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Samsung QN90A 65" Neo QLED 4K Smart TV [2021] $2059.20 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


The code still work

Quantum Matrix Technology - Revolutionary new TV backlighting technology that transforms the design and application of traditional LEDs - unbelievably small and with a micro layer for accurate light control

Quantum HDR 32x - Details are not always visible in areas that are too bright or too dark. By analysing the data that exists within High Dynamic Range (HDR) content, Quantum HDR 32X is able to make those details visible at any brightness

Object Tracking Sound + - Object Tracking Sound + follows objects on-screen thanks to additional In-built speakers delivering side- and up-firing sound

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    bought this last night, was suprised it took this long to post. I hope it gets honored.

  • What does this TV compare to, in other brands like sony and lg?

    • i believe the 9 series is their top model in the QLED range

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        Their Neo QLED (mini-LED) is top of the range, over their QLED (LED) range e.g. QN85 (mini-LED) is better than a Q90 (LED)

    • Top of the Samsung range, would compare to the x9500 Sony series

    • This will help you deciphering the model number, so you instantly know what you are looking at. (But please also remember, overseas models with the same code might have diff tech e.g. Samsung and Hisense)


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    Unavailable for delivery or pickup pretty much anywhere

  • Still available for pick up in QLD fair few places

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    It said the following have stock from Sydney XD

    Instore at Helensvale Home (1598.7km away).
    Instore at Capalaba (1610.8km away).
    Instore at Midland Home (2119.01km away).
    Instore at Malaga (2131.94km away).

    • Yes in Brisbane central too

  • Are we getting the Samsung OLED?

    • Just read an article saying it prob won't come out this year 😞

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    Afaik this uses an IPS panel not a VA as you'd expect. Only the 50 inch uses a VA.

    • Only 85" and higher have VA panels in Australia.

  • Saw samsung qn90b in store today, it's really awesome.

  • How does this compare to Sony X90J Full Array LED TV

    • +2

      Have owned both, QN90A is the clear winner but not necessarily the best choice for all usage. The Samsung is so much brighter than the Sony it isn't funny (means less problems with reflections and image will look better than X90J in a bright room, HDR movies look much better due to more 'pop'), has better black levels which also contribute to contrast and HDR 'pop'. Samsung OS is a frigging nightmare though, easily the worst of the major brands. It's slow and the menus take forever to navigate through.

      The Sony is clearly better for motion and upscaling, so is potentially a better choice for gaming and watching sports, if the room is more on the dark side. FTA will also look better on the Sony, since HDR isn't relevant there and the motion and upscaling make for much better viewing.

      • Thank you for the Balance Feedback
        Agreed, Samsung OS is the worst. Even Big W EKO Tv with Android does better

    • The Samsung is a mini-LED.
      The Sony is an LED.

  • This is a really great deal, however I'm chasing a 55 inch version and if pricing was relative to this, I could get it for 1800-1900. Any chance I could find a 55inch qn90a or similar performance tv at that price?

      • That comes out really similar to the qn90a. I'd rather just get that, it's a better tv.

      • +2

        I wouldn't buy this year's model yet (unless you can get some epic deal). This year's models should be best to get during Black Friday. Last year's models should be best to get now (EOFY).

        • I wouldn't buy this year's model yet (unless you can get some epic deal)

          If you have EPP, they have good price a few weeks ago.

          • @superforever: Ah yes, the elusive EPP 🙏🏾 Wish I had access to that, as I'm sure everyone else on here would too 😅 but yeah, that's what i meant about "epic deal"

            I'm guessing that have some sort of early adopter sale/discount? Would def do for EPP, as they are prob less critical aye, lol

            Dunno how Black Friday would play out for EPP either, so you're prob right that they have good deals on the new models now. But for us plebs, I rekon it's the best time for current model TVs.

  • I have this and a QN90A 75" in the bedroom, fantastic TVs great price too if you can find stock.


    ppl still posting the 92FRENZY code, even though it expired after the 26th? (Just checked now, def doesn't work).

    Ppl not knowing about the Neo QLED (mini-LED) sub-panel issue where the Australian versions of the QN90A have the IPS panel… not the VA panel (like they do in the US, which is where most of the reviews are from)

    Ppl still debating on whether to get a LED or even mini-LED when you can now get a OLED for a similar price.

    … what sourcery is this? Have I gone 6 months back in time 🤯

    • Because it DID start working again for a short period of time.

      I know, I tried…

      But no units within 2000kms of me unfortunately.

      • Ah ok, yeah, makes sense considering how many ppl posted deal with that code around midnight.

      • Btw, just on that. When ppl say there are no units around them… does that include the warehouses?

        I was sent a link from the Sydney store and the stock will be delivered for $10 from the Melbourne warehouse (when it is back in stock of course).

        Or is the deal not worth it if you have to wait or pay and extra $10 🤔

        • +1

          Their delivery must need to be a minimum distance or else it just becomes ineligable. My guess would be that if the freight ends up being too much (I live in Darwin NT - so pretty far from.. well.. everywhere), the checkout just says - NUP.

          I do not think we have a warehouse up here, stock just comes direct from interstate.

          I would have zero issues paying $10, would probably be fine with even $100 for a discount that good.

          • +1

            @Arcticfox: Cheers for the response 😁 make so much more sense now

  • Dammit can't believe I missed this… Just bought an X90 recently would have loved to have gone this instead

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