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[eBay Plus] Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H $189 | Dreame V11 $319.20 Delivered @ Gearbite eBay


Another Mega deal from eBay Plus Weekend, extra $10.20 saving from last deal . Please order Here with Coupon code PWEPURE.
For HEPA Filter, Please use coupon code PLUSMAY1 to save extra 5% off Here

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Model Dreame V11 Roborock H7
Discounted Price $319.2 $478.4
OLED Display Yes Yes
Rated Power 450W 480W
Battery Capacity Standard 90mins Standard 90mins
Inhalation Power 150AW 160AW
Dust Cup Capacity 0.5L 0.5L
Product Weight 1.6KG 1.46KG
Finger free operation mode Lock Mode Available Lock Mode Available
Filter 12 Cone Filtration 99.99% Filtration
Swappable Battery N/A Yes, Extra Battery can be purchased seperately
Simplified Trash One Button to release One Button to release
Detachable Dust Bin N/A Yes
Smart Motorised Head N/A Yes, Auto Carpet Boost
Detect Dust Level N/A Yes, shown on LCD.
Money Back 30 days 30 days
Plug AU Plug AU Plug

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Model Dreame W10 Dreame L10 Pro
Discounted Price $1299 $599 with coupon code PLWKSAVE
OLED Display Yes No
Battery Capacity 6400mAh 5200mAh
Base Power 60W
Dust Bin Capacity 450ml 570ml
Watertank Capacity 4L n/a
Mops Self-clean Yes No
Money Back 30 days 30 Days
Plug AU Plug AU Plug

12 Month Warranty.

As always, Enjoy!!!

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  • Your link for the Dreame appears to be borked.

    • updated.

  • +1

    are you able to add carpet combo ?

    • Carpet head Combo did not have 20% off. Please check listing at Here

      • +2

        Yikes, the combo was mid $300 last year. link1 link2.

        Are you able to offer the combo on 20% off as well? I need two. Need to replace both of my Dreame V9

        • +1

          can we do this pls ?

        • What happened to your V9's?

          • @CVonC: Performance wasn't the greatest 3 months after the warranty had ended. Didn't bother reaching out to gearbite as we got a robo vac (from gearbite as well).
            The problem is, we still need something to vacuum the stairs/couch etc - areas where a robo vac cant do anything.

    • They sell the carpet head seperately. Cheaper to buy it seperate than the combo. It's listed for $89.95, I was able to get it for $79.95 using MCPAY10.

  • When the xiaomi G11 coming out?

  • +1

    Bought this in the last deal, good stuff. Can you bring in any deals for the replacement filters? Have both the 3H and 4 Pro, but I think they use the same filters.

    • Please use coupon code PLUSMAY1 to save extra 5% off Here

    • how often do you need to change the filter? I have another brand small one at home which usually requires to change every 3 months.

      • Very Depend on your usage.

      • +1

        Could get a few more uses if you vacuum the filter.

  • Maybe a silly question, but does anybody know if the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier can be used as a dehumidifier?

  • +1

    hmm, just placed the order for the purifier and it says expect to be delivered on the 27th of June

    • +3

      Hi, Due to previous deal, new stocks are on the way to Melbourne warehouse, it may couple week to dispatch from our Melbourne warehouse, we will try our best to get them in ASAP.

      • thanks for the clarification

      • I ordered one unit from the previous deal on the 24th, and it arrived this morning. Thank you, OP.

        Ordered another one from this deal, and my shipping date is also 27th June. I assume this date is a placeholder (as eBay requires all merchants to provide a shipping estimate).

  • Only purchased this morning on ebay but can't cancel with you.. Any chance you can look into it so I can purchase it under this cheaper price .. Thanks @Gearbite!!!!

  • +2

    Any filter on offer?

  • Good price on the Dreame W10!
    Any clue when the pro version will be available?

    • wont have pro for a while.

  • You guys are never gonna bring the G10/Combo back in stock are you?

    • Discontinued.

      • Such a shame!

        Do you know if the G11 has a removeable dustbin like the G10 does?

  • What is the airfilter associated with the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H

    • It's the airfilter associated with the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H

  • +1

    OP any deal on hepa filter? thank you

  • +1

    For HEPA Filter, Please use coupon code PLUSMAY1 to save extra 5% off Here

  • +1

    Hi rep, any good deals for dehumidifiers?

  • Bugger. I just bought one from your $199 deal. Could have used that extra $10 towards a filter for my other xiaomi purifier. Oh well

  • i can't get the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H at $189 , what code do i use? i have ebay plus


      • Can you show me the link for the air purifier please?

  • Any deals on the V10?

  • +1

    I purchased this in a previous OzBargain deal, I'm not sure it actually does anything. Or at least I'm not sure it's beneficial to me anyway…

    • Send you a message, please check.

      • My battery fried up on my vac

  • I ordered a 3H earlier this week at $199. It arrived today. It is making a substantially loud whirring sound compared the another 3H model that I have in the same settings. The older one makes a peaceful hum while the new has a scratchy whirr, even at night mode setting. Not happy.

    • Please check with our team at [email protected], please check if anything went to the fan to cause the noise.

    • how odd. I've just set mine up, exactly the same observation. My other older unit of the same model seems more zen. This new one's fan seems ever so slightly misaligned or something

  • Are people after these cause they have alergies/ashma?

  • Anyone bought the V11 before? What's your thought on this? Cheers

    • +1

      Dreame is amazing. I'd buy another one any day. IMO just as good as Dyson for half the price.

      • thank you

  • Does anyone have any good air purifier recommendations for someone that does a lot of flowers at home? To filter all those pollens 😷😷

    • Buy one that lets you control it manually. I bought one off Amazon for my SLA 3d printer (not the Xiaomi one here). But it turns off instantly because it doesn't measure enough particles in the air. The smell from the resin is still there. I guess it could be similar with pollen.

      • Do you have the link for that filter?

    • +1

      This (the Xiaomi 3H) is a great air purifier. Basically, you can go with any air purifier that uses a HEPA filter, but you need to make sure you manually run it at medium or high speeds, so that the filter can do its work. Don't leave it on auto mode, because the sensor in consumer machines is cheap and usually doesn't detect most particles so it leaves the fan running at ultra-low speeds, which means very little filtering is being done.

      The Xiaomi 3H has an app that lets you precisely control the speed of the fan, it's awesome.

      • +1

        Thank you for this, have had them running auto, will bump up the speeds now

        • You're welcome! Yep, a lot of people don't realise that leaving their air purifier on auto mode doesn't really do much (that's why they run so quietly as well). You'll know your machine is doing proper filtering work when it's LOUD.

      • I see, I was just wondering whether any other brand that have a higher capacity for a bigger size room

  • +1

    Does the V11 come with the roller brush or the V-shape All Surface Floor Brush? There's a discrepancy between the pictures and item description.

    • +1

      Also wondering this

    • +1

      Soft roller head - just got off chat with gearbite.

      • That makes sense, given they have a separate listing with the V-shape All Surface Floor Brush as a bonus, even though the Dreame AU website suggests the V-shape head is the default inclusion.

        • Is the soft roller head for carpets or hard floors?

          • +1

            @salc: The soft brush head is for hard floors, the V-shape is for carpets but can also do hard floors. But someone else pointed out an earlier deal included both heads for $300, so just the soft roller head for $319 isn't a good buy.

  • It looks like PWEPURE can only be used once.

  • @Gearbite Step 2 of the instructions printed onto the rear surface of the filter door states that you should cut the protective cover around the HEPA filter. Well, there was no such cover to be cut. What gives?

    Before you ask, the security seal on the box was intact.

    • Please send more detail by message, i will happy to check for you.

      • +1

        Is it okay to have the discussion here for everyone's benefit?

        Would you like me to take a photo of the filter door (with the instructions) to clarify?

        • Sure, please send here.

    • +1

      I just took a look at mine and I see what you mean but surely the protective cover is just the plastic bag the filter comes in… (I've bought a spare pack of filters from GearBite earlier)

  • Pity you don't respond to repair requests when they are sent to at your expense.

    Do you actually undertake repairs or just hope we go away?

    I sent my unit several months ago;
    Tracking detail on Auspost site confirms receipt by Gearbite
    Multiple requests to acknowledge receipt and update on repair IGNORED

    • Please send the information, i will double check for you, we should response to repair request.

      • +3

        You should check your ebay communications.

  • Nooo first time I've been away from Ozbargain in weeks and I miss out on air filter I've been waiting months for.

  • +3

    these xiaomi handheld vacuums are so confusing there is like 10 models, which is which?

    • +1

      Agreed. Need a comparison table or someone to actually explain wtf is going on.

  • Is the Dreame L10 Pro Australian or Grey import? How long is the warranty?

  • +1

    Seriously? I just bought the v11 2 days ago. I waited so see if it would be included in clickfrenzy and it wasn't. But now it's $100 cheaper T_T

  • Hi, what is the warranty on the v11 stick vacuum?

    • +1

      12 Months Warranty.

  • +1

    Was gonna buy 2 xiaomi 3H but you guys are out of stock.

  • Is the Dreame V11 Brushless?

    • Yes.

  • +1

    Is the carpet head for V11 with new pins available/will be available?

    Been on the lookout for so long and bought the Vac on the premise that it can be bought in the future. Been a year now

    • Have limited in stock, can special order, have been available for our existing customer for a while.

      • I bought V11 last year, how can I can carpet head?

        • +1

          Please order from Here

  • Any deals on the V10?

  • +1

    I'm feeling overwhelmed with stick vacuum options. What's the best replaceable battery stick that works on wood and carpet which won't cost me $1000+?

    • The Dyson v10 absolute plus few days ago had it below 1k, or you can get Dreame v11 and buy the separate brush head for the carpet which link above.

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