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[eBay Plus] Xiaomi Mi Curved 34" 144Hz WQHD 21:9 FreeSync Gaming Monitor 1440p Display $479 Delivered @ Gearbite eBay


From the 8am eBay plus drop. 300 available.

$16.20 less than yesterday's deal, from the same seller.

See, previous deals for discussion/comparison.

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  • That explains the three different listings on the seller’s eBay!

  • What are people thoughts on the Xiaomi build quality?

    • +4

      Very good imo. Have had one for over a year and it both looks and feels nice and no issues whatsoever for me.

    • +7

      Mine has been really good - used it for WFH + gaming during all of Covid with zero issues.

      My criticisms of this model:
      - Backlighting is not perfectly even - this is only noticeable if you're looking for it
      - Stand is pretty basic with not a lot of adjustment
      - I wish it had a USB hub

      I would prefer the equivalent Dell unit but it's very rarely within price parity. The Xiaomi is a really good screen for the price.

      I also have a collection of Xiaomi devices, including 2 x electric scooters. I have nothing but praise for their build quality and value for money.

      • +1

        I got the popular 27" Dell a while ago but had some backlight uniformity issues during a time where a replacement unit was going to be a while away. Ended up with the Xiaomi and it's been great. I much prefer ultrawide than multiple monitors for work. My biggest issue with it is the lack of support for ultrawide in games (especially ps5). I might end up shifting to a LG C2 once the price drops a bit and use it as an ultrawide on PC.

    • +1

      Fantastic. I've had basically this same monitor for a few years (though mine is only 120hz) and it's my work monitor so used a lot and have zero complaints at all.

  • +4

    With Dell 34" gaming monitor price dropped, may be better with Dell.

    • link?

    • which dell model + deal you talking about?

      • +1


        Dell 34 Curved Gaming Monitor – S3422DWG $554.77

        • really nice monitor, but I am confused between this S3422DWG and the newer model S3422DWC, have KVM and USB C too(for Macs), but lack HDR. so confused which to get.

          • @ozshopp3r:

            have KVM and USB C too(for Macs), but lack HDR. so confused which to get.

            I think only the difference and higher refresh rate for DWG

        • +1

          I bought the S3422DWG on the last ebay sale (549 aud) and its probably the best upgrade I've made in years. I'm genuinely shocked how much more productive a 34" monitor is (I use it for work, can't talk to gaming - I have a 28" Viewsonic 4K for XSX for that).

          • @bailzwhat: I'm thinking about the S3423DWC ($569 non-eBay plus).
            I'm quite interested in getting usb-c monitor.
            Any thoughts on this monitor? I'll use it for work (3d modelling, spreadsheets…) and not for gaming

            • @almostfrench: was looking the same, can see it have extra I/o ports, and USB C, only lacking HDR functionality, and I am thinking its not a big thing unless gaming. Anyone correct me if I am wrong

              • @ozshopp3r: Wouldn't worry about hdr, don't think it will do much for a panel of this caliber, don't get me wrong it's a great monitor, but without local dimming and a much higher peak brightness hdr will be a pretty average experience, don't base your purchase of this particular feature. :)

            • @almostfrench: I use a dock, so USB-C is not hugely relevant for me as my dock only has DP/HDMI inputs.

              I tried getting USB-C to work on my mac mini, but its been such a frustrating journey that I use a DP-TB3 cable instead now (not with the Dell 34", a Viewsonic 28" 4K shared with my XSX), and dont bother trying to get it working to leverage the USB passthrough for my webcam, etc.

              I really the the Dell 34" monitors, they're great for spreadsheets, Teams, and general workflow.

          • @bailzwhat: can you elaborate more about how you are more productive now

            are you using multiple apps at once and keeping them open or what?


            • @AussieMark: My laptop struggles when running Teams, outlook, adobe acrobat and other daily work apps over multiple monitors (even with 16gb ram) so this allows me to have all the space of dual monitors without having run dual monitors.

            • @AussieMark: Install Microsoft PowerToys ( https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/powertoys/ ) and set up the Fancy Zones which allows you to have various custom snappable zones on the screen. Really helps make the most of the ultrawide format.

              PowerToys is in the microsoft store now as well which might be more stable, I regularly have issues with updates failing using the downloaded from web version.

        • Much better monitor. Well worth the extra money.

          • @wintermadness: How so ? They got exactly same panel

            • @EQT: Monitor are more than just panel.

              • @superforever: I had a phase where I was trying out 34" Xiaomi Vs Dell DWg. As per comments above, found Xiaomi build quality better. The Dells plastic surrounding the panel seemed to have gaps and I actually returned my Dell due to flickering (despite others reporting a similar fate of Xiaomi with this). But 2 years on, no issues with my Xiaomi. Sold the Dell as I replaced it with bigger. The 34" is in the office and not used for gaming anymore, was great when it was used for games.

                For the price point when Dell was $499 it was definitely a better buy than Xiaomi due to the USB hub. It's a saviour !

                but if you don't need it, whatever is cheaper works.

            • @EQT: No idea if they're the same panel, but having seen them side by side, the Xiaomi has much worse smearing and just generally feels much slower than the refresh would suggest.

              If you're not using it for gaming it's OK, but even for general desktop and productivity I would say the Dell is worth the small price increase.

              • @wintermadness: What's your opinion between this S3422DWG and the newer model S3422DWC, is S3422DWC with more ports and c but without HDR a good option?

  • For a budget monitor, is this a better brand than AOC? At this size, they have very similar specs, price and looks…

    • This is awesome value for money

    • -3

      Get the Dell model being mentioned here. It's not even a contest in terms of panel performance.

      Brand means nothing at this price point, or any really.

    • Also how does it stack up to Kogan brand monitors?

  • I got a pair about a 18 months ago, pretty good for the price. Little bit dearer now but most things seem to be.

  • I think everyone bought one already.

  • For everyone wondering if this is worth the step down from the Dell to save $75: it's not.

    It's an inferior panel, without question. This Xiaomi model is a massive skip and a recommendation that aged worse than milk.

    Please read yesterday's deal comments as mentioned by the OP.

    • +2

      I agree that the Dell is a better screen, and $75 to upgrade is a decent deal.

      But this is still a really good screen for the price, and I have zero regrets on my purchase. It's been great for 3d modelling, spreadsheets and all kinds of gaming. I'd still happily recommend it for people who can't justify the additional cost of the Dell.

      • and all kinds of gaming.

        Is it OK to game on 21:9 1080p on WQHD monitor?

  • I reckon xiaomi will release an OLED monitor soon given QD OLED production is ramping up so i will HODL

    • agreed. and they'll be the cheapest

      • +1

        Absolutely. I regretted buying samsung CJ791 for $1k+ and then having this xiaomi hit the market a year later for half the price

    • That rumour is for TVs.

  • -1

    Garbage for ps5/XboxSX no HDMI 2.1 port

    • PS5 doesn't support 1440p, let alone ultrawide 1440p, so there's that.

  • I had this monitor and although it was very good, it did fail after 10 months of 5 days a week use.

    • it was very good, it did fail after 10 months of 5 days a week use.


      • yes warranty did cover it after a painful time of contacting the x - selling on ebay, finally got through via them noticing i had issues on whirlpool forums. had to take footage of it all being packed, had to chase my money back, very poor communication on there part. However if it never failed by far an amazing monitor for gaming.

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