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eufy Security Floodlight 2K Pro $323.10 (Was $449) + Delivery (Free Click & Collect) @ JB Hi-Fi


Just came down in price today and can stack with JB frenzy 10% off, looks to be lowest price to date


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  • Is this self-contained and stores all data on itself? No base unit required?

    jb listing says 'Free Local Storage: No monthly fees, all data is saved to the built-in local storage'
    Anyone know of how much storage if no base unit? Or is it sd card?

    • Yes, no external storage required.

    • I'll pay it. It wasn't "easy" to find. The manufacturer tends to know these details though ;)

      Go to this URL and hold spacebar to skip the "modern" web design.
      Click on "Features"


      Motion-activated event recording, on-device 8GB local storage (lasts 30+ days)
      (Recording duration estimation model: 45 times one day, 30s recording per trigger)

  • Also can I connect to the camera directly without having it connected to the internet/wifi? I don't have wifi or internet at the location I want this installed.

    • Would definitely need decent speed internet for these “smart” security cameras.

  • +2

    It is 323.1, not 332.1
    Further $9 reduction ;)

    • Legend! Good pick up

  • My gen1 eufy floodlight doesn’t support homekit or RTSP, which is a letdown. I hope they added those features to gen2 floodlights.

    • +3

      Still no RTSP. Eufy have some kind of allergy to it as well as continuous recording, even for their hardwired outdoor cameras

  • +1

    This is the best camera i have installed. This needs hardwiring, its not battery operated. But one of the best in market.

    • +1

      What kind of hardwiring? Power over Ethernet?

      I'm looking for a camera (PoE) that will record to my synology NAS. Will this one work or is this a closed system with proprietary software.

      Appreciate if you can shed some light.

  • this thing is shit. no 24/7 recording. the software is super buggy. tons of failed recordings. tech support was no help. returned to amazon after 1 week.

    • +1

      I'm not having any issues, it's doing a great job in my garden.

  • does this have ONVIF protocol?

  • Can I use home gift card to purchase this in store with the coupon?

    • The answer is positive, I just made a purchase from JB Hi-Fi online by paying the ultimate home egiftcard bought from this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/702027, it further reduced the damage to $290.79, hope it helps

    • Be careful. I bought home gift card for just under the correct amount and found no way to use it as it is like a credit card so it said insufficient funds. Had to buy a $15 gift card to take it over the correct amount. Maybe I missed something!!!

  • For anyone who has bought this floodlight, could you post a link of a Junction Box that's compatible? Having trouble figuring out which ones fit the mounting bracket.

    • It's all included, check the manual above.

      • Do you have one gadgetguy? The manual you listed does say it includes the junction box, but it varies between countries. Eufy website says not in the US (and their manual doesn't have it), but IS included in EU countries. No mention of any other regions though. This manual looks like a UK one (see p24). Curious what version we get here.

        • The Goodguys website says "Existing outdoor wiring and standard junction box required".

          Take that to mean the junction box isn't included.

          Curious to know if the JB Hifi version came with or without it too.

        • +2

          I do and it does. Like you I was confused at first but everything is in the package.

          You literally just need power to the installation site. Installation is interesting - you have to use the supplied hook to support it while you connect the wires, That's all in the manual.

          The round junction box is actually the back of the camera mount - you screw that to the wall and its intended for you to have your power cable coming in through a rubber grommeted hole on the back of the box. You connect your power to the terminals inside the box. Then whilst suspending the camera by the hook, you connect the camera cables from the camera itself to the same terminals and then use the (supplied) large bolt to bolt the two halves together.

          I had to drill a hole to the outside wall and use conduit to get the power to it and come in from the side of the junction box (I actually dug out a small channel to the side and back of of the junction box to allow me to use the existing grommeted hole) . I used sealant on my channel to prevent any water ingress.

          Got mine from amazon.

          • @gadgetguy: Thanks for the info. I just grabbed it from JB Hi-Fi, so let's hope it's not the US version.

            I have an existing old school coach light in the spot I'm going to put this. No existing junction box like the one needed here, but at least the wiring is done already.

            • @Saron: Should be good to go.

              • @gadgetguy: Thanks for your help

                • @yoyobananas: For those still considering a purchase and wondering about the junction box, I can now second what gadgetguy said. My JB order arrived today, and the junction box is included. :)

  • This deal is still live for me..

    • Yep, looks like. It's a bargain at this price. I bought it last time it came down to $359 in March.

      • Yeah, had my eye on it for a while. Only just saw the alert in my inbox and was devo. Thankfully I checked and it all went through for $323.10!

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