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29% off Dell Inspiron 13.3" with 12th Gen i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, QHD Screen $1383.99 Delivered @ Dell


Hi all,

Seems like a great deal coming in at $1383.99 with the following specs:

  • 12th gen Intel i7-1260p
  • 16:10 2560x1600 monitor @ 300 nits
  • 512GB NVM.e SSD

Let me know your thoughts! Have you had experience with this chassis from Dell? What alternatives are there that could provide a better user experience?


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    Seems it's the same over at ebay, with 22% off comes slightly cheaper at 1266.


    • Good find, thanks for sharing!

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        Always check at ebay, just bought a lenovo cheaper on ebay than on their supposed "official website sale"

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      I bought the sale deal from Dell store on Thursday night stacked with the following:
      7% student discount
      10% Shopback
      10% Amex offer
      5% Dell coupon offer.

      • whats the 5% off dell coupon?

        • Dell refunds 5% in form of a coupon for the next purchase.

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        I guess you won't get the 10% shopback since the student discount code is not listed on Shopback?

      • How are you liking it? Looking at grabbing one.

    • How did you get it down to $1266? Shows up as $1,623.75 at checkout.

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        Use code DSLL22 at checkout. You need ebay plus. Maybe sign up for the free 30 day trial, buy this and then cancel.

  • Does anyone which one has a better battery life? This or the Macbook Air M1?

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      Macbeth air is Battery king.

      They legitimately last 15+ hours and have no fan at all.

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        The Macduff kills it though.

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          Be careful, my one had a red spot on the screen that I couldn't get off.

        • MacDonald is da real murder in da house

      • Imma let you finish. But the return of the mac is the greatest of all time.

      • Don’t mention the Scottish play

  • Remember 7% student discount

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    Market research post

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    I bought 2 of this very laptop 3 weeks ago with the i5 (had a 20% discount code via work) for my boys at school to replace their aging but still working E7240 laptops. Very impressed with the built quality and quiet fan. Screen is good and non-reflective. I cannot comment yet to the battery life but they don't take their chargers with them. It's light and thin enough that it won't break their back when cycling to school. Also, no need to carry adapters (it has 1 USB-A) unless you want cable connection. Be sure to include the 3 or 4 year Next-Day warranty.

  • Can I add more memory and storage to this laptop?

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      Memory will be soldered.

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    Bought from the eBay deal!

  • I got one of these with 4 year warranty for $1,483, so the 22% discount counts towards Dell's warranty rates as well (which are the same as shown on their website).

    I think that's a sweet deal for a last generation i7 laptop.

    • How are you liking it? Looking at grabbing one.

  • This has got the smaller of the two battery options, that’s ok. But does it have a fingerprint sensor on the power button. Web page just says it’s on some models.

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