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Ergohuman Premium Fit IOO Executive Office Chair High Back Black Frame $399 + Post ($0 to Selected Areas) @ Duke Living MyDeal

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Was $599, now $399 with free delivery.

-Single Lever Control Mechanism (SLCM)
-Adjustable seat height depth and back tilt
-Seat slide
-3D Automatically-Adjusting Lumbar Support
-Adjustable Back Rest with 4 Positions
-NeckPro Neck Rest with Multi-Directional Dynamic Neck Support (MINS)
-3D Headrest with Adjustable Angle and Height
-Back Rest with Adjustable Height and Tilt Control
-High Back Design
-Fully Automatic Weight Balance Mechanism
-Waterfall Front Seat
-Locking Multi-Functional Arms with Soft-Touch Pads - Removable without Affecting Chair Styling
-Black Raised Nylon Base with 60mm Castors
-All parts of the chair are replaceable for a longer life-cycle
-Made with up to 80% recycled material and has 95% recyclability with Greenguard Gold Air Quality Certification
-You are purchasing a 100% genuine Ergohuman Office Chair. For peace of mind, all Ergohuman Office Chairs purchased at MyDeal are backed up by an extended 5 year manufacturer warranty.

Detailed Specifications:
Colour: Black
Materials: Mesh, aluminium
Overall: 72cm L x 72cm W
Seat: 50cm L x 49cm W
Maximum Overall Height: 126cm
Minimum Overall Height: 109cm
Maximum Seat Height: 53.5cm
Minimum Seat Height: 42.5cm
Seat Back Height: 77.5cm
Seat Back Width: 49cm
Base Diameter: 65cm
Overall Weight: 24kg
Maximum Weight Capacity: 150kg
Simple assembly required
Product Code: IOOB-WBNF-3DHAM
Meets EN 1335-1:2000 EN1335-2:2009 and EN 1335-3:2009 (Office Furniture and Office Work Chair safety requirements)
BIFMA Certified

• $10 coupon via email for new mydeal account ($100 min. spend excluding freight)
• $10 coupon (SHOPAPP) with MyDeal App on first purchase ($50 min. spend excluding freight)
*coupons do not stack.

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  • +10

    Tempting.. has anyone here purchased one and can provide some feedback? Only thing that makes me hesitate is the non-adjustable lumbar support.

    • Easily the best and most comfortable chair I’ve ever owned. I could never get behind the Herman Miller Aeron in particular (my old office had them) so if you’re after something remotely like that, probably steer clear of this.

      I’ve also got a massive dumpy and slight arch in my back so if you’re on the flatter side this might not end up as comfortable. Recommendations with chairs are near impossible cause everyone’s different so YMMV, but for me, it’s great

      • +1

        Before buying the ergo V2 deluxe I tried a few Herman millers, they were a real let down.
        The V2 while not perfect did work better for me as an overweight guy, so maybe they're more suited to people under 100kg.

        The best chairs I ever used were from a brand called life. They seem to only serve offices though.

    • +1

      I have owned this chair for a year and a bit and I am really happy with it. The mesh on the seat is still tight (I weigh 90kg) and the chair functions really well. I work from home and sit on it every day for 5 or so hours and I have zero complaints about it.

    • I bought one at the start of the year (was $449). Chair was easy enough to build. Very solid although needs a tighten every few months, especially when my kids do lift ups with all their body weight on the arms.

      Very comfortable now but the first 3 months the chair felt very tight. I initially wasn't fully convinced it was the right choice but very happy now.

    • The whole back rest is slightly adjustable - I think 2-3 different intervals, which includes the lumbar support.

    • I've had mine for 2 years, and still going great. Haven't been abusing it, and just using it for working at home. I think I bought one of the first few batches.

      At the price point it's pretty good - you might get similar features from their Ergoduke chairs. If you compare to office works mesh chairs, I'd probably prefer this. The built quality overall is pretty good, not premium, but not cheap too - it's good enough. Much better than opting for a gaming chair for example.

  • +2

    This would be great as a tax deduction.

  • Delivery is not free everywhere it seems. $94 to Perth.

    • Correct - 110 to Hobart as well.

    • +10

      Mate, that's a different country :D

  • +1

    FYI - there won’t be any cashback via either Cashrewards or ShopBack as this requires you to purchase the item via MyDeal app

    Both the cashback apps need you to go through the MyDeal website instead and the coupon SHOPAPP requires the MyDeal app to work

    • Where are you getting that from? Literally not mentioned anywhere on either site.

      • I assume because you can't track shop back or cash rewards through the mydeal app and this deal has to be bought on the mydeal app?

        • Shows as $399 for me with free delivery on the website. Sure as hell am not using the app.

          • @Tacooo: If you use their MyDeal app, it’ll give you a discount of $10 using SHOPAPP coupon

            If you want cashback instead, you’ll have to click through either Cashrewards or ShopBack, but the cashback tracked will be <$10

            • @BargainsGrabber: I don't know about you but 4% of $399 is $15.96 according to my calculations.

              • @Tacooo: 4% on Cashreards is for new customers :)

                I was using the ShopBack rate as the calculation

          • @Tacooo: Ah gotcha. Shows that for me too now that I look. Not sure whether free delivery through app though? I don't have app so can't check, but the promo code definitely doesn't work on the website. So for me it's 399 +94 delivery through the website.

        • That’s why I made a note at the bottom of the deal post that OP linked

          FYI - This code will invalidate any cashback from ShopBack and Cashrewards as this requires purchasing via MyDeal app

          Compare what’s the best value (upsized cashback vs $10 off) at any point in time

      • If you click through either Cashrewards or ShopBack, it brings you through the MyDeal website

        I was referring to the coupon SHOPAPP. This requires the MyDeal app

  • +1

    How does this compare to the Ergodukes which have a metal base and are half the price?

    • I've not tried one of their Ergodukes. But I wouldn't expect a lot of difference between them. Functionally, they look to have similar features, and I'd assume the same factory or similar QC. The main difference, would be just looks I think.

  • +1

    Bought through the app, $389 - pity no shopback or cashrewards but instant $10 bucks off better anyway… thanks Op, perfect timing.

  • +1
    • +2

      Yeah post covid prices, apparently delivery was extra before

  • +1

    Apparently these all come from here -
    You have different chair mechanism, aluminium vs plastic and rest is marketing…

  • I'm super tempted. Does anyone know how do these compare to the ErgoHuman Plus elite? Seems to be quite a different design?…

    • +1

      I've been looking at these for a week now, seems like chair mechanics is full plastic here, as opposed to plastic / aluminium or full aluminium in more expensive models.
      Hard to find any decent information on this, go through previous Ozbargain posts.

      This model for $399 is lowest spec with plastic mechanism. Seems to have most adjustments…

  • Mmmm.. No seat tilt.
    What's the difference between the two they have for free shipping…?

    • +1

      Mesh seat v foam

      • which one is better the foam or mesh?

        • Mesh is probably cooler, but might stretch, foam may also compress after time. Need some long term users to comment.

    • Are you sure no tilt function?!!

      • The seat that you sit on doesn't tilt back or forwards but it can slide back and forwards and it's slightly rounded at the edge so it doesn't block circulation.
        The seat back tilts back and forwards or can be locked in place.

        • Thanks. Probably need to test it out somewhere. I always do the 60deg tilt on all my chairs. Lean back!

        • Seat Slide is different. I require seat tilt.

      • +1

        The seat itself does slide. The back rest does tilt and lockable (at set intervals), up to about 45 degree angle back.

  • +2

    I think the Costco one is a cheaper alternative, also pretty comfy to sit in (tried out yesterday) @ Costco for $269 instore or $289.99 delivered…

    • Which costco store had them on display? I went to the Moorabin store yesterday in VIC and they only had them in boxes

      • +1

        Costco Casula and Marsden Park (NSW)

        • Did you buy or just try it out in store? I'm tempted with this costco one as it seems like a really nice cost effective alternative. No reviews on the product on their website yet probably as its too new. Hoping someone on here has tried it out?

          • @Leg A Less: Just tried it in store, planning to buy it this weekend… Still thinking

            • @tamzie28: I'm real close to pulling the trigger on it too… will let you know if I get it before you

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Bought it.

    • Did you (or anyone else) have any issue tightening the 3 screws that attach the backrest to the chair? I can't for the life of me or my arms get them anywhere near flush!

      • +1

        Yes I had the same issue

        I found it much easier to screw in the screws once first just by themselves (not attached to the chair)
        It was then much easier to then screw them in with the chair afterwards

  • i've had an ergo human full mesh for almost 4 years now. still in near perfect condition minus my cat scratching the arm rests lol. that's no fault of the chair though.

  • Can't comment on this one but I am 2m tall and got this one for $233:
    Fits me well and very comfy. Solid frame. Might be an option if you are looking for something cheaper.

  • extra hundy to perth killed the deal.

  • +6

    For posterity: I bought this chair in the last deal (Jan 2022) for $389. After 5 days of using the chair I left the following comment in the Ozb deal:

    Well I took a punt on this chair, and as others have said; that bloody protruding lumbar support really pinches the back - doesn’t matter how high or low I have it.
    I’ll stick it out a bit longer in case my back adjusts, but if not what’s the best place to pop this up on sale?

    Long story short: I’m not sure how long it took after I left that comment (probably a couple of weeks) but I’ve really come around to the chair. I’m sitting in it right now and it’s very comfortable - no more pinching. It’s weird to me how suddenly I acclimatised to it.

    • Thanks for posting this comment.

      • Good to hear, the split back was also my main concern, taking a big gamble on this thing.

        I went the solid cushion option to avoid any mesh sagging, either way, mesh/cushion seat probably wear out after 5 years.

  • Can anyone share their experience with Ergohuman warranty claims?

  • thanks OP, bought one with mesh

  • This or secret lab?

    • Stay away from Secret Lab, mass marketed, referral driven hype.

      There is a reason they put their logo on the chair headrest and throw in cushion and give referral/review discount.

      Know many owners, mostly purchased based on hype without ever testing one, none of them rave about them, not awful but far from great.

      Racing seat chairs are a gimmick which is why you will never see a racing seat chair in a serious silicon valley office, period.

    • +1

      i have a secret lab. It's a decent chair but definitely overpriced. It is sturdy and well made, but still rather hard to sit on. Although i dont get any pain after sitting for long periods. The adjustments are all pretty good and the head cushion is good quality, but probably about $2-300 over priced for what it is. They are definitely not just "gaming racing chairs", they are closer to office chairs.

  • +3

    I bought this from my local office furniture store during early COVID days for my home office. I can't go back to anything else. The mesh seating is comfortable and is still undamaged to this day despite my fat ass. I've used this nearly 12+ hours a day (work and gaming) for the last two years and I highly recommend it.

    • Can you please let us know the height range of the seat from the ground at it lowest and its highest point when lifted or dropped? It will be really helpful. Thanks in advance

      • It’s about 48cm from the floor to top of seat (lowest) & 60cm at it’s highest.

  • Really tempted with this one. I was about to pull the trigger on "HATTEFJÄLL" from IKEA until i saw this deal. Back to square one now with comparison and

  • I got my chair but no manual :|

  • Thanks. Bought one, Got it today. So far so good.

  • Mine arrived today, was worried the split back would dig in, but it doesn't.

    The mesh somehow floats well away from the two piece plastic surround so there is really no way plastic should ever dig into your back unless you are the hulk.

    I'm tall, height with this chair isnt an issue. Head rest is well adjustable, I will say v1 of this chair with the FIXED head rest would have definitely sucked, as I did need to tilt mine.

    Only concern at this stage is getting used to the lumbar, it is quite pronounced the mesh will push into your back a fair bit, that's the only thing i can see potentially upsetting anyone, i think my back is just getting a workout after having no lumbar support at all from my old chair for a good year now, so im feeling it at the moment. You might notice this chair is a bit curvier in the lumbar area than some other mesh chairs which are more straight up and down looking with much less pronounced lumbars.

    For those who cant test drive it makes shopping for chairs hard but I decided I would rather a $400 gamble than a $1000+ gamble as im not in a city so I couldn't try and of them anyway. I will report back on the lumbar later, not a big deal but hopefully that settles in after a while.

    The only thing I would want to add for this chair is a tilt for the seat itself, to be able to keep the back upright but still move the seat diagonal a little, not sure many chairs can do that though. Also, I noticed the premium aluminum version of this chair has one extra knob at the front which is a tension adjustment for the back swing if you want to pay extra.

  • Received mine today. Very very cheap packaging and it appears some parts may be refurbed or just cheap knock offs. Some of it was packaged with some random red tape around the bubble wrap, while the rest was just clear tape… I dont think this is genuine. Some of the screws are too long so i couldnt assemble it fully! ill have to find some washers or cut the screws down! Pretty dissapointed so far for $400…

    • Something doesn’t sound right. Got ours and was packed well and was able to easy to put it together.

      • is there any way to check for authenticity?

        • No idea. My suggestion would be to reach out to the seller.

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