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Juschek Nasal Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT) 20 Tests for $78.99 ($3.95 Per Test) Delivered @ RAT Express


I have approx 1000 tests available at this discounted price with the coupon "EOFY"
If you would like 40 tests just double the qty in the cart and the coupon will double.

Ships from Brisbane within 1 business day and express shipping is available for $2.99

Juschek Nasal Rapid Antigen Tests
TGA: 374574
Single Test Per box (x20)
TGA listing: https://www.tga.gov.au/sites/default/files/covid-19-rapid-an...
Expiry: December 2023

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  • Cheaper on Amazon:

    5 pack, but $3.50 per test (free delivery, scheduled 15 - 17 June)

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    FYI these are High sensitivity

    I usually try and get Very High sensitivity tests as the whole point of doing the test is because I want to exclude having Covid.

    • Interesting.. didn't realise the effectiveness of different tests had been properly rated by anyone. Makes sense to get the most effective option though.. have you got any recommendations?

      • anything that is rated Very High sensitivity as per my link above.

        Very high sensitivity - clinical sensitivity greater than 95% PPA

        Positive percent agreement (PPA) is the proportion of individuals who tested positive to COVID-19 using a rapid antigen self-test, compared to those who tested positive to COVID-19 using a more sensitive PCR test.

        In other words, at 95% PPA, you will still miss 5% of true positive that PCR would pick up.

        (High sensitivity - clinical sensitivity greater than 90% PPA
        Acceptable sensitivity - clinical sensitivity greater than 80% PPA)

      • We have about 100 tests left of Onsite Nasal Tests. These are likely the highest rated out option according to the TGA. You can order the JusChek and shoot me an email and I can send the Onsite. I have taken them offline as its very close to out of stock.

        • Hi rep, can you confirm if you still have the Onsite ones in stock? Looking to put in an order now

        • hi there - is there still stock for Onsite?

  • RatExpress…..LOVE IT!!!

    • I like it, haha, Honestly, I just watched murder on the orient express before buying a domain. It was set up to sell some excess stock retail, mostly we deal in mines, production companies, etc. Our main business sells some PPE on contracts etc. (ThermoBlanket.com.au)

      • Just FYI, your privacy policy link is broken on your checkout page. I can't find out what "other purposes" you would use my personal details for. I am sure everything is fine and above board, but dead privacy policy links is a bit clumsy. I was hoping for paypal option too, but that's minor point.

  • No deal for me, cheaper on Amazon.
    OP, if you are just clearing stock you should price match?

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