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Ozito 18V PXC Brushless 13mm Drill Driver $49.98 (Was $79.90) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Bunnings


Another brushless Ozito deal to throw in the ring. Assume they're matching Aldi like the other deals.

There is a brushless impact wrench also showing up on Powerpass at $74.98 (down from $94.98) which matches Aldi's. The I/N is 6290566 but I can't find it on Bunning's website. Your local store may have some, none or be able to order it in.

Description from Bunning's website

Powerful Brushless Motor
Drill & Fasten into Timber & Metals
13mm Metal Keyless Chuck
20 Torque Settings
2 Speed Gearbox
This Brushless Drill Driver from Ozito’s PXC range is great for a wide range of DIY projects around the home and garden. Whether it’s building a deck, installing a fence or setting up a vegetable garden, this drill will tackle it all.

Brushless motor technology eliminates friction and reduces wear, resulting in longer runtimes and more power for the job at hand. With 2 speeds and 20 torques settings, drill holes or drive screws to the perfect depth in timber, plastics and metals with ease.

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    for a non technical person, can someone explain if a brushless motor drill will make any difference apart from "should last longer" compared to the cheaper alternative within the same range. I should clarify - will it likely make any difference for a very occasional home handyman ?

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      Seems to have more grunt, longer run time on a battery charge, and not having carbon brushes means long term less things to wear out.

    • It's more powerful as well, but you won't notice too much difference for occasional use. The only exception might be if you need to tackle some hardwood or something, the extra power might be useful. Might even be able to convince your way into some brick, if it's a single hole or something.

      • +4

        How do you know it is "more powerful"?

        That is true if they draw the same electrical power, but you are making an unwarranted assumption.

        The average person would be much better off spending the price difference on some better quality drill bits, and learning how to use it correctly.

        • what i found out is that brushless tends to feel more premium… it doesnt seem to have huge torque reactions in the hand it spins smoothly and because of that, work seems easier

          be that as it may… its a tool… i've used shitty $20 xu1 shit and that too works fine

          • @tonyjzx: You mean the trigger control? Some brushed ones feel nice, some don't.

            But good point - the brushless require fancier electronics, a micro-controller I expect. So they should always feel good.

    • +8

      Brushless isn't necessary for very occasional home use; it is a better tech, but it's not a required advantage, in most home user situations.

      However, having said that, if your use case is so infrequent, I'd be looking on Marketplace for some unwanted good brand corded tools, and get them instead. It'll save you a lot of money and likely you'll get better quality tools to boot. You also won't have the hassle of batteries - although you will gain the hassle of extension cords.

      Swings and roundabouts! :-)

    • Let me check with the house wives across the street.

      • if they are brazilian then yes

    • +1

      If you're only using the tools rarely, and home use, then brushed would be fine.

      Brushed motors:
      - use brushes which "scrape" on the rotating part of the motor to send the electricity to the motor coil. These eventually wear out, but for a home handyman, I wouldn't worry.
      - Tend to have less fine control at lower speeds. Won't go into detail, but brushless motors have better ways of controlling speed and torque.

      - don't have brushes that will wear out
      - usually significantly more expensive
      - often are better tools generally (I have both a Brushed, and brushless drill/driver in the same brand, and the brushless one has metal gears etc, as it is their "premium" drill)
      - Possibly a little more fragile/prone to failure than brushed. Brushless motors need more clever electronics to control them.


    • I can tell you definitively that nobody except a tradie will ever, EVER wear out the brushes on a brushed motor.

      • I have on a reciprocating saw.
        Pulled them out and turned them around.

  • Have this, great DIY unit for those in the Ozito ecosystem.

  • Will a 2.0Ah battery be sufficient for this drill?

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      Yes. Bigger battery will just last longer but also make the tool heavier

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        The higher AH batteries also increase torque, there's some Youtube experiments proving this.

        • I don't think so, I'm pretty sure higher ah/mAh will just last long.

          Volta will give more power. Can someone confirm

          • @Bretttick: Higher capacity batteries are likely to use more cells in parallel which gives better power.

          • +2

            @Bretttick: Nope
            if you understood how they are built you'd understand, 2ah batteries are 5 x 18650 cells in "series" each cell adds it's voltage and wattage while the total Amps stay the same as the rating of an individual cell … 4ah batteries 10 x 18650 cells in "series/parallel"… so … an extra battery in parallel for each battery, in theory doubling the power (Watts and Amps) available from the battery while keeping the total voltage the same, by doubling the cells … 4 Ah doubles the Amp hours and wattage without doubling the Voltage, each battery has an internal resistance, so limiting the amount of current (watts) that can be supplied, adding extra batteries in parallel halves the resistance allowing greater current (watts and amps) to flow from the batteries, my Makita 1/2 driver displays far more noticeable torque when used with the 5ah batteries compared to the 4ah packs I have.

            plus it's been proven, the video below is the only one that uses the word "Torque" in the description, others use the word "Power" which is not the correct description when referring to such a test.


    • Does this come with battery? It looks like it's unit only?

      • +2

        skin only

  • +1

    Is there a drill bit set that goes with this or a generic one fits this ?

    • Generic drill bits. As long as they're not masonry bits as it's not a hammer drill so don't go drilling brick, concrete etc.

      • I've used this for drilling through brick (using masonry bits) to fit hooks for a bike rack, seemed fine?

  • Bought it for $79 3 weeks ago, what are my options?

    • +3

      Buy again from Toolshop for lower price, walk to front counter with new tool in box and old, $79 receipt and return it for change of mind.

    • Do you still have the receipt?
      Morally a bit dodgy, but you could buy it again at the lower price, then return your new unopened one with your old receipt.
      I don't think you'll have much luck with a retrospective price match/partial refund.

      • +1

        Well it's not just morally a bit dodgy, it's just straight plain fraud. Obtaining a Financial Advantage by Deception is up to 10 years in jail. Not that anyone would be given that but it would be a slam dunk case in court if you haven't even left the store before you try to return the item.

        • +1

          You have got to be joking. You might have a point here if Bunnings recorded serial numbers for these items…but they don't. You're buying an item and then returning the exact same item. There is no fraud here.

          • +1

            @franks: No, I'm not joking. Using an old receipt to return the same model item is not the same as returning the exact same item.
            Bunnings is financial disadvantaged by reversing the previous transaction and using the old receipt is the deception part need for there to be fraud.

    • That's the regular price. The brushless one is meant to be discounted (and is much better for an extra $25) as per my comment in the OP but I can't find it on the website, only Powerpass.

      • Unfortunately doesn’t look to be discounted


        • +1

          I worked out where I'm going wrong, it's an impact wrench that's discounted, not the driver. Rookie error!
          This one is showing as $74.98 down from $98.90 on Powerpass but can't find it on the Bunning's website

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    I don't have a battery so i'm wondering would this be a better value especially that its a hammer drill?


    • The hammer drill kits have been much cheaper if you're prepared to wait for a deal. If you need one today then go for it but if you're not in a rush, wait for them to discount one of the various models/kits.

    • its only another $30 over the non hammer + battery/charger price and a hammer drill is much more versatile. Although that kit was on sale a few weeks ago, so potentially if you wait it might (or might not!) come back on sale

  • My dad bought this a couple of the days ago, while he was looking for the battery he realised that he already has a drill from this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/693415 :D

  • I bought this last year in the deal with batteries.
    It a great drill and noticeably better to use than my brushed ozitos - speed control is better as is power.

  • can anyone tell me if they see the brushless jigsaw and reciprocating saw on powerpass and if theyre also discounted? thanks

    • I was looking for them earlier as Aldi are going the multi tool and reciprocating saw but I don't think Ozito make brushless versions of them? Can't find them on their website

      • they definitely do make a brushless recip saw but a lot of times bunnings pulls stuff from their website when either the supplier is out of stock or if they dont want to price match someone else's deal going on it seems..

        • I was looking on the Ozito website, not the Bunning's one and there's no mention of it
          I found one on the Einhell website so assume the make one, just can't find it locally badged as Ozito

  • Thanks OP,
    a dumb question, can it be used as a screw driver as well? Thanks,

    • Yep, just use the torque settings on it so it doesn't strip them. Obviously bulkier than a cordless screwdriver though if that's your main use for it

  • So YMMV with this drill.

    I had this drill rebadged as a Rockwell (Supercheap Auto) branded drill and it suffered from repeated failure of the drill trigger switch. I ended up throwing it away after less than 12 months.

    • Mine never worked out of the box, weirdly as soon as i attached a bit it worked about 10% of the time, without anything installed it worked all the time.
      Had to return it which is a pity as now I'm stuck with a hedge trimmer and no battery!

      • Bunnings is always good to exchange, you can take any old Ozito product and they'll swap it over

  • can this get through brick with a masonry bit? or should i go corded hammer drill?

    • You need a hammer drill for brick, this won't do the job.

    • If you had to do just one hole, and didn't want to stump up for the right tool, you can get away with it. If you're doing more than one hole, you'll have to pay

    • Yes you probably could, if it was just 1-2 holes and you're happy to blunten the bit. But for anything more than this you ideally need a hammer drill. The masonry bit only does a small percentage of the work. It's the hammer mechanism that really tears through the material.

    • thanks for the replies - for some reason i thought this was the hammer drill as per previous deals (facepalm) ——- will need to wait longer.

  • Well, its 50nm compared to its cheaper brushed varient at 40nm. It may not seem a big difference but you will appreciate it..

    I had one of the 5 piece kits from 4 years ago, and the low end stuff self protects and cuts out relatively early.

    Ive just upgraded to AEG with the 3 piece kit with 2 x 6ah batteries and bonus redemption of an sub compact impact wrench. Will See how we go.. i will miss the replacement warranty of Ozito and Ryobi…

  • Wish Bunnings would do half price on the battery pack. Bought the drill kit just for the battery, still have not opened it yet, considering returning. Already have a drill/drive of makita…

    • You wanted this deal
      May be better off just getting an adaptor for your Makita battery to the Ozito style? Or generic batteries off ebay?

      • yes. but you just reminded me that i could get the generic batterires for ozito. previously i was only considering the genreric batteriries or adaptor for makita (only have one 4a makita battery).

        • checked ebay, didnt find any generic for ozito.

    • They just have. The promotional 4.0Ah “Black Series” is $48. It appears to be the same as the red one which $75.90.

      PXC 18V Black Series 4.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery


  • This time it's not an exact match. The Aldi one has a hammer function.

    • Good pick up, they should be discounting this one by the looks

      • Also ALDI's drill comes with battery and charger.

        • No it doesn't.
          It says 20V Brushless Drill Skin and the fine print under the picture says "Battery and charger sold separately"

        • That was a previous special buy. Actually not that long ago judging from their (weird) special buys promo video, less than 1 month.

  • Sorry for the rookie question. Does this require a battery to be purchased separately in order to use it? (i.e. doesn't come with a battery?)

    • +2

      It requires a battery (and charger).
      It's a 'skin only' meaning just the tool

      • Thanks Op

  • +1

    Any battery deals atm?

    • +2

      The $48 4.0ah batteries seem to be back in stock. At least at all store in Canberra barring Gungahlin.


      • Geez, no stock in WA except for Belmont store.

        • Bayswater, Balcatta, Midland, etc have them in stock it says. Just need to expand the store search.

        • What area are you looking? There's heaps of stock NOR

          • @whitelie: Was looking in Canno.
            I think the issue was that I didn't click "Show stores with in stock items only" after having clicked "Extend your store search".

        • Went to Canno just now, the guys in the tool shop have never heard of the price match.
          But behind the counter at the kiosk we found a stack of the "black edition" batteries, and to their surprise they scanned at $48.
          The website shows that they are in stock now, so get in quick.

      • any difference between the BLACK & RED edition except the color?

        • I've seen people suggest that it's a trick to get around their price match policy.

    • I wonder if they will match with Aldi's batteries.

      • The 4Ah is already matched really. I don't think they do a 2Ah with the charger so would have to be the 2.5Ah kit which would be decent value for $40 considering it's usually about $70

  • +1

    If anyone is on the fence between aldi and ozito, the aldi batteries are better quality, probably the tools too

    • +1

      I think a big plus for Ozito is the warranty. Even though they're both 5 years, being able to walk in to any Bunnings and swap it on the spot with no questions is pretty darn good. Can't do that with Aldi tools unfortunately.

    • I was on the fence before, but after a couple of poor warranty experiences now I'm definitely in the camp of sticking to Ozito if all else is equal. Particularly for a drill which for me I consider a "core" tool.

      Bit of a shame since the Aldi deals are what motivates Bunnings to give us the good deals in the first place. They're being let down by Action Spares who deal with the Workzone warranty.

    • Yup, Aldi's Ferrex cells are LG, Ozito are unbranded and I have not had a single battery last past 2 yrs and many lasted shorter, purchased 1 aftermarket 18v battery for a tool brand we don't have here from a amazon seller March 2020 for $20 on special (https://tinyurl.com/3pbur3jh) opened it and found Samsung cells inside, I suspect they were returns as most had contact tangs that were bent so that contact to the tool would have been impossible, those Samsung cells checked out to be one of the longest lasting in the Samsung range, purchased another 7 and was able to remove the BMS and swap the Ozito BMS from the dead batteries and drop that back into the Ozito battery case. made a torch out of one and a portable USB charger that lets you swap cells out.

      Have been working since and build a shed and a house on my property, Went with Makita and could not be happier, If you have the $ have save yourself the hassle of rubbish tools! if your broke, buy on a BNPL scheme, 4 weeks and I owned them with no extra charge.

  • Another vote for Bunnings return. Had a hammer brushless die on me so returned it today and swapped it. Looks like a newer improved model that was the same price and it was a straight swap. Easy

    • Did they ask for your receipt?

  • If you, like I was you are broke and unemployed and needed tools (moved interstate and sold everything) Aldi's tools have Better batteries and in my experience the tools are better, have had 2 Ozito 115mm angle grinders die and one drill like the one on sale from Ozito in this post was intermittent faulty and would work while standing at the help desk at Bunnings and stop working while walking away, luckily the guy I was dealing with saw it stop working while I was walking back to the car, Ozito batteries are made with unbranded 18650 cells that don't last, Aldi's range have LG cells.

    Aldi's Ferrex tools are on sale this weekend, sadly only the 2 ah batteries are advertised


    • Aldi do have the "Xfinity Ultra" 4Ah for $49.99 but it's "experiencing delays".
      That being said it's apparently using 21700 cells so it will be smaller and lighter but will probably be worse for peak power.
      (21700 will be 5S1P, 18650 will be 5S2P)

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