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Lenovo ThinkPad E15 Gen 3 AMD (Ryzen 7 5700U 4.3GHz, 16GB DDR4 (8+8), 512GB M2 SSD $1099 Delivered @ Lenovo


Saw this while searching for something to replace my dying laptop. On quick ozbargain search seem to be same as previous deal.

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    Waiting for comments on nits, rgb, panel etc.

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      decent nits, decent rgb, decent panel

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        Is the etc. decent as well?

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          so-so etc

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    With lenovo, its worth checking if their laptops are also available on ebay and with a further discount. I just bought one which was at 1,997 on their website, and on ebay it was at 1,775 after 20% ebay plus discount (exact same model). I also tried chatting with their sales team and then tried to match the price on the ebay page, so it might be wortwhile messaging them and see if they could bring it even lower, e.g. maybe even bring it under 1,000.

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    any good laptops for sub $700?

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      • Thanks, sorry forgot to mention I'm after 14inch and under 1.5kg

        • Check lenovo mayhem deal only around 10-15% off for some sub $800 deal, but at that price range you get intel i5 4 cores 8GB. I would take $300 more to upgrade to 8 cores Ryzen7 and 16GB.

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    It's a good deal, but do note that it's a Gen 3 (2021) rather than the current Gen 4 (2022). Negligible difference in performance, but it's worth noting.

  • Is it eligible for Cashback via CR or ShopBack if Mayhem22 is applied?

  • On the lenovo website it claims you get $125 worth of reward with this laptop as well - anyone have experience with MyLenovo rewards scheme? Can you use this to discount future purchases?

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