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3000 Bonus Qantas Points When You Book a Hearing Test (New Customers Aged 26 and Over) @ Audika


This deal is back again. Triple Qantas points for booking a hearing check.

Just need to book and go for a hearing test within the period specified. You are basically taken into a room with a computer, put on some headphones and listen to beeping sounds at different volumes (or in some cases, there would be no beeps at all which you have to identify). The test takes about 10 minutes and is free (probably worth specifying you want to book for the basic 10 minute test at the time of booking, I do believe there is an extended test that takes about 45 minutes that may be chargeable).

Simply present your QFF membership number at your appointment and receive the bonus 3000 points. Not bad for 10 minutes of work.

Thanks to JHoliday for the description from previous deal

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    I am an audiologist, the owner of an independent clinic and am close friends with managers at Audika. In fact, last week, I was on the panel at an audiology conference sitting right next to the Managing Director of Audika. Let there be no confusion, I would LOVE to get QFF points at Audika's expense. I've been meaning to do this for ages. Let the booking process commence…

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      QFF points at Medicare's expense

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        Nope, medicare does not subsidise this at all. All costs are absorbed by hearing aid sales. It's a big issue with multi-national hearing clinics. Everything seems free, free, free. Then hearing aids - BOOM. $10k. There was an ACCC investigation in the hearing industry a few years back…well needed!!! Some great audiologists out there, but most are ruled by dollar driven multinationals with high sales pressure upper management.

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          Good to know, thanks.

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          Well guess what, my hearing will go deaf the moment they start talking $$$. And then the only sign language I know is to show my ozbargain badge. Period.

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          Not only that, if you want your results on paper or to take it to the GP, They charge you around $90.

  • Do you need to be over 26 to get the free test?

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      Yes you do, as they won't waste your time if you're under 26 as you'll qualify for the government's Community Service Obligation program through Hearing Australia. No sale = no interest.

  • Careful. I've done this. I ended up buying hearing aids for $10k because 10 minutes was all that it took for them to tell me my hearing is (profanity).

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      ah looks like you can't book online, someone will call you.

      would have liked the option to select a location or time so i didn't have to talk to someone on the phone about it

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        But what if you don't hear the phone ring when they call you back?

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        Agreed. Dumb system to have them call vs book online. Hopefully their hearing aid tech is better than their booking tech.

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          ive been ignoring them, cbf getting the 3k points now

          • @prankster: What number are they calling from?

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              @arcticmonkey: 02 8321 0771

              i searched that online and yeah confirmed its this mob but looks like its from a sales person potentially so yeah i'm passing on answering that call

    • so you needed the hearing aids??

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      Did they let you pay for the hearing aid using Qantas points?

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      Yeah… don't buy their $10k hearing aids. I recommend going to an independent audiologist. You'll receive more personalised service and probably pay a whole lot less… Check out independentaudiologists.net.au for a list of clinics in your area. :)

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    It says 3000 points if you’ve never booked one before. I did one a few years back with them and I don’t know if I’ll qualify for the same deal again?

    • Only is you hear them.

    • I don't think so, I was told head office check to see if you have had a hearing check before adding the points

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    I have never received my points from them.

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      I also didn't originally. But it was because the receptionist didn't add my qff number to my file on the day of my test. I called up a couple days after the test and asked and she put a request in to head office and points were in the following day. Maybe try calling them and asking.

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    You'll have to speak up, I'm wearing a towel.

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    I called them up and no one spoke from the other end. The phone doee not even ring. I dont know if anyone picked up. If they did, no one spoke.

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      So you failed the hearing test?

  • Should also note as part of the deal, that you get free QFF membership through Audika if you don't have it already, saving you $99.50

  • They’ll keep calling you every few months to tell you that you are due for your next checkup

    • They were very disinterested in having anything further to do with me.

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    QANTAS jumping the shark…

  • Just remember that it's your medicare money going to these people for an otherwise unnecessary hearing test - Obviously get one if you think you need one.

    I am a CC churner myself but as a health worker, I can't condone this unless you actually need a hearing test. Medicare money can be better spent in public hospitals than these greedy private corps.

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      https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/12175338/redir suggests it isn't subsidised by Medicare.

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          You are wrong. Your own link clearly states that these Medicare items can only be billed if the service has been requested by a specialist doctor.

          More details here, spelled out clearly: "The diagnostic audiology services available under Medicare are not for hearing screening"

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          Incorrect. I guarantee you Audika do not claim these codes. MBS do not cover screenings. Most of the time, it is not even an audiologist performing this free screening.

    • i'm healthy don't smoke or drink, done need glasses.

      im taking this $10 offer.

      • But you might have bad hearing?

        And you didn’t see your typo…

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          .. done need a Spelling or grammar lesson

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    I'm all for gouging QF points but not at the expense of tax payers. Is there is a definitive position on who foots the bill for the test?

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      People who buy the hearing aids. That’s why they are priced at $10k etc. You can find more transparent hearing aid pricing at independent clinics.

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    Why aren't hearing aids covered by Medicare like glasses????? I wonder why??

    I suspect groupls offering free tests are also flogging hearing aids which you will definitely need!!!

    • medicare covers glasses? i have always had to pay for mine?

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        Medicare only covers the eye test and no glasses, I think he's confusing it with private health insurance rebates

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      In Australia, we actually have one of the global leading programs for hearing care. Check out the Hearing Services Program for further details. You will require an eligible concession card to apply.

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    When they had the 1000 Qantas points, I went through the process, specifically made sure when i was there that i put my points on their form, it even had a section about it. Told the guy to confirm my freq flyer membership was there etc. Months later nothing, i called them up multiple times and had to keep chasing them before i finally got my points.

  • First time I've ever heard of this ;)

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    Can this deal be unheard ?

  • Free hearing tests at Specsavers

  • At least for my local (walking distance - no petrol!) no appointments until 1st June so not sure if would be eligible since wording says "before" 1 June

    • Yeah that's not before

    • Convenient

  • Bookings on 1st June is eligible for this offer.

    If anyone is confused with eligible booking period for the offer, here is the snippet from Qantas website:

    Members will earn 3,000 bonus Qantas Points on a completed hearing test or hearing screen with Audika if they book and attend their hearing appointment between 00:01 1 March and 23:59 1 June. Members will earn 3 points per $1 spent (usually 1 point). Offer only available to new clients of Oticon Australia Pty Ltd and Sonic Innovations Pty Ltd, excluding employees. Offer not available to clients who have previously received services from Audika or any of its predecessor brands (inc Western Hearing Services, Adelaide Digital Hearing Solutions, AudioClinic, HearingLife). Frequent Flyer membership details must be provided at the time of appointment. This offer substitutes and is not available in conjunction with the 1,000 bonus point offer. Terms and conditions applyOpens external site in a new window.

  • It says you have to attend before June 1, not much time.

  • Had my appointment afternoon on 30-May. Qantas points received 31-May. Seems they have sorted out whatever was causing significant delays for people in earlier promotions.

  • Attended on 29 May, still no points.

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