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[Refurb] Lenovo ThinkCentre M73p Tiny Intel i5 4570T, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Win 10 Pro $149 + Delivery ($0 MEL C&C) @ FuseTechAU


Hello everyone!


Hi guys! update, I did manage to get some HP 800 G3 elitedesks


upgrades are available as well!


So i've actually got a few LENOVO THINKCENTRE TINY PC EXTERNAL USB DVD-RW 04X2176 BRACKET 54Y8418 in stock if you want too add to your orders, shipping is free but will be just added onto your Lenovo orders!


I bring some more tiny PCs that can fit in your pocket. Similar to the previous Dell 3020M, these Lenovo's come with 8GB ram and 128GB SSD. The CPU (i5-4570T) is a dual core / 4 thread processor, hence the price difference compared to the 3020M , however is more than fine for a basic office/home use PC, or mini server! Each will come with a WIFI 300mbps + Bluetooth USB as they unfortunately did not come with WiFi dongles installed. All the specs are down below with some upgrades available. 1 year warranty on all plus cables included ( power adapter and display cable). Click and collect is available from our Yarraville, Melbourne 3013 warehouse. Both Courier and Parcel/Express post is available as well as Click and Collect ( Shipping should be cheap as they are quite small!).

  • Note : Given the popularity of the Surfaces I am getting some Microsoft Surface Book 1 & 2s in mid-week which will be uploaded on another sale closer towards the end of the week, both 7th gen i5 & 8th Gen i5s starting at a similar price to the Surface 5s (Around $399- $450 for both) so stay tuned! Will give updates closer too the end of the week.

Brand Lenovo
Model ThinkCentre M73p Tiny
Form Factor Micro
Processor Intel Core i5 4570t 2.9GHz
Storage 128Gb
Storage Type SSD
Display Nil
Memory 8Gb
Max Memory 16Gb
Graphics Intel HD Graphics
Optical Nil
Webcam Nil
Video OutPut VGA + Display Port
Connectivity Ethernet + Wifi (Basic USB 2.4Ghz 300Mbs)
I/o Ports Front ports 2 x USB 3.0 (1 x AlwaysOn) Mic (stereo) Headphone / mic combo jack (stereo) Rear ports 3 x USB 3.0 (optional external optical box or external I/O box or TIO 23 occupies one specific USB 2.0) Optional port (USB 2.0 / serial / HDMI / 2nd DisplayPort) Ethernet (RJ45) VGA DB-15 DisplayPort (occupied by optional TIO 23)
Operating System Windows 10 PRO
Dimensions (mm) : 34.5 x 182.9 x 179
Weight 0.6Kg
A-Grade -

Overall very good cosmetic condition. Some may have light scratches or minor blemishes.
Cosmetic blemishes will not impact the overall functionality or performance of the device.

The Lenovos come with our standard 12 months warranty.

We still have a few units remaining of the [Refurb] Surface Pro 5 12", I5 Gen 7, 8GB Ram , 256GB SSD + Keyboard

As well as some other options :

[Refurb] Dell Latitude E7470 Intel Core i5 6300u 8Gb Ram 256Gb SSD 14" Win 11

Dell OptiPlex 3040


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  • +6

    Hello, any 8th gen on killer pricing yet ? I need to run Windows 11 for a project.

    • Curious what project you specifically need Windows 11 for?

      • +1

        an win11 exprience project?

      • I’ve got this 5th gen and windows 11 works fine.

        • But will it continue working or reinstall fine indefinitely without having to deal with tricks?

          • -1

            @eug: Most CPUs older than 8th gen isn't supported by win11 so you will have to indefinitely install it using tricks.

            • +1

              @[Deactivated]: The compatibility list is what "officially" listed.

              There is almost no instruction set changes in CPU from 4th Gen till now, and UEFI environment was available for almost all 4th gen motherboard, only thing different is older motherboard don't have TPM 2.0 support, all you have to do is either buy a aftermarket TPM 2.0 module (if your motherboard have a TPM port), or disable it in Windows 11 altogether(less secure, but at least you can get win11 to work)

              • -3

                @OMGJL: Wrong. If your PC doesn't have a win11 supported cpu it won't be offered an upgrade.

                • +2

                  @[Deactivated]: wrong to you. Read How to Force Windows 11 Upgrade or Install on Unsupported PC

                  As I said The compatibility list is what "officially" listed. Of course you won't be offered with Win11 upgrade because you are not on their list, but it doesn't mean you can't install Windows 11 yourself.

                  And I have explained the primary technical reasons of why you can install Windows 11 (same instruction set, UEFI boot supported, TPM can be disabled)

                  • -2

                    @OMGJL: lol how am i wrong. I'm talking about official support and my whole first comment was that you could install it using tricks

                    • +1

                      @[Deactivated]: how am I wrong then? I never mentioned a word about official support and have only talked about how to bypass the limitation.

                      So your way of communication is to put a big "wrong" word up to other's face?

                      • @OMGJL: so why say the exact same thing as i did

              • @OMGJL: There's no guarantee Microsoft are going to allow future feature updates for unsupported machines due to concerns about malware, go figure. It appears they might watermark the desktop too but there's always tweaks. I'm personally pretty peeved because my 7700k desktop is still my daily machine, and upgrading is pretty much moot. I run 11 as well

    • +4

      I'll see what I can get !

  • hi,
    got any 7060 SSF ?

  • Not bad OP. Could you do any better without the wifi/bt dongle?

  • +1

    Any i7 deal?

  • really wished the laptop or the surface pro could use USB-C ports…

  • Be nice if these could be powered over POE, still nice looking machine for the form factor.

    • +4

      Be nice if these were 12900K, still nice looking machine for the form factor. :)

  • Could anyone confirm that this has gigabit ethernet?
    Lenovo's website suggests that it is

    • +4

      Specs list: Intel I217-V, which is 1GbE/1000BASE-T

      • +2

        thank you kind person

        • On second thoughts, since lenovo don't actually state "gigabit", there's a chance there may be issues there… (Lenovo seem a bit dodgy at times, leaving specs out seems a little suspicious)

    • +4

      Hmm, I don't think any normal computer in the past 15 years has come with 100Mbps Ethernet.

      • +3

        TVs on the other hand <eye roll>

        • How would a TV benefit from gigabit?

          • @eug: Why not include it? AC wifi is included.

            • +1

              @sween64: Dunno, maybe since there doesn't seem to be any benefit, might as well save 50c per TV or something. Sell 500,000 TVs and you've "made" an extra $250,000 for "free".

              WiFi is different I think. Newer standards like 802.11ac give you improvements like better range thanks to beamforming.

              • +1

                @eug: Nope 2.4ghz has better range then 5ghz/ac

                • @rickdwp:

                  Nope 2.4ghz has better range then 5ghz/ac

                  Till you turn on your microwave oven. :)

          • @eug: Faster load times when streaming? Especially if you have a home media server that's already on gigabit.

            • @Void:

              Faster load times when streaming? Especially if you have a home media server that's already on gigabit.

              If you have a home media server that's on the local network, the TV can just stream off it in realtime.

              The only time you'd need greater than 100Mbps is if you rip high-bitrate Blurays and the TV can play it back natively without transcoding. If you're techy enough for that, you probably already know to look for a TV that has gigabit ethernet anyway.

              • @eug: I'm gonna be honest gigabit probably isn't that useful for a TV but it's like $2 for the manufacturer, might as well be gigabit. 100mbps just feels ancient.

                • @Void: My guess is that maybe just 5% of TV buyers know what gigabit is, or even bother running
                  Ethernet to their TV, so they might as well save $2 per TV. They're mass-market devices aimed at general consumers after all. It can also be a point of differentiation for their flagship TVs.

                  If they sell half a million TVs that's a "free" million dollars extra profit that they make.

    • +2

      I've got one of these and it's gigabit.

  • Sadly not 4590t & 16GB

    • Is 4590t better?

      • -1


        • But isn’t the 4590t only 2.0 GHz? Vs 2.9 ghz?

  • Any have HMDI out?

    • +1

      I use a DP to HDMI adapter.

  • +1

    perfect for Home Assistant Intel image or Proxmox Server

    • +8

      Much better value than any Pi 4 combo on the market today as well

  • +2

    Would these do 4K 60hz for a media device…?

    • Keen to know this too!

    • Yes, you'll need one of these https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B00S0C7QO8/

    • It will do 3840*2160@60Hz output on the DisplayPort according to this:

      Intel Core i5-4570T Processor (2 cores / 4 threads, 2.9GHz, 4MB cache), Turbo Boost 2.0 (3.6GHz), Intel HD Graphics 4600

      And as @Nom mentioned, you'll need an active DP to HDMI adapter if you are connecting to HDMI on your TV/Monitor

      • I use these in this format specifically with a DP to HDMI cable. Doesn't sweat the box at all. Just beware that after some time you'll have to crack the case and clean out the fan vents as they fill with dust.

        There are videos on YT to help.

        You'll be able to tell when as the fan will start going nuts under normal load. The frequency of this issue seems to be about every few years though, so not a big drawback.

        You can also get a second displayport with an add on cheap with ebay giftcards.

        TLDR; Buy it, it's great as a media centre.

        • So no lagging or stuttering when outputting 4k video to TV?

          • +2

            @montorola: they'll lag

            they are too old, don't have hardware acceleration for youtube 4k

            HDR content forget about it

            4k content will be limited to 264 encoded videos as it doesn't even have 265 hardware acceleration

            only the latest gen cpus had all the bells and whistles to render 4k content with hardware acceleration, if it's older than a couple of years forget about it - if you don't have any HDR content then you can get away with a coffee lake from a few+ years ago

    • +1

      any crappy old haswell cpu will do 4k at 60fps

      that isn't going to help you render 4k video though

      new CPUs will be capable of decoding 265 but if you have HDR content then you'll need a CPU that came out in the last year

      so for 4k media forget about it

      • my partners macbook isnt happy when 4k output is used, the fans shoot up in noise. I imagine these will do similar and potentially throttle, and thats just using the desktop

        • +1

          4k HEVC/H265 decoding offload was introduced in 7th Gen. Depending on the codec you are playing, Intel introduced support to their quick sync hardware offload feature over time. CPU load with the offload feature running is near idle, compared to without which has your CPU running hot.


        • +1

          yeah, without hardware acceleration (basically a purpose built chip to decompress the video) the system will just use the CPU instead which is why your fans ramp up

          this is usually fine for 1080p as even old CPUs can handle this but when you get into 4k most CPU except the beefiest will start to struggle, dropping frames and just give you an unwatchable experience

          of course it all depends on how the video/stream you are watching is compressed, if you have your own video collection and stick with older 264 compressed video these machines will be perfect, even at 4k

          but any streaming service, youtube, etc they all use the latest compression to cut down on bandwidth so basically you either need the latest CPUs or a CPU that is extremely powerful or a purpose built device like a firestick, etc

  • +1

    Have one as a Plex server which works great

    • Transcodes okay?

      • Yes no worries. I don’t transcode 4K though.

  • Good deal, another node to add to my home lab / proxmox cluster :)

  • Can you use a DP to HDMI adapter with this?

    • +1

      Yes. I use a DP to HDMI cable

      • What do you use yours for? I was thinking of getting one for a htpc, thoughts?

        • +1

          I use as a Plex Server as well as some light gaming/emulation and office duties from time to time.

        • Me too. My old Chromebox htpc may be dying.

      • With audio?

        • +1


  • +2

    Could you (or another user) clarify the ports situation?

    Front ports 2 x USB 3.0 (1 x AlwaysOn) Mic (stereo) Headphone / mic combo jack (stereo) Rear ports 3 x USB 3.0 (optional external optical box or external I/O box or TIO 23 occupies one specific USB 2.0) Optional port (USB 2.0 / serial / HDMI / 2nd DisplayPort) Ethernet (RJ45) VGA DB-15 DisplayPort (occupied by optional TIO 23)

    I read that as:
    - Front has 2 USB-3 ports, a Mic jack, and a Headphone / mic combo jack. Fine.
    - Rear has 3 USB-3 ports and/or a whole lot of word salad, possibly involving HDMI, DP, Ethernet, VGA or even serial???

    I am confuse.

    • So rear ports and DP and VGA , 3 USB-3 ports. I'll have to double check what the rest of that means, might be from Lenovo's specifications

  • Hi, how does the included windows 10 licensing work? It comes pre-installed with Windows but who is the license under?

  • I can't tell you how many refubs I've bought over the years and the one thing they never do is replace the CMOS battery and they always fail soon after buying them. Just replace the @#$%s for $1, so I don't have to pay $5 at the chemist/servo on a weekend!

    On another note: I have one of these, and they are a great little desktop.

    • +2

      Haha well we've sold plenty of these and it's happened perhaps once. Again happy to always send out if need be!

    • Or for $0.16 if you had managed to get this:


      Is that what you r really mad about, that you missed this deal? $5 is like 31x of this deal, oouch..

  • +1

    Is there a way to rack mount this and add an additional ssd?

    • of course

  • @fusetechAU can you swing me a price for a pocket sized PC with 16gb Ram and a better CPU than this please? Bluetooth and WIFI ideally. Happy to pay extra but need something with decent RAM and processing power for a meeting room (Teams/Zoom) PC to tuck behind the wall mounted screen

    • +5

      Hi! We'll have some HP 800 G2 minis come in mid-week , i5-6500T , 128gb/256gb with 16gb if you would like! Message through and I can organise one for you!

      • I'm interested also, what price point do you expect they'll be at?

        • +4

          Expected to be around the $235 mark for base spec 8GB,128GB SSD

          • @FuseTechAu: Cheers mate, thanks for the prompt response. Do the G2s have HDMI?

            • +2

              @The Judge: They have Display port/VGA, however I will have some Optiplex 3040 Micros , same specs and price with a HDMI output! Again mid-week is the estimate at the moment

      • Interested, do us a deal please!

      • +2

        I'll be answering message requests for them tomorrow for you all , incase I'm not active tonight heads up!

      • brilliant variety of pcs!

      • Am also interested ;)

      • Interested too

      • i'm interested in this, will keep an eye out

    • disable spectre + meltdown and you'll get a nice performance boost:


    • Hi guys! update, I did manage to get some HP 800 G3 elitedesks


      upgrades are available as well!


  • Will any of the surface book models have graphics card base?

    • Hi! They won't have a GPU base no, at the moment it will be Surface Book 1 , i5-7200U, 8GB , 128Gb. And Surface book 2 , i5-8350u , 8gb , 128gb. With keyboards (grey). All A grade.

  • +2

    Got one thanks! Not sure yet why, but it looks nice

  • +3

    I use one of these connected to my TV. Keep in mind that the BIOS had a wi-fi whitelist and I wasn't able to boot with a AC Intel wifi card.

    In the end I had to dump the BIOS, open it, edit a few hex values and write it back. Works like a champ.

  • how about the surface go?

    • Never was able to get anymore :(
      Ill try to see what I can get but it seems other companies are snapping up Surfaces as well.

  • I have one with 16GB & 250GB & it has been a great low profile loungeroom PC.

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