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10% off Ultimate Home, Active, Him, Her, Beauty & Spa, Kids, Students, Style, Teen eGift Card @ giftz.com.au

10% off Ultimate Home, Active, Him, Her, Beauty & Spa, Kids, Students, Style, Teen eGift Card [min spend $100]

(Click Frenzy Deals) - https://www.clickfrenzy.com.au/brands/giftz

Ultimate Home Gift Card

  • redeemed at JB Hi-Fi, Robins Kitchen, Amart Furniture, PetCircle, Dusk, House, The Good Guys, BBQ Galore, Baccarat, Star Car Wash, The Iconic, House Bed & Bath, My House & Pet & House

Ultimate Active Gift Card

  • redeemed at Adidas, JD Sports, Foot Locker, New Balance, The Iconic, Lorna Jane, Rip Curl, Anaconda, Speedo, 99 Bikes, Puma, Under Armour & Drummond Golf

Ultimate Her Gift Card

  • redeemed at H&M, Adidas, Peter Alexander, Bras N Things, Sephora, The Iconic, JD Sports, asos, Forever New, Wittner, Swarovski, Pandora, Lorna Jane, Nine West, Seed Heritage, MAC, The Body Shop & T2

Ultimate Him Gift Card

  • redeemed at Speedo, Oxford, Rebel Sport, Supercheap Auto, Barbeques Galore, BCF, Drummond Golf, Oxford, 99 Bikes & Oakley, Ripcurl, The Iconic, Star Car Wash, Kayo, Binge, yd., asos, Xbox & H&M

Ultimate Beauty & Spa Gift Card

  • redeemed at Ella Bache, Sephora, Michael Hill, The Body Shop, MAC, The Iconic, Dusk and more

Ultimate Kids Gift Card

  • redeemed at Xbox, H&M, Holey Moley, Smiggle, JB Hi-Fi, Rebel, Cotton On Kids, Kingpin, Dymocks, Strike, Zone Bowling, Timezone & Toyworld

Ultimate Students Gift Card

  • redeemed at H&M, Grilled, Deliveroo, Holey Moley, asos, Xbox, Typo, City Beach, EB Games, Boost, Ben & Jerrys, yd., Webjet, Chatime, JD Sports, Foot Locker, Zing, Strike, Puma, Cotton On, General Pants Co & Kathmandu

Ultimate Style Gift Card

  • redeemed at The Iconic, Bras N Things, asos, Pandora, JD Sports, Sportsgirl, Nine West, Angus & Coote, Dangerfield, General Pants Co, Sunglass Hut & Forever New

Ultimate Teen Gift Card

  • redeemed at The Iconic, H&M, Xbox, Rebel Sport, JB Hi-Fi, Cotton On, Boost Juice, Ben & Jerrys, Chatime, City Beach, Kingpin, Zone Bowling, Timezone, Grill'd & Ripcurl

For the full list of participating instore or online retailers, please visit www.ultimategiftcards.com.au.

Promotion Terms & Conditions: Offer is available to Residents of Australia. Offer runs from 24/05/2022 7pm AEST to 26/05/22 11.59pm AEST. During offer period, spend the minimum $100 Qualifying Gift Card(s) value at giftz.com.au and receive 10% value off the total Qualifying Gift Card purchase amount. Maximum purchase value per order $5000, maximum quantity per order of 10 cards. Offer can be enjoyed multiple times per person during the offer period, subject to a maximum total purchase value of $5000 per person per day. Qualifying Gift Cards: Ultimate Home eGift Card, Ultimate Active eGift Card, Ultimate Him eGift Card, Ultimate Beauty & Spa, Ultimate Kids eGift Card, Ultimate Students eGift Card, Ultimate Style eGift Card, Ultimate Teen eGift Card and Ultimate Her eGift Card. Discount is not transferable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash. Offer is subject to the terms on giftz.com.au including Terms and Conditions of Sale, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer unless otherwise specified. We are not responsible if your bank declines payment, including if you miss out on this offer. Contact your bank about any such issues. Individual Qualifying Gift Card terms and conditions apply. Promotion only applies while stock lasts.

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  • Is this reliable website ? Looking to buy ultimate gift cards

    • +9

      Giftz.com.au is operated by Blackhawk Network, the company that runs the Ultimate gift card program in conjunction with Heritage Bank.

      One of the Giftz.com.au employees also has an account on OzBargain, so if you have any issues, you could get in contact with them.

      In summary, I’d say they’re legit.

      • +7

        Can vouch for them bought $3000 worth of GC from them and was able to use in the TGG all in one go so no issues and yes they are legit . Can show the receipts for the items purchased to confirm they are legit

      • +1

        Thanks. Bought $500 worth of student one and it was easy process. Cheers.

  • +1

    I bought 2 home gift cards 100 bucks each.They gave me virtual Visa cards which can't be combined with other credit card or can't be used as gift card. Waste of money. You have to use single card for each transaction.

    • Can they be used in store? Nvm yes. Zzzz tried purchased and blocked my credit card. Now I have to ring the bank

      • REDEMPTION INSTRUCTIONS: To use your Ultimate eGift card instore add your eGift to your mobile wallet and tap your phone at the terminal when making a purchase in store.
        Would that work?

        • +1

          Make sure you add the card as credit card not as a gift card otherwise it won’t work..and yes once you add the card to your wallet and tap your phone at the terminal in store it will work exactly as a credit card/eftpos

          • @Sunnyoz: If I want to buy item from BBQ Galore for $349, do I just buy ULTIMATE HOME EGIFT worth $349 and pay $314.1 with by visa card? and if I am planning to go to store to collect it, what would be best option to do, buy BBQ on line or go to store and use it there? (and what to choose credit card or gift card) Thanks

            • +1

              @huntabargain: Yes, so buy the Ultimate gift card online on this website and then add it to your wallet apple/google pay.. check online on the Ultimate card website if you could use this card online with BBQ galore, if not simply go to the store and purchase the item and open your wallet/google pay and when asked to pay tap the phone to the terminal and off you go you should be able to pay for it with the discounted gift card .

              • @Sunnyoz: Will this method (add the card to your wallet) still work if I am paying for an iPhone 13 and I've bought $1000 + $500 Ultimate Home eGfit cards? Would they let me tap twice?

                • +1

                  @beOson: I just bought 2 gift cards, added onto my apple wallet(you have to use Safari). Purchased JB Hifi gift cards with these virtual cards in my wallet.

  • +2

    Bought a $1000 card, registered it, won’t let me add to my Apple wallet and isn’t working on JB online… so I can’t use it.

    • +2

      What’s the expiry date you’re using?

      Wherever you see me mention 12/29 as the expiry date to use for purchases, that’s actually only for the physical Ultimate gift cards. (I learnt that lesson the hard way!)

      I think the expiry date you need to use for purchases (or adding to mobile wallet) is 05/25.

      • +1

        Unfortunately I am using it correctly with 05/25 as the expiry, still no luck.

        I did buy one earlier and had no issues using it. This is my second card tonight.

    • +1

      Add it as a credit card not a gift card ..go on the ultimate gift card and enter the PCN number and it will give you the expiration date, use that info when adding the card and you will be able to add it

      • I am doing that, order gets cancelled due to failing the verification process.

        • Does you card number starts with 457824 ?

        • You cannot just use the gift card number shop on JB online, you need to go to the gift card home website and change a JB egiftcard

          • @Kenji123: You can't exchange Ultimate Gift Cards for JB gift cards, these aren't TCN gift cards. You can for some other retailers though.

            • @Tim349850: Yes you can, I was doing it only a few months ago.

              I paid for several JB Gift cards using Apple Pay loaded with Ultimate Gift Cards

              • @I Smell Pennies: Actually READ. I said that you cannot exchange gift cards (meaning on their website which was also in the context of the comment I was replying to), I didn't say you cannot buy JB giftcards, if JB lets you.

                Also JB will cancel your order if you try to buy a gift card online with just the Visa card details (I have tried), so it is a bit hard if people don't have Apple Pay (which requires and Apple device).

  • Bought one

    Didn't arrive yet

    • I got mine within a few minutes

  • -2

    Based on the above comments this should be closed.

  • +4

    Worked for me.

    Just purchased 6x lifx White to Warm Downlights using 10% storewide code bringing the price down to $297 from $330 and then a further 10% with the egiftcards bringing it down to $267.3.

    Very simple process
    1. Purchased for myself on giftz.com.au which then sent me an email to verify the egiftcard
    2. You are then redirected to myprepaidcentre.com.au to verify
    3. Should be instant verification
    4. Enter you egiftcard as a 'credit card' (should recognise automatically that it is a visa card)
    -card number, pin and expiry can all be found in 'card details' on myprepaidcentre.com.au after verifying the egiftcard through your email
    5. Make sure you use the expiry date next to your card number and pin (in my case my expiry is 05/25). I initially tried 12/29 but that did not work.

    Received the card and verified everything instantly

    • How did you get 10% off twice? Can you explain/share store wide code?

    • +1

      What if the item we want to purchase is more than $1000? How will that work?

  • +4

    I like this website. It lets me to purchase the exact amount I want.
    So I can save an extra few cents :D
    Just bought one $476.10 gift card, arrived instantly, used on JB, no issue at all.

  • +1

    Just missed out 10% off Apple GC deal @Card.Gift on Monday.
    Someone said I could purchase Ultimate gift card and buy apple gift card at JB Hi-Fi. Which will make it the same deal. Does this work?

    • Usually can't use a gift card to buy another gift card.

      • +4

        Don’t tell JB HIFI you are going to use a gift card for purchasing the apple gift card and when they ask you to pay for the apple gift card just tap your phone/wallet/Goggle pay and you should be all set to pay and this is a loophole by which you can still buy the apple gift card ..

        • Can you add ultimate gc into wallet?

          I mean gpay or apple pay

    • +3

      That person was probably me.

      It should work, because:

      • JB Hi-Fi’s policy (as far as staff have told me in conversations at the checkout) is only to stop customers from using Ultimate or TCN gift cards to purchase JB Hi-Fi gift cards.

      • JB Hi-Fi has not set up any checks in their point-of-sale system to stop people from using Ultimate or TCN gift cards to purchase gift cards in their stores.

      Just make sure that you tell staff you’d like to pay by card, because the Ultimate gift cards in this deal operate on the Visa network. If you ask to pay by gift card, staff will think you are wanting to use a JB Hi-Fi gift card as a payment method (which operates on a completely different network to Ultimate gift cards).

      Keep in mind the highest denomination of Apple or iTunes gift cards sold at my local JB Hi-Fi stores is $200. I have never seen a variable load denomination or $500 denomination sold at JB Hi-Fi, but who knows what your local store stocks!

      • +1

        Yes, it was you. Thanks for the info!

      • What if the item we want to purchase is more than $1000? How will that work on jb website?

        • +8

          You’ll need to get creative.

          You can only redeem one Ultimate Home eGift Card per online transaction at JB Hi-Fi, because JB Hi-Fi treats them as Visa cards, and you can only redeem one Visa card per online transaction.

          To get around this, you’ll need to convert some or all Ultimate Home eGift Cards into JB Hi-Fi gift cards (since an unlimited number of JB Hi-Fi gift cards can be redeemed in one transaction on their website).

          You have three options:

          • Purchase a JB Hi-Fi gift card through the JB Hi-Fi website and pay for it using the card number, expiry date and CVV2 value attached to the Ultimate Home eGift Card. The problem is that the maximum denomination JB Hi-Fi sells online is $500, and prior experience from an Ultimate gift card deal in Dec 2021 is that you can only purchase one or two JB Hi-Fi gift cards before you’ll be blocked from purchasing any more JB Hi-Fi gift cards through the website for the rest of the day. (Fraud prevention, etc etc etc) You also need to need to keep in that JB Hi-Fi officially does not let customers use Ultimate gift cards (or Ultimate eGift Cards) to purchase JB Hi-Fi gift cards…

          • Purchase a JB Hi-Fi gift card through the JB Hi-Fi website and use Apple Pay. JB Hi-Fi’s fraud detection system is less likely to stop you if you purchase using Apple Pay, but prior experience from an Ultimate gift card deal in Dec 2021 suggestions you can probably only purchase two or three JB Hi-Fi gift cards via Apple Pay in a day on the JB Hi-Fi website before you have orders declined for the rest of the day.

          • Add the Ultimate eGift Card to your mobile wallet of choice, then purchase a JB Hi-Fi gift card through a JB Hi-Fi store by using the Ultimate eGift Card in your mobile wallet. I’m not sure what the in-store limit is for the amount of JB Hi-Fi gift cards you can purchase in one go, but I think it is at discretion of staff. You may be able to get away with $1,000 per visit (as an example), but I think you’d be pushing your luck with anything more than $1,000 per visit, especially with all the gift card scams that happen these days…

          • @WookieMonster: The first method did not work, the JB gift card purchase went through, however JB then cancelled the order :(

            • @dhingranuj: I'm not entirely surprised.

              Some orders will be cancelled and some will sneak through.

              It's so much easier to go to a JB Hi-Fi store and purchase a JB Hi-Fi store, but that assumes you live near (and have easy access to) a JB Hi-Fi store.

    • +1

      Yep, I have used EFTPOS gift cards such as TCN to purchase Apple GC instore and everything worked fine

      • Did you have to first add them to your phone?

        • Nope, I had the physical gift cards. Couldn't add them to my phone anyway because they're Eftpos cards and you have to swipe them through the terminal.

  • So if these Ultimate Home gc are virtual Visa cards, I should be able to purchase JB Hifi gift cards online?

    • +1

      tl;dr maybe, maybe not.

      It’s not officially allowed by JB Hi-Fi, but anecdotal evidence from a number of other OzBargainers is that it may work online.

      You can:

      • Enter the Ultimate eGift Card details directly into the credit/debit card section of the checkout, or

      • Add the Ultimate eGift Card to Apple Pay, then go to the JB Hi-Fi website on an Apple device and use the Ultimate eGift Card through Apple Pay at the checkout.

      There’s a good chance JB Hi-Fi’s fraud detection systems will cancel your order, but there’s also a good chance either method I suggested above will work. Anecdotal evidence is that you’re more likely to have success if you go down the Apple Pay route. However, you will likely only be able to purchase one or two JB Hi-Fi gift cards per day before JB Hi-Fi will automatically cancel any more orders for that day.

      • +1

        Thanks, I might wait for someone to try it out first before committing

        • +1

          Someone successfully purchased a JB Hi-Fi gift card using the card details of an Ultimate gift card, but I cannot guarantee this will always work for you!

  • +1

    so what's the best way to buy/use jb hi fi gift card and purchase an iPhone 13 256gb (currently $1519) instore or online?
    would jb accept $1500 worth of gift cards?

    • +1

      Actually I want to buy a 13 too but not too sure how to use it correctly as I will need to buy two cards, redeem and purchase online?

    • +3

      For such a high-value transaction, it is easier to do this in-store rather than online.

      JB Hi-Fi does not have a limit for the number of Ultimate (or TCN) gift cards you can use in one transaction in their stores. (For reference, the OzBargain record is 81.)

      However, JB Hi-Fi’s online store only allows you to redeem one Ultimate eGift Card per transaction, because Ultimate eGift Cards operate on the Visa payment network, so JB Hi-Fi treats them like any other Visa card. That means you can only pay a maximum $1,000 directly from an Ultimate eGift Card.

      If you are set on getting the iPhone through the JB Hi-Fi website, you’ll need to get two Ultimate eGift Cards: 1x $1,000 and 1x $519. One of these gift cards will need to be used to purchase JB Hi-Fi gift cards, which you should be able to do in-store at JB Hi-Fi and you may be able to do through the JB Hi-Fi website. If you want some more guidance on how to convert one of your Ultimate eGift Cards into JB Hi-Fi gift cards, have a look at this comment.

      • +1

        Thanks for the detailed info!
        I prefer the simple way - purchase in-store, does that mean I simply need to grab a $1000 + $500 gift card from this deal, then go in store to ask to pay by gift card?
        Do we know how many gift cards this giftz site will issue for the $1000 + $500 purchase?

        • +1

          I didn’t know whether you lived near a physical JB Hi-Fi store, which is why I gave both options!

          does that mean I simply need to grab a $1000 + $500 gift card from this deal

          Yes, although wouldn’t it be a smarter idea to get 1x $1,000 and 1x $519 Ultimate eGift Card? I can add a $519 Ultimate eGift Card to the shopping cart on the Giftz.com.au website.

          ask to pay by gift card

          No no no no no no no no

          If you say you want to pay by gift card, the staff member at the checkout will think you want to use a JB Hi-Fi gift card (which runs on its own network). The checkout won’t be able to process Ultimate eGift Cards in this scenario.

          You need to add the Ultimate eGift Cards to your mobile wallet (i.e. Apple/Google/Samsung Pay) first. When you’re at the checkout, tell staff at JB Hi-Fi you’d like to redeem two cards and then redeem the cards like any other card saved to your mobile wallet. (Remember, Ultimate eGift Cards operate on the Visa network, so JB Hi-Fi handles them like any other Visa card.)

          Do we know how many gift cards this giftz site will issue for the $1000 + $500 purchase?

          The Giftz.com.au employee on OzBargain previously confirmed a purchase of a $1,000 Ultimate eGift Card would be fulfilled as 1x $1,000 Ultimate eGift Card, so my guess is that your order would be fulfilled as two separate Ultimate eGift Cards: 1x $1,000 and 1x $519.

          • +1

            @WookieMonster: I see! But I have to tell jb staff that I am splitting the payment to $1000 and $519 and on my first tap I pay with the $1000 card, then the $519 card on the 2nd tap? Never used any of these gift cards before, thank you so much.

      • +1

        Thanks WookieMonster for your detailed advice on this. You saved me an extra $100 off my TV today. Much appreciated.

    • otherwise load up your Apple credit and purchase direct from Apple - Woolies has 10% back by way of everyday rewards starting Wednesday

  • where is the Ultimate Kids Gift Card ????

  • This can be used to purchase things online right?

    • Which retailer? Some retailers don’t accept Ultimate eGift Cards on their online store.

      • +1

        All good. Jbhifi is included in home :) thx

  • Also, if you go to Ultimate gc website you can see which retailers can be exchanged online:

    e.g., The Iconic, ASOS, EB Games, SCA, BCF


    • I don’t think the All Retailers webpage is accurate.

      I used to use the All Retailers webpage as my data source for the tables I constantly add to Ultimate gift card deals on OzBargain, but I had to stop using it, as that webpage did not match the individual gift card pages.

      For example, the All Retailers page says that Typo is a participating retailer on the Students, Teens, Him, Her, Kids and Baby & Mum gift cards. However, it is not listed the individual gift card pages (except Students) as a participating retailer, plus when I tried to use an Ultimate Him gift card as a payment at Typo earlier this week, payment was declined. Additionally, when you scan the QR code on the front of a physical Ultimate Him (Visa) gift card, you’re redirected to the Ultimate Him gift card page, not the All Retailers page.

      There was at least one other example of a participating retailer where the All Retailers page did not match the individual gift card page, but I don’t recall which retailer…

      The All Retailers page also listed IKEA about a month ago, even though IKEA is definitely not a participating retailer on any Ultimate gift card!

  • +9

    Very important warning for anyone buying this kind of gift card

    As it is treated as VISA when you check out , please do NOT throw away the physical gift card or digital gift card details

    Because if part of your order is out of stock and refunded, JB HIFI will automatically refunded into the same gift card you used.

    I learned it in a painful way that JB HIFI automatically refunded $80 something into a gift card I already throw away. After 1 month of kicking around between JB HIFI and ultimate gift card customer service, I managed to get it back

    Again, if you value your time, be careful !

    • Lesson learnt in a hard way ..same thing happened to me as well when my order could not be fulfilled and they will process the money on the same card ..but I called them straight away and told them I threw the card and did not have access to the card and they instantly issue me a JB HI FI gift card ..so had no issues honestly

      • I called them straight away as well and the agent told me they will issue me a JB HIFI gift card instead of refund

        However she still process refund back to same gift card I throw away :)

        I am guessing it is really case by case and you are lucky that you got an agent who knows what to do

        • doesn't seem to be a reason to neg the deal. The fault lies with Jb, not with the deal in question?

    • +1

      The kicker is that if you have a refund processed onto a gift card (e.g. Ultimate gift card) that has expired in-between the purchase of an item and the refund of an item, the gift card issuer will receive the funds and is not obliged to return the funds to you.

  • -1

    Been a few mins but still waiting for my card :(

  • +1

    Mine came instantly. Bought $230 worth for $207 and stacking it with Click Frenzy spend $200 get $50 back (probs late now but why not - nothing to lose)

    • got a link to the $50 back on $200 spend deal?

      • +2
        • +3


          "first 200" hmm I imagine that boat has well sailed by now 😅

          • +1

            @super-user: One time I did my purchase at 1am and still made it. Don't think there was ever a time where I didn't make it

  • Is it just me or is the Ultimate Teen Gift Card not showing up anywhere?

    • It exists, but the page is glitched.

      • Ahh thanks! Says pending and I can’t progress adding it to my basket :(

        • The page has been fixed, so you can Teen gift cards to your cart now.

  • +1

    Has Anyone tried paying on timezone app using ultimate gc?

  • JBHIFI doesn't have eBay/Amazon gift cards aye @WookieMonster

  • +1

    Does any one know what name to put when doing an online check out with the ultimate card I used my name by JB cancelled my order for failing the verification process

    • I had the same issue as you, tried again after a few hours and it worked.

    • Hi Murph688, it should be your name when using your Ultimate eGift Card and same name for billing address. If you're still having issues feel free to private message me so we can assist. Cheers!

      • sorry Austin I should have msg you on this one, I cant direct msg as only new oz B account

        • Hi Murph688, not a problem. If you'd like to email us the issue you're experiencing at Retail AUS <[email protected]>, we will see how we can help. Cheers!

          • @AustinBlack: Hi AustinBlack,
            I just purchased a home GC and after 2 mins, it received an email saying there is a problem with the order? I can see my Credit Card has been charged. Could you check what is going on? Thanks!!

  • I made a gift card purchase and received error page but still got charged on CC. Hope will get gift card email..

    • +1

      Sorry to hear you're having issues amsaini15, if you'd like to private message me so we can have a look if the order was successful. Sometimes their can be an error with the bank accepting the transaction these orders will sit as pending in your bank account but if the order fails it should disappear shortly and the transaction won't have processed.

      • hi Austin, I'm having the same issue, sorry I can't direct msg you as I only setup oz bargain account last night and it doesnt allow me to direct message.

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