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HP Pavilion Aero Laptop 13-be0204AU, R5-5600U, 512GB PCIe SSD, 13.3" QHD, 8GB DDR4 RAM $899 (RRP $1499) Shipped @ HP


Was looking for a reasonably spec'd laptop for my Mother - found the HP Aero range fit the bill. Was even happier when I recieved a notification for early click frenzy at HP and 40% off a number of laptops.

I believe this is the lowest price for this laptop, frequently on sale for around $1000-1200.

Hope this helps someone!

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2022

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  • Guessing this also does USB-C PD charging instead of having to solely use barrel port charging

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    Ouch, that first review!

    "Keyboard impression on laptop screen after 2 days of carrying in laptop bag that came with purchase"

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      "Spotted a blurred carbon copy of keyboard on a white screen after a week's purchased which eventually irritates my sight"


      "The screen has light keybord prints visible on it and gives a yellow tint effect in lower half of the screen. These are mostly visible on white background. And i was able to see them just after opening the packaging."


      "I received my new HP laptop a few days ago. Upon switching it on, I was surprised to see the impression of the laptop keyboard on the screen."

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        Ah damn that's a shame, ram aside the specs are good for the price.

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      damn, so is that bad? I'm after $700 - $900 laptop 14inch for uni

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        That's a physical design fault. Yeah it's bad.

      • Asus zenbook 14 R5500u. bough it last week ebay for $980.

        • 5500u is a zen 2 processor, the 5600u is zen 3. There's roughly a 15% to 20% performance increase in CPU related tasks.

          • @AEKaBeer: I am looking into the qaulity of model. not the just speed. 14inch ultrabook with the size smaller than 13inch on other brand and 1.17kg weight, 10+hr heavy use battery time. it's good enough for Uni.

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      After my Macbook Pro screen got destroyed by keyboard imprints I bought something like this for my Lenovo X1, it's held up great


      • $23 for a cloth, seems very expensive.

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    Omen 16 with 3070 for $2300 isn't too shabby either


    This one even better value


    3070 for $2099

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      Got a Legion 5 Pro Ryzen 7 5800H 32GB RAM 1TB SSD RTX3070 for $2,357.55 after cashrewards

      • not everyone wants a QHD panel in their laptops

        • Most would go with a sharper and higher PPI QHD on a gaming laptop given the choice. The Legion offers that with 165Hz + gsync.

          • @FeZZa21: most, that's right

            people who play competitive, or who don't want to deal with scaling, will go with FHD

            my laptop has a 300hz FHD panel and I wouldn't have it any other way. was the main reason I didn't choose L5P (along with 8 week lead time)

            • @shabaka: Sure, my suggestions were in response to your linked laptops above which are 1080p 144hz non-gsync displays and not what you personally own. The Legion I mentioned ships in 2 weeks.

            • @shabaka: is scaling to do with frame rate? im not competitive, just looking into buying a screen and i need to learn the ins and outs

              • @shroomish: that's just normal Windows scaling. if you look under monitor settings, check if you're running at 100% or 125 or 150 (some devices can go up to 300% due to high DPI)

                choosing between 100 (no scaling), 125, 150, no scaling looks best, plus certain applications don't scale well

                I am a user of such applications, so no scaling for me, which means FHD resolution

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    Bugger, this laptop is almost perfect spec wise… < 1kg, 2k res, 13" and < $1k. I'm talking about portability/usability here, not desktop replacement.

    What a shame about the keyboard imprint issue!!

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      Screen protector might help?

      • won't help if it's already there upon unboxing

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      yes big shame, tons better than this deal which I almost bought


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        If you had bought that one, you would have said DOHHHHH!!!!

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    keyboard imprint issue is a major problem

  • Is ram upgradable?

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      No. RAM is soldered on board and no spare slot for RAM or SSD. In fact, you cannot even remove the back cover without loosing the warranty.


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        Almost pulled the trigger. This is a no go as it doesn't make sense for me to have a laptop with less RAM than my phone - given Windows uses much more RAM..


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    The flaw could probably be fixed by putting some small sticky cushion things on the corners on the base.
    Though why bother. There's sometimes similar spec Lenovo deals for a similar price but with 16 GB

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    This one or Dell Inspiron 14 5425 (https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/393964255099)?
    Price: $899 vs $877 (after 22% ebay discount)
    CPU: 5600U vs 5625U
    Screen: 13.3" 2560x1600 400 nits vs 14" 1920x1200 250 nits
    RAM: 8GB soldered (no spare slot) vs 2 slots (1 x 8GB + 1 spare)
    Battery: 43 Wh vs 54 Wh
    HDMI: 2.0 vs 1.4
    Weigh: 0.9 kg vs 1.5 kg
    Camera: 720P vs 1080P

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      Recieved and understood

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      Or in other numerous and random exceptions such as 'science', 'forfeit', and 'weird'.

      Who said English is hard? lol

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      I before E except for when you run a feisty heist on a weird foreign neighbour's beige heifer.

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    how can such laptops have RRPs of 1.5k and still have no dedicated GPUs?

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    HP build quality is garbage; expect the hinges to disintegrate as well quickly

  • Another HP option here if you were wanting a 2 in 1 14" (250 nits though)

    HP Pavilion x360, Core i5-1155G7 Quad, 8GB DDR4 2DM 3200, 512GB SSD, Intel Iris Xe, 14 FHD Antiglare IPS 250 nits Narrow Border, Natural Silver Fingerprint Reader

    $1049 delivered from Amazon (supposedly 34% off):


  • The deal is back again, as part of HP EOFY Weekly Deals. There seem to be 2 different models here — Aero 13-be0172AU and Aero 13-be0204AU. Same price, seems to be the same spec. Not sure where the difference is.

  • For anyone considering this - ordered this yesterday, got it today - very happy with it. Backlit keys are great, mag alloy casing is rigid and feels high quality, PD via USB works fine, no issues with WiFi and absolutely no sign of key imprints on the screen (note I got the silver one not the white ceramic one). The best thing about the unit besides its sub kg weight is its screen - 100% sRGB, not HDR but the the colours absolutely pop (believe it might have Dolby vision support but not certain) and the brightness is crazy high - probably closer to 500nits, also discovered that it is a variable refresh panel (nothing dramatic, just between 40 and 60 hertz). The 5600U cpu is plenty fast. Definitely great value for the money even with a non upgradeable 8GB ram. Best of all the battery virtually lasts for ever.

    • Agreed. I'm stoked with it.

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