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Bonus $1400 on any Microsoft Surface Pro 8 when you Port in to Telstra $79/M (2 Year) SIM Plan in-Store Only @ JB Hi-Fi


Save $1400 on the purchase of a Microsoft Surface Pro 8 tablet (or tablet bundle) when you subscribe to Telstra's SIM Plan for 2 years, at $79 a month ($20 discount applied on $99 plan). *Reverts to $99 after 24 months. Ends 15/06/22. Bonus data ends 30/06/22.

See here for full terms and conditions. In-store offer only. Not available online.

Wicked Wednesday Extra 5% off at JB Hi-Fi - 92WICKEDWEDS

Example buy - Microsoft Surface Pro 8 13" i5 128GB/8GB Bundle (Platinum) - https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/microsoft-surface-pro-8-1...

Price matched to Harvey Norman plus got another 5% on top through promo code- https://www.harveynorman.com.au/microsoft-surface-pro-8-13-i...

Deal link here - https://www.jbhifi.com.au/pages/jb-mobile-instore#deals

Effective Surface Pro 8 bundle price - $1375 bought with $1400 credit through Telstra sign-up (PORT-IN offer only). Outgoings to Telstra $79 X 24 months = $1896.

Rest I am sure, you folks can do your own maths and are pretty savvy given these deals are quite regular but $1400 credit with $20 monthly discount is decent.

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  • Price matched to Harvey Norman plus got another 5% on top through promo code-

    Oh you priced matched with a link, and then applied the 5% code at checkout?

    • +1

      Went into the store and got the pricing done prior to Telstra signup. First time posting on ozbargain so trying to figure out how to upload my JB receipt. Cheers

      • Can help to post the receipt? Thanks

    • I have asked for the price match but refused to do so because in HN it says clearance.

  • +4

    I'm confused, is this a deal on how to spend the $1400 Telstra port in voucher on the other deal?

    Title indicates you get a $1400 voucher for buying a Surface Pro?

    • $1400 gc on signup towards any surface pro 8 is the real deal. Plus, posted the bundle I bought through as an example which could classify as a deal itself.

      • Correct me, but the plan deal only gives you $1000?Did I miss something?

        • +2

          Yes deal is for $1000 but if you want to purchase surface + Telstra plan than its $1400 gift card

        • +1

          This is a special 1-day only deal where you get a $1400 gift card towards any surface pro 8

    • OP is too excited and hard to make sense of everything.
      Agree that the title should be changed.

  • How does JB pricematch when Gerry's site says its "clearance"!?

    Even JB policy says exclude clearance??

    • I guess it depends on the staff.

    • +1

      Maybe i got lucky or just ask politely is what i can recommend

      • So you did get a price match and then the extra 5% discount?

        The times I have price matched they just send an SMS which goes straight to payment screen and you can't enter a code.

        Would they price match the higher end models too?


  • -2

    Price match is not a deal?

    • price match is an example, $1400 gc is the deal

  • OP did you get the $20 discount monthly as well through Telstra chat?

    • +1

      $20 discount is part of the standard signup offer.

      • At JB Hi-Fi ? So it becomes $59 per month right? Thanks

        • +2

          I think OP meant was $99-$20= $79/month

      • OP meant by whether you got an additional $20 off per month via Telstra chat when porting over

  • +1

    this is not bad if you are looking to buy the pro8. keep in mind if you can tax deduct the surface in any way you're better off not jumping on this deal

    • +3

      I may be mistaken but I don't think there's any tax implications getting the surface through this deal. JB applies a $1400 gift card to the purchase. You'll still get a receipt showing you paid full price for the surface.

      • +1

        Yeah, you might be right. You'll still get a receipt that you paid the full price of the Surface Pro 8.

  • Any plans which includes free international calls to zone 1 countries. All these plans say PAYG for international.

    • That's why I skip these JB Telstra offers always

  • +1

    Can be returned for a $1400 GC?

    • +1

      This would be incredible.

      I’d say take it to another jb hifi and execute a return

  • Just got mine today for 79 monthly with 1000 GC, not sure if it is still a good deal

  • Is this data only?

  • Sigh, only if this can be applied to the Surface Laptop Go……

    • is it better than the surface pro 8? isn't a tablet laptop more portable?

      • More portable yes, but I really like the size and the laptop form of the Laptop Go. It’s the perfect machine when using it on bed.

        • That's interesting, I thought laptop tend to overheat when used in bed.

  • +4

    Sell in gumtree straight away to get instant $1000 at least, and claim tax too using the receipt ( instant write off ) and spend the money on something else . ( to keep the economy and employment going )

    • +1

      Instant write off is only for purchases up to $300.

  • I don't need it, i don't need it, i don't need it

  • combine with TCN 20x @wws

  • Guys I need help! I'm already a Telstra customer with an active phone number connected.
    Can I still snatch this deal?

    • +1

      Sign up a new number under your account, bob's your uncle.

      • How do you know about Bob? That's a secret!

  • Genuine question, why would you pay more for a Surface when you can get a laptop for less? I don't get it.

    • Not sure what you mean - you can't buy a laptop of these dimensions and specs for less.

      If you need ultra lightweight and a top tier screen, then deals like this one are outstanding value. If you can find an equivalent laptop for less, then please link it !

      • You can by a bigger, higher spec laptop for less. Who cares about a kg weight difference if you've got a bigger screen, more storage? https://www.lenovo.com/au/en/laptops/ideapad/ideapad-5-serie...

        • +1

          Who cares ? The people who want ultra lightweight and portability.

          If those things aren't important to you, then find another deal that meets your needs 👍

        • girls and hipsters

  • +1

    Is 8 gb good enough or need 16 gb for day to day? 5 ish Chrome tabs, light gaming, etc.

    • +1

      Personally I wouldn't buy any Windows device with less than 16GB.

  • Has anyone moved from Boost to Telstra on these plans is that considered a true Move ? or do they not approve it ?

    • Just checked with JB hi-fi.

      You can't get this if you're with Telstra, boost or belong.

      And worst part is the original plan they give you can't have the international pack added to it. So if you make international calls with any regularity, it'll get really expensive as those will be charged pay as you go.

      • I'm off Belong for 14 days now, they still require 30 days minimum before ok to transfer to TLS? Thanks

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