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Bonus 2000 Yums (Worth $50) with Booking @ TheFork

You can use bonus codes to book for any date – the reservation doesn't have to be within the promotional period.

If you're a new user, this is how you maximise Yums:
  1. Book a reservation using referral code on TheFork website
  2. Book a second reservation using the app with APP22
  3. Book a third reservation with a bonus code, such as this one

Terms & Conditions

  • Users must make a booking using TheFork app or website between Wednesday 1 June to Thursday 2 June 2022, inclusive, to be eligible for 2,000 Yums.
  • Users must make a valid restaurant booking on TheFork iPhone/Android app or website with the promotional code THEFORK15 entered into the promotional code field at the time of booking in order to receive 2,000 Yums.
  • Please note that this bonus offer gives you 2,000 Yums rather than the standard number of points you receive in a regular booking.
  • 3 days after your meal, you’ll see your Yums balance topped up.
  • If the booking is cancelled or no-showed, the bonus points offer does not apply.
  • Each user can only use the promo code once and it is not transferable.
  • If you do not use the promotional code during your booking, we cannot credit the points to you post-booking.
  • TheFork reserves the right to withdraw or extend this offer at any time. Please note that this offer is only applicable on bookings made via TheFork app or website.
  • Ensure you have the promo code THEFORK15 entered in the appropriate field when you complete your booking. You will find the field listed under “Promo code”

Referral Links

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Referrer gets 500 yums
Referee gets 1000 yums

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  • -1

    Yums and bonus yums are https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/as+useless+as+tits+on+a...
    The recent 50% off deal was pretty good though https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/695930

    • +1

      The list of Yums-participating restaurants in Melbourne has grown quite a bit. I've enjoyed several meals, only paying around $5-$10 each time.

    • +3

      totally disagree i had free $48 meal at high end restaurant

      • +3

        Yep I regularly go to meat and wine alone for a steak always pay less than $10. Not sure how yums are worthless.

        • +2

          I ordered a large pork ribs rack for $65 at M&W co to share with my wife. They wouldn't give me the $50 off unless we ordered two main meals?!!?

          The T&C for redeeming the Yums seems to be ad hoc and poorly documented.

          • @bargain_knight: Hmm i cant say if they are right or wrong but we always order 2 meals if 2 people coming. Yes i understand the full rack is big.

          • +2

            @bargain_knight: I just go alone and leave the mrs at home haha. Can't say she supports my cheap ways though she thinks it is embarassing. Meat and wine is not worth full price though so I only go with yums.

          • @bargain_knight: It's meant to be a straight deduction from the bill – simple as that:

            The restaurant will deduct your discount directly from your bill.

            It sounds like that particular M&W Co just made that condition up on the spot for your situation, as restaurant staff often do (happens to me all the time with Entertainment Book too).

            • @itsfree: thanks for the tip! Just booked M&W For the first time, noticed they have an express menu option available… you know what that's about?

              • +1

                @Oneiricer: i think its lunch only, basically cheaper meals, just 3-4 choices, sometimes only valid on weekdays so you can always call first to ask

  • How do I sign up with the referral code? It didn't ask me for referral code but I don't want to click Register yet and find out later I should've entered it somewhere else.

    • +2

      You enter the referral code in the Promo Code field, located on the restaurant booking page.

      • +1

        Thanks champ

        • Pleasure!

  • this is massive! everyone just join and use it
    thank me later

  • Can you sign up with a referral and then use THEFORK15 on the promo code field or is a sign-up via referral treated as an applied promo (so can only have one or the other)?

    • You can only use one or the other. So you'd need two bookings to take advantage of both.

  • +1

    Great deal. Thanks OP.

    • Glad to help!

  • +5

    this is good because:
    * the app is GOOD easy to use
    * you pay the same price on food and no booking fee or things like that.
    * easy to collect points

    • +1

      Agreed. Also, their customer service is excellent. Last week, when I submitted a negative review about a restaurant (La Poele) that failed to honour their TheFork Festival discount, customer service contacted me and provided me with 2000 Yums when I elaborated on the experience.

      • interesting, i went there in late april and had great service, was with 50% off. Why did they decline? was it user error?

        • +3

          The owner must have had a change of heart after seeing all the discounted bookings come in – he modified the offer wording after I made my reservation.

          After I left my review, he called my mobile late that night and verbally abused me. Charming!

          • @itsfree:

            After I left my review, he called my mobile late that night and verbally abused me. Charming!

            Worth the Yums?

            Also why does the owners get so mad about it?

            • @nsuinteger: Not worth it. The steak at Meat and Wine Co was just as good, and the hospitality is better (heh).

              He got angry because he thought I was being unreasonable expecting the discount on steak.

      • +1

        Damn, we were thinking of going there to try out but decided to go somewhere else. There is no deal for La Poele right now anyway so we just booked two new places to try over the next fortnight (one account each).

  • dumb question, the dates shown, is it just the act of booking the restaurant that needs to be between those dates or does the actual visit to the restaurant booked need to happen also?

    • +1

      You just need to book the restaurant by tomorrow. The actual reservation date can be any day.

      • +1

        Thank you!

  • How do you use your accrued points $$? Assumedly on a future booking, how does the $50 off your next bill work? Thnaks

    • More info here

    • +1

      You make a booking through the app for one of the restaurants that "accept yums" and when you book, there's an option to use your yums towards the bill. This comes through on your booking and the restaurant will deduct the amount from the bill.

  • So this is only for new fork customers?

    • No, it's not. Existing users can use it too.

  • +2

    This is brilliant as my local accepts the fork.
    A few pints and dinner as per usual then I get $50 off meat and wine co.

    • +3

      I'm recognised at my local meat and wine now. Always go alone for a steak using yums. Not sure if that is sad or not…

      • +2

        Who cares.
        Steak will make you happy

      • +1

        Same! Maybe same place?

  • +5

    Big benefit if you can capitalise on it.

    Personally, I'd use this code (on desktop) first, or maybe second after the referral code (desktop), and keep the APP22 code for use later (on mobile).

  • +1

    1000 yums = $20
    2000 yums = $50

    should've attended those math classes to understand this.

    • Hey, I'm not complaining ¯_('-')_/¯

  • +2

    Very happy with TheFork, although was disappointed I lost 7,500 Yums in 2021 when covid hit (they wouldn’t extend despite several chats).

    If you’re in Sydney highly recommend Claire’s Kitchen at Le Salon (French cuisine) - dined there tonight, and redeemed 2000 Yums ($50 off food bill). Excellent food, 10/10. Reviews were accurate.
    Couldn’t use this code tonight as I was redeeming Yums from previous promos, but have made another booking for lunch tomorrow which will be +2000 Yums!

    • +5

      Nice one! For those in Melbourne, these are all very good/great:
      - Meat & Wine Co Southbank
      - Avrah
      - Nevsky
      - Ish Restaurant
      - Tulum
      - Lezzet

      I'm booked in to try Jishan Garden in a few weeks – pretty pricey, so crossing fingers.

      • +1

        I quite agree with most on your list. Please let us know what you think of Jishan Garden. There are mixed reviews.

      • Nice list, thanks. I loved Tulum, that was great. The tiny dumplings in yoghurt and the weird but wonderful chicken pudding for dessert were highlights.

        Am keen to try Lezzet, definitely going to try the banquet at Nevsky.. Avrah I can't decide on, was it worth it? Nothing on the menu sounds particularly "progressive", but if it's done well I could be into it. Went to Baba Ji recently (similar idea: fancy Indian) and it was a bit disappointing.

        • +1

          I did enjoy Avrah when I went just over a year ago. I can't remember what I ordered, but my Google Maps review was 5 stars.

      • +4

        I used my Yums at Cugini's Fitzroy (Italian Restaurant) recently. Great food and highly rated on Google (4.6*).

        Avrah used to be a great Indian restaurant, Kake Di Hatti, but they changed management then became Avrah. Not as good.

        Meat & Wine is good but have to book several days in advance if you want a Friday night. Tried last night and only sittings they had were after 9.

        BTW, I'm slowly putting together a wiki (well only 1 entry so far) of where TheFork stacks with restaurant gift cards if anyone wants to contribute.

        A list of restaurants that are bookable on TheFork that stack with gift cards (Best Restaurants, Good Food etc.).

  • I have only used The Fork for a booking once (end of last year) I made a booking redeeming my $50 yums off the booking yesterday, but I used the code as well. I only realised after booking you can't do both at the same time. Should I cancel the booking and make two new ones? One redeeming the $50 and another getting 2000 YUMs….I tried to book today and it says I've already used the code, even though it won't count.
    Does it matter how much you spend at a booking to qualify for the bonus YUMs? i.e. if I went to my local pub (that is on The Fork) and just order something cheap, like the fries etc, will I still get the bonus YUMs, or do I have to get a main, and can the main be one of their lunch deals as long as I book for a la carte without a deal?

    • In the app, on the "My Loyalty Program" screen, you can check if you will still earn the 2000 points from the bonus code (the system used to allow it, so it might have worked in your case).

      If it's not listed there, you can cancel the booking and reuse the code.

      Does it matter how much you spend at a booking to qualify for the bonus YUMs?

      No, it's just a deduction off the bill.

      • what I mean is, if I just buy something cheap at the local pub, will I still get the bonus YUMs from this code? (If I have to cancel and make two bookings)

        • Yes. Only requirement is turning up for your booking.

          • @itsfree: I just checked Yums in My Loyalty on the app and it shows 0 Yums (-$50 I assume for my booking next week) and under Yums Coming Up it shows 2000…does that mean I get both things from this one booking after all?

            • @souths123: Yes, should do – worked for me in the past

              Take a screenshot just in case

              • +1

                @itsfree: thanks, done. Glad I asked on here to double check this, as from their website info it didn't look like it would work.

                • @souths123: Just make sure it also says you will get the $50 discount for the booking in your confirmation email

                  • +1

                    @itsfree: ■ Wednesday, 8 June 2022 at 12:30 pm
                    ■ 2 people
                    ■ Booking without a special offer + $50 loyalty discount

                    • +1

                      @souths123: Perfect. Enjoy!

                    • @souths123: I did this exact same thing as well, got the $50 discount for using 2000 Yums and earned 2000 Yums via the code for the same booking

                      • @harthagan: so, you've already been to the venue, got the $50 off and you have the bonus YUMs in your account, or in same position as me? My booking is for this Wed, so waiting to see what happens by next Sat (3 days after the date)

                        • @souths123: No I already did my booking using 2000 yums for $50 doscount and today received the 2000 bonus Yums for using the code.

  • +1

    Nice one.
    Pity there are no restaurants that "accepts yums" close enough.

    • +2

      good excuse to buy new property and move near yum restaurants

      • +1

        Good reason to buy all the restaurants in the area and turn them into yum restaurants, actually.

    • We use it on Meat and Wine Co. Not sure if there is one in your state.

      • Thank you for the suggestion. Took a look, none in Queensland at all.

  • Did you guys manage to get it to work? I can't book via the app or browser. It has an error message: Something went wrong.

    • I had an issue like that last time – the booking actually went through though. Check your bookings list to see. Otherwise, try a different browser/device I guess. Failing that, contact CS.

  • When you attend at the restaurant do you have to do anything special like show a code in the app?

    • nope. just say you have booking under xxx name,
      usually, i say i made the booking through the fork
      if you have some other thing like spending the yum points, or some other special discount, maybe better to double check.

      just to avoid some trouble at the end.
      but no, no need to mentioned any code from ozbargain post, they will not understand that.

  • If you're a new user, this is how you maximise Yums:
    Book using referral code on TheFork website
    Book using the app with APP22
    Book with any bonus codes subsequently, such as this one

    Can we do this at the same time? How exactly this works?

    • +1

      Separate bookings required. Each code needs to be entered in a different reservation. This code has now expired anyway.

      You can join and use a referral code first, then APP22 second, while you wait for another bonus like this one to come around.

      • Thanks

  • Pity the time is so short to book.

    • Yeah it was like a flash sale - presumably due to the large number of Yums on offer

  • +1

    Still seems to be working….

    • You're right!

  • So I booked a reservation for 1 using 2000 Yums for $50 discount and also applied the code to earn 2000 Yums for the booking. Net profit = 1 free $50 meal (3 course express lunch at meat and wine co) and still have exactly the same amount of Yums as before.

    • Interesting… good to know that bookings that use yum can also apply codes to earn bonus yum points.

    • I didn't think you could redeem Yums if you were booking a deal? or did you book a la carte (without deal) and just purchased the express lunch at the venue anyway?

      • Yes I just asked for the 3 course express menu at the restaurant. They didnt mind one bit.

    • +1

      You cant use any code if spending yum points. Long time ago can, now not anymore. The box to enter code has been disabled

      • +1

        Yes you can actually. I did it and already have received the 2000 yums

        • +1

          I also checked on my end - you CANNOT use any code when redeeming your Yums.
          I redeemed 2000 Yums last week ($50) - there was no coupon code i.e. it was disabled by TheFork. You cannot claim more bonus points when redeeming - not sure how you managed to do that or if it were a glitch!

          • +1

            @ilikedeals: He must have not redeeming yums lol…
            Rookie mistake….

  • I couldn’t do it. Evidence?

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