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Apple & Apple Education: 10% Cashback (12% with ANZ Max, Capped at $100 per Member) @ Cashrewards


A good cashback increase at Apple and Apple Education for Cashrewards and ANZ Max members. Capped at $100 per member and ends 11:59pm AEST.

Please ensure you read the terms below.

Special Terms

Ineligible for cashback until further notice (updated 17/05/22): Mac Studio, Mac Studio Display, Pro Display XDR, iPad Air, 9th Gen iPad, Gift Cards, Gift Wrap, Shipping, Apple Developer Programs, AppleCare products purchased individually or after the associated product has been shipped.

Important: Cashback tracks to member accounts between 2-7 days after you receive confirmation from Apple that the product has been shipped.

Apple sells and ships products to end user customers only; you may not purchase for resale. Eligible only to a customer for up to five (5) units per eligible product, except iPhone, in which case only two (2) units within a thirty-day (30-day) period are eligible.

Cashback is eligible on purchases paid with gift cards, and eligible on the purchase of Apple refurbished products.

Cashback is ineligible on EPP purchases (Employee Purchase Program).

Apple Education Store eligibility: full time or part time students aged 18 or over with current student union or student ID card and studying at an accredited Australian university or Apple approved institution; lecturers or staff at an accredited Australian university; teachers or lecturers working at an Apple approved & registered education establishment within Australia. Additionally, products purchased from Apple's Education Store must be for personal, education, or research use.

Information on Education pricing on Mac computers and selected accessories (for members that are eligible based on Apple's T&Cs): After clicking 'Shop Now', navigate via the Education link in Apple's footer menu before adding items to cart.

Referral Links

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 14 days.

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  • Any idea when it ends?

    • +2

      11:59pm AEST.

  • +8

    Good timing. Can get the Apple gift cards from WW offer and works about 20% off.

    • +8

      Cashback is eligible on purchases paid with gift cards

      • +1

        Not according to the special terms both in the OP's deal and on the Cashrewards website.

        Cashback is eligible on purchases paid with gift cards, and eligible on the purchase of Apple refurbished products.

    • -3

      What is the WW offer? How to get it

      • +5


        • Pls explain

    • +1

      Might try adding cards to apple balance and paying that way

  • +1

    Pro Display XDR at $7819, not even giving 100 cash back, Good jobb Apple

  • +3

    Clear, does this include the AOC Apple site?

    • Not Clear, but to answer your question, nope. Doesn't work with AOC since it's considered an employee portal, as mentioned in previous cashback deals.

      • +1

        worked for me last 2 times no problem, got the Cashback : D

        • That's interesting.. Was the cashback "approved"?

          • +2

            @eternalconflux: approved and into my bank account, it was for a 14" MacBook Pro. it was 200% certain from the AOC store, I had it bookmarked. and prior to that it was a 13" pro. got Cashback approved both times, but the $100 limit each time.

            • +1

              @prettyflyforawifi: How did it work since you need to click through the link from CB to the education portal? Sorry quite noob at all this

            • @prettyflyforawifi: Is this offer for only student pursuing education from Australian university or for anyone. I am having apple gift card and willing to purchase iphone 13. Am i eligible for this offer. I am not a student. Please assist.

              • @rocky2K: iPhones are not discounted for students

          • +4

            @eternalconflux: uploading proof via imgur now

            edit: https://imgur.com/a/Cmlc6wo

  • iPad Pro 11inch 128g works out to be roughly150 bucks more than iPad Air 64g(excluded from this cashback) when stacking with Wws points. Maybe worth it to go for pro?

    • Depends if 128g, pro motion, 4 speaker, LADAR, slightly brighter/bigger screen, better camera, thunderbolts ect you want or need in iPad Pro.
      If iPad Air 64g is too small for you, or if few others mentioned above in iPad Pro is worth the money, go for iPad Pro. If you really don’t need/want all of them, then save yourself money.

    • Definitely. Promotion and double storage is well worth the extra 150

  • +1

    No Mac Studio :(

  • +3

    iPad Mini looks like it's eligible now - Education Store plus 10/12% CB would put it right in line with grey imports.

    I'd say worth pulling the trigger if you have been waiting.

    • No free airpods

      • +1

        Are you referring to this deal ?
        As the iPad Mini was excluded

        • It’ll probably be included next time it’s on.

  • Perfect timing, was just looking for a new keyboard.

  • Does anyone know if cashback is eligible if partially paid with account balance?

    • +2

      I am pretty sure it is eligible. I bought iPad Air a few months ago and paid by $850 gift cards plus the $9 balance in credit card. Already cashed out my cash reward of about $80.

      • Thanks

  • Excellent! Have to buy a phone for work so this will help set off the cost of all needed accesories

  • +1

    Ineligible for cashback until further notice (updated 17/05/22): iPad Air, 9th Gen iPad

    No love for the Strayan education. A lot of primary school kids need iPad for classwork and I was about to get another iPad Air for my kid. This time Apple has excluded iPads.

    • yeah, I need to get another ipad air for my wife.
      why apple shaft us like this.

    • I need to get a 9th Gen iPad for my daughter but this didn’t cut it ;(

  • +1

    Still waiting for the Mac Mini M2 ….

  • I hope they have this cash back when iphone 14 is out so I can get the pro max at 20% off using my gift card

    • You'll be waiting for a good 6 months after the 14 is released before seeing any 10% discounts like this one.

  • -3

    Cashrewards is not as good as ShopBack any more. I bought a MacBook using the same deal in January, but it is already 4 months, I still have not got my cashback approved.

    • Its ok for me when I spend during last Black Friday sale
      also got the ANZ Max rate (while spending using my apple store balance) which was better than shopback at that time

    • Same goes here. My order had two parts- a custom configured MacBook and free airpods. The airpods got tracked but the macbook was shipped separately and not tracked. It has not been resolved in 4 months, though both of the items was in same order.

      • Same here, two seperate shipments for the airpod and mac mini. I had to contact them to correct the amount of cashback and it’s still not confirmed.

  • +2

    Anyone had issues with their cashback offers in February?

    My order had two parts- a custom configured MacBook and free airpods. The airpods got tracked but the macbook was shipped separately and not tracked. It has not been resolved in 4 months, though both of the items was in same order.

    • Same here

    • I have issues with Feb cashback as well, ordered an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and AirPods 2 (free AirPods but they bills it full price and discount the iPad Pro). My cashback in March (also iPad Pro with free AirPods) which already approved.

  • Is it better to buy now? Or in July to maximise tax return?

    • This financial year ends June 30 ;)

      • Yeah I know. I should mention that I'm trying to buy an iPad Pro which is more than $300. So tax return is spread across 2 or 3 years and pro rated to the number of days from purchase date to EOFY.

  • Is cashback also eligible purchasing using this link


    Looking to buy MacBook Air M1.

  • anyone know if paying iwth credit balance is eligible for cashback?

  • iPad 9 not valid but iPad Pro is.
    The 9 was tempting.

  • Why is there no stock of 14" MBP at Apple until August?

    • Shanghai lock downs, and riots at Apple factory is causing significant delays.

      • i'll have to get in from JBHIFI now who has the stock.. less the Cashback..

  • Anyone has an idea how to click into the education store from Cashrewards? Both their shop now buttons leading towards official store.

    Or is education store excluded from this cashback?

  • Made a purchase just minutes after midnight. No tracking again from CR. Becoming a common issue now for me.

    • +2

      It says tracking takes 2-7 days.

      • Thanks, pays to read more than the first line.

        • I only knew because I was trying to figure out if it works for pick up.

          • @mapax: I hope so. I picked up my order this afternoon.

      • Thank you for putting this, it's my first time using CR and I was wondering how long it takes to show up!

    • Good news. It did end up tracking just under 48 hours from the time I place my order.

      • I was surprised to find that mine tracked at 24hrs and 2 minutes after ordering.

  • Does this work for pick up or only for delivery items? The terms only mention shipping however the little blurb about the store says

    All orders include free standard shipping Australia wide, or order online and pick up at an Apple Store.

    • +1

      Pick up works.

      Source: Worked last time

      • Thanks

  • Thanks OP. Used this opportunity to grab my missus a new 13 Pro Max. Combined with the 20x Points offer at Woolies for $300 of cashback / rewards dollars!

  • Should I pull the plug on this for iPhone 13 mini?

    • If you want the mini, you should probably go for it because there won’t be an iPhone 14 mini. I don’t have a crystal ball but this may be your last chance to get 20% off (when combined with the Woolies gift card deal) you this financial year.

      • For the Woolies offer, does it apply to eGift Card? When I clicked on the promo in the catelogue, it redirected me to their gift card stores for eGift Cards.

        • I believe it’s only physical gift cards. You can buy them at any Woollies and redeem the credit to your Apple ID, then apply the account balance when you purchase through Cash Rewards.

  • I might need some help. So I've bought a MacBook Pro using this cashback together with my credit card cashback. Delivery expected by early August, it's ok, I'm not in a rush and I customised it so happy to wait BUT to my surprise, I haven't been charged for this and only in the confirmation email it says that I'll be fully charged when it's ready to ship, meaning August, meaning past the EOFY and not being able to claim it this year. Also my CC cashback changes from the 1st of June so I'll be basically receiving $200 less. I called Apple and there is anything they can do, any ideas?

    • -1

      Cancel purchase and wait until next time cashback is increased? Why does it have to be this FY? (sorry, new-ish to AU)

      • As the order is not being paid now, I don't think it's tracked anyway for cashback. And willing to include this expense in this Financial year…

  • Has anyone got their order tracked yet? Mine hasn't, I did it Friday just after 6pm.

    • Nothing yet either…

  • Just want to know whether this works for custom air tags for next time?

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