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Instant Vortex Plus 10L Air Fryer $199 (Expired: $169 after Cashrewards Cashback) Delivered ($0 C&C) @ Target (Online Only)


Have been holding out for this to drop. Pulled the trigger being close to all time low.

Cashrewards link: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/701573

Also on Amazon with free next day delivery.
Instant Pot Vortex Plus Air Fryer Oven, Stainless Steel, 10L Silver https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B09174HWH1/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_i_0...

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  • It could just be me but it feels over complicated for what it is? Currently in the market for one after my almost 7yr old Tefal actifry died

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      But it has vortex in the name

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    I've got one and love it! It makes the best chips/gems in the rotisserie and it's easy to do nuggets and fish fingers for the kids in under 10 minutes on the racks. I'm yet to try the dehydrate mode though yet.

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      how do you find the dirtiness (and cleaning of) the sides of the oven itself? One advantage of the basket style is there is less scrubbing inside an oven other than the roof, and you just throw the basket in the dishwasher.

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    I’ve had one since late last year purchased from Costco for $180 delivered. Can highly recommend. Advantage over the Philips one is this has shelves like a normal oven rather than a basket. Also comes with a rotisserie. Other plus is it’s easy to use. It has basically made our household Ilve oven obsolete.

    The only disadvantage is the noise.

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      It has basically made our household Ilve oven obsolete.

      Same. Have probably used our regular oven a dozen times this year. Love our Vortex!

      • Why do you use this instead of the oven? Quicker? Better results?

        • Both

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    Comes to $169 at Target today after cashback from cashrewards

    • Thanks for mentioning. Forgot all about that deal. Used gift card so wasn't a big deal for missing 🙃

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    Every small oven is now an airfryer. You can't stop progress!!

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      Air fryer concept was a marketing idea anyway. It’s literally a fan forced oven albeit of a smaller size.

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        It's not just fan forced - the force and amount of air that is circulated within the small chamber is significantly higher.

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          I love my airfryer. But strip out the marketing of it, it is still a fan forced oven, just smaller and stronger.

          • @chillipaste: Better to refer to it as your small, strong, fan forced oven instead then?

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              @bargainpersona: call it whatever you like, the point is, the tech is the same. People hype up air fryers like they are a completely new form of tech, that operates completely differently to a regular oven.

              But they don't - a good example of an appliance that work's differently is say an inverter microwave vs. non-inverter, or a regular convection oven vs. a steam oven.

              • @chillipaste: People apparently can't call it whatever they want because in many of these airfryer deals people come in and object to the term 'airfryer' and how they are just high speed convection ovens, as if that it is some great revelation.

                New tech or not the specifics make it different enough. I don't love the name but the term is useful at least.

  • Can u make fried icecream?

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    General reviews for window style air fryers is that is loses much more heat through the window which can create cold spot.
    Reviews on rotisserie basket for air fryers is that they do not a better job on than the basket style type if the basket is large enough to hold a chicken.
    Multiple Trays did not create more space and had uneven cooking between the zones.

    $169 is a great price though, this will smash anything around that price point as this point in time.
    Ninja Foodi Dual Zone has dipped below the $199 and the Instant Vortex Plus 5.7L is usually around that price

    America Test Kitchen Air Fryer Review

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    Thanks bought the target one with cashrewards. Says $43 rewards pending so makes it $157.

    • That's strange, thought it was $30 cap

      • It changed to $30 now, guess i shouldn't have said anything.

        • yeah mine showed up as $43.78 then a few minutes later back to $30:(

      • Yes they always change the Cashback amount (adjust it)

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    How are these things any different then just using your oven?

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      cheaper to run and smaller i guess

    • Smaller = faster to heat up = less power usage
      Good for cooking/heating smaller amounts of food
      I want one, but no bench space to put it anywhere :(

  • Would you buy this instant brand over a Philips air fryer?

    • Which Philips air fryer are we talking about?

  • no idea if this is any good but I do like the window to see in… wish my Philips had this!

    • It's similar to the kmart and kogan versions - both significantly cheaper…

    • You'll even be more happier. It also has a light.

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    Is this really bette than the Kmart $99 units?


    • Going off reviews I would say yes also I believe those units are no longer being sold.

    • That was an awesome unit, but mine just died the other week and discovered Kmart no longer sell them. So this is looking like a good alternative. Especially as i want for the small size and few are only 10L.

  • Would only ever use this style of air fryer, would go for 12L over 10L though.

  • Just for information the price doesn't come down to $169 using Cashrewards, instead what it is price after Cashback calculation. So you still pay full $199 upfront

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    The 25L kmart and ALDI versions are way better - stainless steel inside throughout - no exposed plastic panelling.

    • Thank you, I am after stainless steel/no plastic

  • For anyone contemplating roasting coffee in a rotisserie air fryer, they don't get hot enough.

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    thanx Op, got one after the boss approved of it to replace our old Kitchen Couture back in April 2018

    • Comments on the airfryer.. its loud!

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        75dB loud

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