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Target: 22% Cashback (25% with Max, $30 Cap Per Member, Excludes Gaming & Music) @ Cashrewards


Nice upsized cashback for Target :)

Great to stack with the current Lego deal

Cashback is ineligible on all Gaming & Music category items; on purchase or redemption of gift cards; on purchases made via the Target app; when using promo codes not listed on Cashrewards.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 14 days.

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      I've umm'd and ahhh'd about the tree house for so long. Maybe I should finally pull the trigger.

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    $150 is the magic number (at 22%)

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      Mine tracked inclusive of GST, so $136 should get you to $30 cap

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    Do you think headphones are eligible ? They are under the Entertainment > Headphones, Speakers & Audio .
    Somehow feel related to Music

  • Clothes ok?

  • Usually on the previous Target upsized deal posts it says multiple transactions are allowed, is this the same case?

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      During the 24 hour promo, cashback for Target is capped at $30 in total per member account, irrespective of the number of transactions made. Valid 12am to 11:59pm AEST 23/05/2022.

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    Just made a purchase and tracked instantly. Estimated approval up to 140 days is a bit rough though…..

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      Agree, tracked quickly on a Lego purchase. Not cancelled. Yet. The approval durations really are becoming next level. Perhaps they hope you'll have forgotten all about it if they happen to reject it nearly five months later.

  • single transaction or multi?

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      See the comment above

      • Transaction tracked for me but didn't track correctly. I bought some kids books that came out to be 2 for $10 once you've added two books to the cart, and some Lego.

        Instead of the amount I paid being tracked ($17) it tracked the full price of the books (without the 2 for $10 deal), and the Lego on top - - - so ended up thinking that I paid $23 when I paid $17 haha.

        Guess this will be fixed up eventually..

  • Can I cancel an existing order with target that I have yet to pickup ?

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      Just buy again, and refund your other order when you go pick both up lol.

  • 2 for $10 with the books so might get them

  • Can you use the target $10 coupon for newsletter signup?

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      Cashback is ineligible when using promo codes not listed on Cashrewards

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    so eligible on the lego deals right, am I correct?

  • So what happens if Target cancels the order based on insufficient stock?

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      You get nothing.

    • Not sure why I got negged. Genuine question regarding cashback when Target partial/cancels the order, what cashback am I suppose to expect.

      • I agree. I gave you +.

  • Does this stack with redeeming Flybuys points?

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      It should. Flybuys is just the payment method.

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        Paid with the max Flybuys allowed (4000 points / $20) and CR tracked instantly at 22%

  • OOS across VIC on the treehouse from what I can see.

  • Got full $30 cashback tracked thanks

  • +

  • i paid with my linked ANZ but it tracked at 22%. Does it update/get adjusted later to 25%?

    • Hi. I've checked all Target transactions since midnight and every Max member that's paid with a linked ANZ card has received 25% cashback. Are you sure you've not hit the $30 cap and based your calculations off that? Also please note that payment must be made with the card, and not via a 3rd party such as PayPal. Feel free to PM me with your CR details if none of these apply. Thanks.

      • I did my transaction after 2pm and tracked email showing 22% too. Cashback under $20.

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          Please see this at the bottom of your tracking email. Some cards may take up to 15 days to update to the correct rate as there's a matching process they need to go through. If anything fails, simply raise a ticket or ping me and we'll sort it :)

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            @tightarse: Thanks.

            • @Gandalf the Thrifty: same here. ANZ max was tracked at 22%, hopefully it will be updated with 25%. Just challenge remembering all these for follow up in case…

          • @tightarse: even after 15+ days still nothing. Tracking is only at 22%

            • @s0805: Please PM me your CR email address, screenshot of invoice, and something showing the last 4 digits of the card you paid with so I can match everything up. Thanks.

    • Make sure you check cashrewards as mine hadn't updated to 25%. They had to update it after the 15 days passed.

  • placed an order around 11 pm Sydney time last night and haven’t got any tracking confirmation.
    @TA, will be great if you can help to confirm the cashback else I might cancel and re-order with the now 15% cashback instead. Many Thanks!

    • Same here but earlier :) I got my Target order confirmed before 8 pm.

      • same here. This to go with the woolworth mobile $10 cashback. Woolworth mobile doesn't issue invoice so I can't even raise a claim with CR.

    • Thanks for reaching out @TA - love your work!

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