellent content. watch this vid on how to fall properly: https://youtu.be/MTzQX_6fKL4?t=82
                    really important when you're an adult because you're taller and have more mass than a kid, so if you fall incorrectly there's a real risk of breaking something, usually your wrists.

                    • @tdw: Thanks for the extra suggestion! I will definitely save that video!

                      Yeah I guess instinctually fall on hands. Definitely a bit of mass. Now thinking if I should get a longboard to cruise first before trying to use the normal skateboard.

                      Or maybe the pink one you mentioned for a bit of both!

                      • @JL1: if you can only buy one, then the pink cruiser's the way to go. you can always add different wheels/risers/trucks later for however you want to ride.

                        but if you don't like tinkering, and have the space/wallet for more than one board, then get one of whatever takes your fancy. you can always just keep the deck and turn it into furniture/art and flog the wheels and trucks on ebay if you want.

                        • @tdw: I unfortunately can't help myself and already bought 2 skateboards yesterday, so thinking more now about what to get extra, lol.

                          Cruiser is the way to go if only 1? If I get extra, should I be getting a longboard to see if I enjoy the feeling of it? Globe ones look nicest to me but sold out, there's the duster ones left! Haha the designs to look heaps cool even as decoration.

                          And are under 8" skateboards too small for normal use but easier to do tricks? Like would a 7.75, 7.85 be easier to learn to Ollie or kick flip with or basically same as 8"? Sorry for all the questions!

                          • @JL1: i can't say what is or isn't "too small" for you, not knowing your shoe size. some skaters with bigger feet don't like a deep concave on their decks. hard to buy a board online if you don't already know what you like; best to go to a skate shop and stand on some boards.

    • The listing for the 36" says 71mm so assuming they have the same wheels, you're correct

      • yeah 52mm is hell small for a longboard/cruiser wheel lol

    • I bought that one. 58mm. The other Felix is a 71mm size. Im about 75kg so was thinking I may need to buy bigger wheels. Kick push does have the higher size.

      I called them to confirm but they asked if I could email.

      • i don't think your weight means you need to buy bigger wheels. go bigger if you want to go faster or you find the 58mm are still catching on debris when you skate.

        • Okay cool. I had a quick google and thought 58mm was for kids or so.

          Sorry for being naive. So bigger wheels are to go quicker or for rougher surfaces?

          • @Robot16: bigger wheels = higher top speed, but slower acceleration compared to smaller wheels. better ride over rough/uneven surfaces. better chance of flicking away pebbles/nuts rather than coming to a grinding halt.

            smaller wheels = lighter, keeps you lower to the ground (some people prefer that for stability)

            you'll also need to keep in mind the durometer/softness of the wheels. lower number, the softer it is. 78a is the most common soft wheel you can get. although i've got some 75a's. softer wheels are slower but are quieter (if you ride around dogs, many hate noisy skateboards lol), ride is a lot smoother and better chance of surviving pebbles.

            • +1

              @tdw: Awesome. Thanks for the information.

    • i think the store reps are reading this thread. page just got updated to 71mm but still 78a

      • +1

        Yep, I got a reply email now confirming that they updated it.

        "Thanks for pointing that out!

        I can confirm they are a 71mm wheel and I have updated the description to reflect this"

    • Thanks. They have updated the ad.

  • +1

    Hoping globe cruiser goes back in stock

    • +2

      I had a search, the globe cruisers and longboards look great! Too bad sold out already

      • I had one in basket but hesitated and missed out

        • Yep same first was camouflage long & then cruiser. Even checked by adding maximums amount in cart apparently 40 before it sold out (took a screen pic) stock was probably wrong !

          • +1

            @grouchiness: I think once people realized back in stock, went crazy with the longboards and cruisers!

            Or someone bought them all, haha

        • I hate that feeling the most, lol

  • +1

    Felix longboard… $50 delivered ?
    No brainer 🛹🛹🛹

    • Which Felix did you grab?

        • i'm tempted by that one…34" is a nice, compact size. but i've got an arbor longboard i never ride so i can't justify taking up more space with another board :(

          • +2

            @tdw: $50 bucks though my dude !
            Bite ! 😬

        • Nice, I got the same.

        • +1

          Got myself that 36" bottle opener skateboard for the man cave…

          • @ShouldIBuyIt: Bottle opener skateboard?

            • +1

              @JL1: zoom in on the bottom of the deck. it has a bottle opener built in. i have a globe cruiser deck with that feature as well. though i never found out how well it grinds lol

              • @tdw: Lol that small hole on bottom or piece of metal at top? I can't really tell looking, haha. Expensive bottle opener but good when you're on the go, haha.

        • Oh man… Now I've bought another popsicle complete and a Longboard to go with my surfskate and other popsicle.
          I think I have a problem…

          • @NigelTufnel: hahaha soon you'll be collecting decks and wheels just because.

  • +1

    A lot of habitat skateboards for sale now if that helps anyone!

  • Has anyone received a confirmation? I only received afterpay thanks for buying and nothing from the shop yet

    • Placed 2 orders, got 2 confirmation/tax invoice.
      Not sure when they'll ship tho.

      • Placed my order on 21. No confirmation at all.

        Just thinking do i need to order again as felix back on sale

        • Did you check your order by history?
          For $50 you could double dip ^^

          • @ShouldIBuyIt: I purchased as a guest unfortunately.

            • +3

              @rwt: I found it went to my promotions folder in my email, did you check other folders? I called the shop and they said orders placed yesterday will ship tomorrow, well later today now.

              • @JL1: Yep, you are right, its under promos ! Thanks

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