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Ozito PXC 18V Compact Drill and Impact Driver Kit $99 C&C/in-Store @ Bunnings


Following on from the recently shared (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/685592) $149 combo kit with brushless drill. [Update: following feedback below, the brushless kit - if you can find one in stock - will be a better quality, more durable set to have and recommended for anything above very light duty use.]

If anyone is looking for an Ozito PXC kit with basic drill and impact driver, I believe this $99 combo kit offers good value if you're needing both tools and a battery / fast charger kit.

While the tools with skins only are around $90 for both, this kit is $10 cheaper than the $109 impact driver kit (https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-impact-driver-kit_...) and comes with the additional basic drill and a 2.5Ah battery instead of 2Ah.

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    Is this the normal price? I’m pretty sure this combo has been $99 in the stores around me for a good couple of months.

  • This looks like the non-hammer version of the drill.

  • Would this be good to use with a hole saw attachment to an IKEA desk?

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        nope, this is fine. hammer function would damage your desk or chip the finish. also dependent on your hole saw quality as well. handyman

    • No, this drill is a low torque and low RPM unit that is really only good for small holes and assembling flatpack furniture

      Impact drivers aren't suitable for hole saws but are great for driving self-tapping screws

    • Yes it will work just turn off the hammer function, and turn the selector ring to normal drill mode.

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    is the ozito brand crap, like is it worth buying at all? i had their drill and battery died so quickly

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      both are pretty weak:

      drill driver 10mm plastic chuck, 35nm torque
      impact driver single speed, 150nm torque

    • From what I've seen, it appears that some of their kit is actually quite good, others can be…not so good.

      I wouldn't tarnish the whole Ozito PXC range with the same brush is what I'm getting at. Look at specific reviews, and check what batteries are needed for the tool to work right. Some tools will be crap with a smaller Ah battery, but work really well with a bigger 4ah+ battery. Also their brushless tools seem to be great value.

      I don't have the drills in this post, but I'd wager they probably are on the lower end since they aren't brushless, and they come with a small battery. Probably fine as drivers, but not heavy duty kit.

    • I've got a few of their tools and no complaints with the ones I've got. Some are definitely cheap such as this and others are ok like their more premium hammer drill, rotary drill etc. Obviously still cheap, so not in the same league as commercial/trade gear but for home use is ok.
      Great part is the warranty though, if it breaks in 5 years, straight back to Bunnings and swap it. Generally no questions asked, no waiting for it to be repaired, sent away etc.

      • +2

        Diy is a huge market so i wouldn't dismiss it. Fit for purpose

    • The vacuum sucks (lol)

      The blower works well and the hedge trimmer was pretty good albeit too short for my hedges. I also have the angle grinder which is fine for small jobs.

      This is all 18v stuff

    • Ozito has a replacement 3 year warranty on the batteries and 5 year replacemennt warranty on the drills etc.I had aa Ozito 36v Lawn Mower that died after 2 years i took it back with all the stuff that came with it and they swapped it over there and then….then they gave me a new receipt which started my 5 year warranty all over again…brilliant

    • The brushless stuff isn't bad!
      I've got 20+ Ozito tools and while some brushed ones are really rubbish (especially the angle grinder and impact driver), there are some that are quite good.

      Not as good as my Bosch Blue tools, but definitely very usable.

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    The drill in this kit it pretty useless. Too slow and no hammer function. Save your pennies for the brushless version it's terrific. I also have a Hitachi 18v hammer drill and I reckon the brushless Ozi is a better tool.

    • If your budget can stretch another $50, this is far better. Have this and can't fault it. https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-brushless-drill-an...

    • Thanks @Maz4bz + @DashCam AKA Rolts for the feedback!

      I updated the description of this deal after your comments, and also found a Bunnings with one in stock and returned my unused $99 kit and upgraded to the $149 brushless set.

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    Technically it's down 1% according to Price Hipster but it's essentially regular price. Not sure it's a great deal though, I think there's much better budget drills out there

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    Spent the extra $50 for the Brushless kit, its way better value!, the larger battery and brushless skins are double the price of standard/compact versions, noticeably more powerful & larger 13mm chuck.

    If you need a hammer drill I would suggest buying a cheap purpose made hammer drill, speaking from personal experience if you drop a drill the most common part to break is the hammer mechanism gearbox.

    • Is that in stock anywhere?
      Looks sold out to me

      • Unlikely. They’ve been running the brushless combos out the last few months.

      • What area/state are you looking at?

        • Vic, around Moorabbin

          • @JMosk: Doesn't look like there's anything in Vic.
            Quite a few Perth stores still have stock

            • @whitelie: Supposedly it's in stock in Warragul, and Torquay has low stock.
              Road trip?

              • @stebie: You might be able to call your local store and see if they can transfer stock

              • @stebie: Damn, I literally just got home from Warragul bunnings picking up a ozito garden sprayer kit.

                Wonthaggi never has anything, they don't seem to care about the smaller stores.

    • If you live in a brick house, you'll want the hammer function and 5.5mm,6.5 masonry bits.
      A separate rotary hammer drill is way overkill for hanging a shelf etc.

    • Thanks @Randiculous for the feedback!

      I updated the description of this deal after your and other comments about this, and also found a Bunnings with one in stock and returned my unused $99 kit and upgraded to the $149 brushless set.

  • Bought these last year. Not a big DIY'er (hence why I went the cheapo option), but the drill has been fine for the few lightweight tasks I've used it for. The impact driver does seem a little weak though. I used it to try and loosen a screw with Loctite on it, and it eventually did the job but seemed to struggle a bit. Wasn't much better than just using the old manual impact driver + hammer. But for under < $100 for the whole kit, I'm not complaining. Got what I paid for.

  • It's been cheaper before and had a bigger battery: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/615556

    I have this kit and the drill driver is only good for very light-duty work.

    The impact driver is good enough for driving into timber and steel but only with occasional DIY use.

    Worth it at $79, not so much at $99

  • Is the impact gun good for my lug nuts?

    • -1

      No. It's an impact driver, not an impact wrench.

  • I still can't understand why nothing exists like my old Black & Decker Firestorm - it has a removable chuck and a screw driver attachment underneath it. Seems so much more convenient to have it all in one tool. I know an impact driver does a better job, but the drill-as-screwdriver has always been good enough, if only it didn't use such old battery technology.

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      Having separate tools is way more efficient than swapping bits mid job. Especially when you have a lot of pilot holes to drill and screws to drive.

    • +1

      As mentioned, seperate tools is better and time saving. However if you want to play lego transformer have a look at Metabo Quick system.

      Festool has the Centrotec system but that's just stupid expensive toy for most people.

  • Would this drill be good for driving a tap reface tool?

    Also driving brush attachments for scrubbing fast?

    I've managed to get away with ikea drills for around the house stuff for years, but need something with a bit more guts for scrubbing or the occasional tap refacing.

    • Brush attachments require high speed, but low torque so it should be fine for that.
      Tap refacing is a low speed, high torque operation. I've only done it by hand. To get low speed, you need to be able to depress the drill trigger switch by a consistently small amount. It's hard to tell how easy that would be without trying. Personally I would be happier with a drill that has a two speed gearbox - using the low range would offer better control.

  • I got the compact drill kit few years back $99. I use it for DIY, assembling garden beds and fixing fences at home and it does the job. However the drill bit not so good. Some end up breaking.
    Another time not enough torque and it got stuck?

    But wouldn't having having another drill anyways, save time taking the bits out

  • +1

    The impact driver listed has awesome reviews on the Bunnings website.

    • True Pratty! Even this budget kit has great reviews overall, for basic drilling.

  • +1

    I have a 24v hammer drill but I bought this set (with 2Ah battery) when it was $79 a year or so back. As many have said, the drill is lightweight and single speed only, but I find it handy - especially as it's small and light. That makes it easy to handle, great when you're working above your head and it also fits into tight spots. I haven't used the driver a lot but it is handy to have (it's good for countersinking screw holes). I also have a circular saw, and a couple of other PCX items so with three batteries these tools are pretty useful for my purposes.

    Spending more will certainly get you better but for the price these are OK.

  • My requirement for drill at home is installing TV wall mount (one off), photo frame on brick wall, and furniture assembly.

    Would just one tool Ozito brushless hammer drill suffice?

  • In my experience the driver is great, and has take about 4 years of abuse. The drills seem to be pretty lightweight. I've gone through two in the same time.

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