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Wyze Cam v3 $58 Delivered @ Wyze


Not a deal, looks like new price. Wyze are finally shipping to Australia. Have a few of these cams, previously around $100. Great camera for the money.

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  • ugh only their camera's
    got really excited for a moment, been researching smart locks and this was top of my list till I realised can only get through overpriced thirdparty sellers here T.T

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      camera's what?

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        I think @jwsc is upset that Wyze only directly sell their cameras to Aus, as they were looking at getting a Wyze Smart Lock but they're only available via distributors/resellers who are significantly more expensive.

    • I've been pretty happy with the Yale assure SL using zigbee. Just got a second one for another door.

      • yeah i've been keeping an eye out on that one actually.
        wish it had built in wifi, but guess thats the trade off with good battery life.

        • They sell a wifi version of it but i think you have to buy their wifi bridge also.

          I got both of mine for around $100 each from liquidate IT and it comes with the zigbee module. It's branded as a telstra Tlock.

          At Bunnings that would be over $350 with the module.

          • @SgtBatten: ouu thanks for the tip, looks like there a few other brands that are essentially rebranded Yales, sneaky buggers

    • I got mine ages ago By a shipping forwarder

  • Thought it had been OzBargained because it's struggling to add to cart on chrome.
    Works perfectly on Edge though - maybe my extensions.

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    use code - HMVJHZA79XT6 to get 5% off

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    plus these are the same guys whop left vulnerabilities in their cams for 3years and have done nothing to solve it eventhough they are fully aware

    • That's pretty shocking if true?

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        Loads about it online, search wyze vulnerability

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          Wow, yeah. CNET article downplayed it a bit but Verge provides some perspective. Thanks

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            @Last Seen: Yea bunch of Reddit posts etc also… It's shocking I mean their original cams were basically Xiaomi cams with their own firmware

      • Wyze Cam devices had a huge security flaw for years.
        The vulnerability allowed hackers to gain unauthorized access to Wyze’s home security cameras.
        The company knew about the problem <for three years> and did nothing.

        Wyze says it was being 'prudent' by not informing users about the security flaw in its cameras.

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    What's the ongoing subscription price for full length recordings? Website is not showing this

  • So, these things have no battery, right? Kind of makes them pointless for outdoor use.

    • Eufy ftw

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      If you want a battery you won’t be paying this kind of price

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      1080 is basically 2K FYI.

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        1080 is 1920x1080
        2k is 2048x1080
        Not much in it

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          Its actually even stupider then that.

          2k is a couple of different resolution (you need to check) due to marketing and naming crap.


          2k Cinema: which is 2048x1080
          2k Monitors/display: which is 2560 x 1440 (also known as QHD/1400p/WQHD)
          2k Industry/science: which is 1920 × 1080 which is also known as "full HD"

          When most people say/reference 2k they mean QHD/1440p.

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            When most people say/reference 2k they mean QHD/1440p.

            Exactly. If these neggers bothered to look up 2k camera resolution they would know. There is a big difference between 1920x1080p vs 2560x1440p

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              @bOngOCaT: I think the point others are making is just cos some cameras may say 2K the devil is in the detail.

            • @bOngOCaT:

              There is a big difference between 1920x1080p vs 2560x1440p

              About 77% more pixels, actually.

              Resolution Pixels
              1920x1080 2,073,600
              2560x1440 3,686,400
            • @bOngOCaT: 2560 is basically 2.5K, so yeah it's going to be higher res than 2K. As @Xizor said the devil is in the details.

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    How do these compare to the TP-Link C200? I'm looking at using them as a baby monitor

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      • That's the one. Pretty similar price wise so I'm on the fence on which way to go

        • Tp has pan and tilt. Not sure which is better app wise

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    Wise OzBargainers use hardwired wifi-less PoE cameras connected to a local DVR isolated to its own subnet

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      Any brand/model suggestions?

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        Hikvision / Dahua cameras.
        Managed POE switch.
        BlueIris + Deepstack running on a headless server with Intel CPU that has QuickSync.

        There are a lot of options. Personally I'm running full Unifi gear (USG, USW-24-POE, APs). Old i7 PC with 6TB Purple drive for continuous recording (lookout for the old refurb Dell/HP/Lenovo PCs that are constantly posted on OzB). Purchase BlueIris license from IPCamTalk forums for approx. $60 AUD. Mix of Hikvision 6MP / ColorVU cameras and intercom.

        • Hopefully you can answer for me… I'm looking into this and I was wondering, how do you manage the risk of the NVR being stolen?

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            @destroyer661: Using Deepstack + BlueIris, I have it setup to upload videos and images if it detects humans or vehicles passing from 1 zone to another.

            For instance, I have a camera facing down the driveway and the entire image is broken down into zones. So if there's a person moving toward a certain direction such as from Zone A to Zone B, it will detect, upload and send a push notification to my phone.

            I've been pretty lazy so haven't really fine tuned it and the motion detection parameters… at a rough guess I would say 10-20% of my alerts are false positives (not including myself coming home).

        • Hikvision is owned and operated by the PRC government. They have been in the spotlight in the past for providing security cameras used to monitor people in Xinjiang concentration camps. Banned from involvement in U.S. government contracts. I’d avoid this company at all costs.

          They also had a really nasty remote code execution vulnerability in September last year.

          • @no not me: Unfortunately, there aren't any better alternatives to the Chinese cameras in terms of price, performance and features (none that I know of).

            The security vulnerabilities are well known and that's why highmargin's original comment was to have the cameras connected to a local DVR isolated to its own subnet.

            • @keyman: How to isolate DVT to its own subnet?

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                @bOngOCaT: You need a managed switch to setup VLANs (more specifically a layer 3 switch).

                Every device is different so it is best to Google your networking hardware to see if there are any guides out there. Here's a good explainer to start with: https://stevessmarthomeguide.com/vlans-home-networks/

                Ideally you want to completely segregate your cameras and NVR/DVR from your local network. If you want to access the cameras from outside, you can create firewall rules to only allow access to the NVR/DVR behind a VPN.

      • The earlier Wyze/Xiaomi cameras could have their firmware replaced by open source versions. I don't know about these.

      • If you have or are willing to install a Unifi system (e.g. Dream Machine Pro) it will run your AP's and cameras via Unifi protect. Cameras have to be Unifi too. Very happy with the system, software and mobile app. Don't think there is much available that's as easy to integrate home internet and security cameras. As a standalone addition, using a Synology NAS with compatible IP cams is a good alternative.

  • Any good alternatives to this? Camera looks great but not too keen on subscribing to their service. Seems the free subscription doesn't allow one to record events any more, only snapshots.

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      I'm happy with reolink

    • They have a Lite subscription which is still a subscription but you basically pay what you want.

    • Eufy 2k

    • If it makes a difference I run my own NVR using frigate and deepstack on home assistant. Don't pay for any of the subscriptions

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      IMO, I like the TP-Link KASA cams.

      The app is free, no subscription service, and it'll manage everything like cameras, smart plugs, switches, lights, doorbells, etc.

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        This. I love my TP-Link Kasa KC105 cameras. Have not found anything else that offers the same feature set, particularly for the price.

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      I have several Reolink Argus Eco cameras. They are outdoor cameras. Comes with free cloud recording (have to renew each month). Useful app. The one with solar panel is $123 on Amazon. Somehow water got into 1 of my cameras after the prolonged Sydney rain and they sent me a replacement immediately and asked that I send the broken one back after I received the replacement. MicoSD slot for recording, motion detection, built in battery, no need for a hub like EUFY. Night vision, 2 way talk. Lots of models to choose from so I have some indoor ones with pan tilt zoom. I'm a happy customer so recommend Reolink. Don't trust Wyze, they knew about the security vulnerability for years and did nothing.

    • Wyze cams can be configured to utilise RTSP, which you could then have it stream to any NVR or service that accepts RTSP.

  • bough 2 pack from wyze directly for $110 with free shipping,thanks

    • Please let me know if the charger uses Australian plug point.


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        Any old USB charger greater than 1 or 2A will work. You can get them for $5 or less these days.

      • It’s US, but I just switched it out to another adapter as it’s USB A

  • can i use this as a webcam for zooom calls?

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        Two years ago Wyze published a custom firmware for their cameras that turned it into a webcam.

        No idea whether they still do it. Obviously $58 is a compelling price for a good 1080p webcam.

  • Have 5 wyze cams great bang for buck. Some inside some outside 2 years now. Basic use case only. Cams are all only a minor deterrent in my view anyway.

    Also have a solar reolink argus 2 but its motion detection is dodgy as hell.

  • Thanks Op not a bad price. I remember buying from Amazon 2 x Wyzecam v2 for $80 sometime ago.

  • Using the Wyzecam v2 for last 3 years. Had one memory card failure in between but no issues otherwise.
    Very good motion detection with clear picture quality.
    Having placed it near the entrance, it's also good to monitor courier deliveries (including those who deliver small parcels like a frisbee to the door in a hurry 😀 )

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      deliver small parcels like a frisbee

      Place this at the front door.

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    Wouldn't really trust wyze after their recent issues with hacking and not disclosing it.

  • Any recommendations on a cheap/affordable HomeKit enabled camera?

  • Sounds like you can either flash a beta firmware for RTSP stream (You have to google around for the actual firmware link, but it's still on the Wyze servers… demo_v3_RTSP_4.61.0.1.zip), or you can use a docker container with your wyze credentials to bridge their own protocol to RTSP.


    This is assuming you'd hook it up to your own little NVR software. Frigate/Zoneminder/Shinobi/Whatever.

    The RTSP firmware sounds a little flakey from reports, but probably an option for those who want it isolated on their network?

  • What's the best affordable camera that does not require wires?

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    Perfect timing. Was just chatting to my wife about starting up an onlyfans account as a side hustle. Thanks op

  • Any alternatives that don't need an ongoing subscription?

    • I think you can still get away with the 12s cloud recording for free (but they will give you the odd email guilt trip, asking for a pay-what-you-want subscription).

      • Subscription is only required to store videos online greater than 12s. Built in memory card can record continuously.

  • Best buy ever, never misses any recording unlike other popular brand out there. Send you 12s video alert from the cloud recording.Instant live view, unlike NVR poe camera which keeps on circling.Starlight nightvision is awsome. I have chuck my Other NVR and camera system in the bin.

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      That seems a bit dramatic, you could've at least resold them surely.

    • Does it record the full event if you have a microSD?

      • Absolutely. The 12s cloud recording gives a good idea of the immediate event, but then you can view any proceeding/preceeding action by viewing historical playback in the Wyze app. It all works fairly seamlessly.

        The longest delay is logging into the camera, which takes about 5-10s every time you want to do it, but its not a major issue.

        A 32GB card is good for at least a couple of days, which is more than enough, I've found. You can the save longer tailored snips back to your phone, if you need to share an event with police.

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      Best buy ever

      So my Russian, Chinese, North Korean friends say too

      Wyze Cam devices had a huge security flaw for years.
      The vulnerability allowed hackers to gain unauthorized access to Wyze’s home security cameras.
      The company knew about the problem and did nothing.

      It gets better, when discovered and WYSE we're publicly named & shamed, their respomse was

      Update: Wyze says it was being 'prudent' by not informing users about the security flaw in its cameras.




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        Yeah this is not good. Lets be real though we basically half accept the same or worse when buying chinese brands.

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    Haha, a huge security flaw hey? Oh gee what's that ghastly shocking flaw…

    theoretically: if someone connects to your home WiFi, they can get that token and, at a later moment, use any of the other working remote exploits to hack your device from their home or wherever else in the world they are.

    If someone has remote access to your network you've got bigger problems than security cam access.

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    Bought 2 and got $5.50 off with this code HMVJHZA79XT6

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    I jsut received 2 wyze 3 off amazon. Honestly dumb, came with international plug despite shipping from Wyze Australia

    • Same, WTF!?

    • Same here. Going into the bin. What a waste.

      • Mate I'll buy them off you, I'm in Brisbane. Please don't chuck them.

        • I’m in Brisbane. You’re welcome to pm me for them :)

          Edit; I’m talking about the power adapters, free if anybody wants them.

      • Um, why? Just return them, gift them or use old phone adapters?

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