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[eBay Plus] Amazfit Band 5 Smart Band with Alexa $24 Delivered @ Mobileciti eBay


Also from the 8am eBay Plus drop. 1000 items available.

Available in black, green or orange.

Looks like a good price, $20.80 cheaper than the recent $44.80 deal.

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    Got one because of FOMO
    No idea if it's a good deal or not

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      Welcome to OzBargain, my friend.

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      been using it for over a year, its great

      the band strap itself cracked eventually though so better to get nylon

      • +1

        Seconded. I got a nylon job from AliExpress and it's way better. Original kept popping off.

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    My mi band 6 from last year, still working. Have to pass this deal.thanks for sharing

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      Yeah mi band 6 is pretty much this with the rounded screen.
      Mi Band 7 was announced today so makes the amazfit band 5 much older again.

  • Currently on mi band 6 and searching for something with even longer battery life. I don’t need any fancy features, just good display to receive notification, vibration, best to have loud sound alert for meetings. Any suggestions?

    • Won't find anything till say mi band 7 hopefully

      • can accept slim watches if required :)

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          https://www.google.com/amp/s/beebom.com/xiaomi-mi-band-7-lau... supposedly up to 15 days battery life

          Looks like preorders are now

          • @asa79: The current band already offers 14 days battery life, so this extra 1 day to me is not appealing enough given how optimistic these figures are. My band only goes like 10-12 days with very light usage.

        • AU $63.64 20%OFF | Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Smart Bracelet Smart Wristband Watch AMOLED Screen Bracelet Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor
          https://a.aliexpress.com/_mKS7cLk the non NFC version

          • @asa79: Do you think this is legit? I ask because the "Official Xiaomi' store on Aliexpress does not even have the Band 7 on their shop

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              @simoncohen: All I know is that it's on preorder and that should be available June with two version NFC and non-NFC.

              Personality if you not in a rush I would wait for official site to get from.

          • @asa79: Global NFC version (NFC may not work with your AU bank yet) prob 2 months away…

    • I can get about 19 days on battery for mine and that's with heartrate sensor on every few minutes.

      • I am seriously interested in how you achieve that. How many notifications you get? I have like 10-20 every work hours. I have all sensors off I think.

        • 30 days for me. No sensors, no notifications. Use it to tell time and for step count :)

    • Could consider a Bluetooth casio, depending how much info you want in the notifications

    • The mi band 4 has longer battery life than the 5 or 6.

  • Using Fitbit charge 4 ATM.
    Looking at Amazon reviews for the amazfit, the product seems like a downgrade

    • It's standout feature is the Amazon Echo voice commands. I've found this very useful - although for several months it flat out didn't work until a firmware upgrade. Part of the gamble with stuff like this.

      • +1

        I thought the voice would be useful, but this review makes it look bad

        Alexa feature useless
        Reviewed in Australia on 7 February 2021
        Colour: Black
        You have to have the phone app open all the time and have your phone close by to be able to use Alexa.

        And no nfc

        • +1

          No nfc is bummer. But I never have app open and works fine.

        • I have no issues with using alexa, apps does not have to be opened and not like it has LTE, so has to be in bluetooth range.

        • Not his but another band.
          Alexa is useful.
          Have to open app half the time beforehand which is annoying.
          Once open Alexa will work for the next hour or so without reopening if within range.
          Phone does have to be within range, about half distance of Bluetooth earbuds.
          I use for timers, alarms, reminders, amd a smart bulb.

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    Black sold out now πŸ™

    • +6

      Looks like Black is back is black is back

      • +2

        Thanks for saying this, managed to get a black one

        • +1

          Says its now $44 in my cart? Did it say out of stock for you earlier?
          Edit: Tried again and it worked $24. As I was checking it it said seller haschanged the listing. My order went through, but now seems like the offer has ended.

  • +5

    Band 7 just launched yesterday. Now with NFC and a bigger battery etc.

    • any deals?

    • +2

      Now with NFC

      Not sure I'd wanna pay good money for a band that has no f****** clue lol

    • saw some leaks of app source code says the Band 7 will bring back smart alarms.
      Very interested in trying this, as should try and wake you from light sleep within a 30min period before your alarm. They used to have it on original mi bands then took the feature away… wonder what has changed to be potentially brining it back.

    • what for?, it's not like it supports a payment system

  • +2

    Thanks so much. If this YouTube review is anything to go by it should be a well spent $24

  • Seems like this and the Mi Band 5 are very similar - This has Alexa and the Mi band may as well have no voice assistance? Have been keeping an eye out for a Mi Band 5 or 6 but then this comes up at a steal… thoughts?

    • I bought without thinking, for 24$ it can't be that bad haha

    • +1

      Watch the review (link above) that compares them. No contest, this wins over the Mi Band 5.

  • +5

    I've had mine for several months.
    - Alexa voice commands. Super useful as I can talk to it in bed without waking up anyone else in the room eg wife or kids, to turn off lights outside, the heater and vaporiser on a smart plug etc.
    - colour screen, can use photos as wallpaper
    - smartphone notifications
    - original band keeps popping open. Replaced it with a nylon cheapie from ALiExpress, golden now
    - The DND mode at night is not aggressive enough ie the screen is still too bright, and it's very easy to trigger it by touch. On the other hand, it does make a handy torch/nightlight
    - actually, the touch screen itself is too sensitive. At the gym, any kind of touch can pause your workout.

    Overall I'm very happy with it because it does the job with notifications but especially the Alexa functionality. I haven't seen that in any tracker with this small form factor - voice assistants usually only available on big watches.

    • Thanks for your review, I'm assuming this doesn't have any GPS functionality?

      • +1

        No GPS.

        • +1

          Nice, I'd have turned it off anyway to save battery, anything else we should know about to save battery life? For me personally I'm just using it as a pedometer so I don't have to take my phone everywhere with me.

          • +1

            @montorola: Same! None of my clothes have pockets to hold my phone so bought this as a pedometer too

    • Does Alexa work without needing your phone app on?
      I read that it needs to be on to work.

      • You need app installed - it uses bt, not wifi, but I don't have to open it

    • Is it easy to use timers/alarms? I have an apple watch, but tempted to get this as well lol. Mostly use it for reminders and timers, music. 15 day battery life vs 1 to 1.5 day for the apple watch. Apple watch sucks for spotify and non apple integration :(

      • No way battery life is 15 days but easily over a week which is way more than any tracker I've had before.

      • Timer is easy, easy to set on device (no app needed) - I don't use alarm though

    • Yes DND is easy to bump when sleeping, using your entire palm to tap the screen will immediately sleep it again. But the night torch to the toilet is handy :P

  • +1

    Thanks, I bought… because, why not!!

    Erm does it work with Google Fit or do you have to install an Amazon app?

    Would also appreciate any links to straps… cheers guys

    • Need to install the Zepp app, which you can sync with Google fit.

      • +2

        Thanks Millennium Bug πŸ‘

  • +3

    Any idea where to get a cheap Mi Band 6 at the moment?

    • Same boat, unfortunately lost my band on he weekend and feel like I'm getting ghost notifications on my wrist when my phone vibrates.

      Might bite the bullet for the Mi Band 7.

  • +5

    Scientific review if anyone wants to know if it's good or not: https://youtu.be/88AwUu9dP4k

    tl;dr at this price, if you don't have anything right now, this is a good option for heart rate/spO2 tracking, sleep tracking less so, not the most accurate but that's okay.

  • +4

    i think this is an upgrade from the other one that i don't use… so I bought it… lol

    • That's the spirit!

  • +1

    If you have ADHD (or are forgetful, easily sidetracked, back at keeping track of time), I highly recommend a smart watch. One of the biggest helps for me was getting an apple watch and using reminders - in middle of something, just lift wrist and tell the watch to "remind me to pick my nose at 5pm", or to "pick up toilet paper when I go to coles".

    That plus easy quick timers, and 'taptic time' - subtly buzzes me every 15min to keep track of time.

    I'm buying one of these for backup / for the 15 day battery life, and maybe more android/alexa integration at home etc.

  • Thanks OP good find

  • Could someone please tell me the diff between this one and Miband 5 / Miband 6?


    • watch the video posted above by team teri for a good comparison between the mi band 5 and this.

  • Thanks OP. Worth the $24 gamble. Want to give the spO2 a try :)

  • I am ebayplus member, black colour watch is showing $69 for me. how did you get for $24?

    • Coupon at checkout. On mobile, there's a down arrow for coupons etc. When you go there, you just tick the box for the coupon.

      • thanks mate..it wasnt showing for black because black is out of stock..finally i bought the green colour for kid @ $24 :-)

        • I got stuck with green as well. First smartwatch, so just giving it a go.

          • @TooSerious2: I think the actual module is black for all of them, so you can pop out the module and put black straps on later if you wanted to? (see the YouTube video posted above by team teri)

  • nice

  • I don't need one, so I got the last green one. Green now Sold Out.

    • +1

      Logical choice

    • Glad I got one earlier. My daughter only wanted the green. lol

  • OOS

  • +2

    All colours in stock again.

    • LOL, I was 1 min early and posted OOS.

  • Does someone know if code - PWEBAND can be used twice if someone needs to buy 2 bands?

    • Got it!

      For each person, there is a limit of 1 transaction per redemption code. One item can be purchased per transaction.

      • +2

        per eBay plus trial account, I guess

  • Does it suit kids? 8 years old

    • +1

      Yes it will. Both my kids (8 and 7) use the mi Band 6 which is similar and its perfect for them. Much better value than the other sports watches aimed at kids.

      The only problem is that you have to link it to phone to get it started, so you download the Mi app to your phone and you can track your kids steps, sleep, all kinds of things which is great. But it also means they can control the music on your phone from the watch!

      I'll be sitting there and my phone will just start blaring the last song I was listening to, then I have to scream to the other side of the house to tell to stop messing with it haha.

  • Well, what's the point to be on OzBargain if not buying a good bargain.
    Buy first, I'll think about whom to gift this later.

  • Tempted. I have an Honor Band 5 that is two years old, but still very good. Alexa support would be great.

  • +1

    Are the Mi Band 5/6 straps interchangeable with the Amazfit Band 5 straps ?

  • Didn't need it but got it anyway. Hope shopback comes through with the $40 rebate, still waiting here

  • bought one to save FOMO, buy now think later $24 only cant go that wrong,

    Those who bought it yesterday for $20.80 more would be super mad,

    But they can just simply return it too.

  • 1/10th the price of a Seiko 5

  • No NFC is no good. I thought Amazon could make it do payments. Also it would be nice to just activate Alexa from your watch I must be dreaming!?

  • all colours are in stock but I dont see the $45 discount..is it because I have already ordered green watch yesterday? and 1 ebay plus account can order only one so I wont see the discount anymore? or seller has removed the disccount

    • The discount is still going:

      Item price:
      AU $69.00
      -AU $45.00Discount amount:
      Your price:
      AU $24.00

      From terms: "For each person, there is a limit of 1 transaction per redemption code. One item can be purchased per transaction."

      • thanks mate.i wanted black but had to order green yesterday because black was OOS…but now cant order black one with this limitation :-(

  • Thanks for sharing this OP, purchased this last night.

  • I get an error when I try to apply code PWEBAND at checkout in the "Gift Cards, Vouchers, Coupons" field. States "This code cant be applied to your order". I've signed up for Ebay Plus, anyone have any idea why this wouldn't work?

  • I bought one last week, however the battery drains too fast, it only last less than 48 hours after full charged. Is this normal?

    • I have the same issue. It arrived yesterday, charged it to 45%. No notifications enabled at all, during the night it dropped out - that's a good 7 hours of runtime …
      I will charge to 100% to make sure that's not the issue, but definitely not happy at this stage .

      • having the same problem

    • I have the same issue and worse, the battery won't last 10 hours from fully charged, and it wasn't in use at all! I will return it but still it's a waste of time.

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