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Jackson 4 Outlet Individually Switched Powerboard with 1 Metre Lead $11 @ Woolworths


This Overload protected Power Board puts control at your fingertips with 4 individually switched outlets. Choose which appliances you want to be on, switching off the ones you aren't using to save on your power bill and in some cases extend the life of your equipment!

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  • +22

    Plus 10% inflation now! Used to be $10!

    • $18.95 at sydney city Woolworth stores like Townhall or Central Park! Yet $11 at suburban stores. So be careful.

      • Coles metro stores in BNE shaft everyone for catalogue specials too.
        just don't buy one from there if they aint on special.

  • +2

    I've had this model for a few years now and it hasn't skipped a beat

  • +41

    I'm waiting for the Jackson 5 version.

    • +5

      Black version, or white?

    • +4

      Careful, that model's not child safe.

  • PSA, once you have WiFi models of these types of boards, forget about switches and get the automation going, so damn good.

    • What kind of devices do you have on automated plugs / what kind of uses are there? :)

      • Ambient Room Lighting and chargers etc

        • +2

          With chargers, are you avoiding charging them to full? Or avoiding parasitic load when not in use?

          • +1

            @Simovixet: I do both.

            I also use smart plugs to do things like restart my server if it hangs (bios setting to turn on when power is restored)

          • @Simovixet: Chargers are automated off while at work.

          • +4

            @Simovixet: I thought about this, but buying a smart plug would basicay nullify any savings to be had from half a watt load

            • @krisspy: If you are using a smart power board for your lights or whatever, plugging in a charger into it won't take up extra power.

    • +1

      Agree - the issue I always find with powerboards is they're usually tucked away under a table - behind bookshelf - under lounge etc - and at the end of the day I can't be arsed to turn off an individual outlet.

  • +7

    Bunnings had the white ones for $20 and the black ones for $10. Call that racism!!

    • -1

      Ok Pauline…

      • Black ones had no blister packaging so we know now how much the package costs. So I bought the non blistered now.

    • +3

      Call that racism!!

      Organise a Black Powerboards Matter (#BPBM) rally then. No riots or looting, please.

  • +3

    I'm sorry Miss Jackson. I am for real.
    I didn't mean to make your daughter cry.

    • +2

      I’m sorry Miss Ms. Jackson. I am for real.
      I didn’t mean Never meant to make your daughter cry.


  • +1

    note that there is no surge protection on these.

    • +8

      No price surge protection either :(

  • +2

    I don't trust cheap powerboards.
    logically i know woolworths isn't actively selling things to burn down my house. but peace of mind is worth paying a little extra imo

    • +20

      Ah, the old "you get what you pay for" illusion that gets exploited by all the big brands. Hate to tell you: only because other brands are more expensive, doesn't mean their build quality is any better. You'll need to consult experts to find out which products actually are better, not look at prices.

      • +3

        surge protection is worth the extra $$

        • the low J ones are pretty useless though, they wear out over time and doesn't actually do much.

        • -2

          Perhaps they will remember your comment about surge protection when they have no house anymore

          • -1

            @Bigburper: Highly unlikely that anything but the actually connected device will be damaged by a surge.

      • Jackson is a decent quality, the normal price ain't cheap. Agree, surge protection is better but no point getting a cheap low joule version.

        Ps don't see how it would burn your house down when the switches are off (whole point of these is to save unplugging stuff you turn on/off for short use, and to save standby power).

        Cheers OP was on the lookout for something like this.

    • Standards are standards, it's belief systems that differ.

  • -1

    Are there 4 x power boards with USB and USB C ports??
    Nevermind, should have googled

  • +2

    No surge protection. No deal for me.

    • +5

      I think you got a lemon. I have 3 individually switched powerboards. 2 are this brand. Haven't had any issue for > a year

  • I rather the Cyber powerboards everyone lives here at ozbargain

    • Rather pay more as well?
      Those Cyberpowers good I got two.

      Different purposes, unless you worried about a power surge (not lightening) wrecking something trivial that will be turned off.

      • Not every one is home during a lightning storm to turn the device off. The said person might be at work during the time. Accidents can happen and you forget to switch the device off at the power point before leaving for work. At least a surge protector helps a tiny bit against that.

        • Yes doesn't hurt to take precautions.
          Just saying these power boards are alright for basic appliances and leave it off anyway.

          The cheap surge boards don't necessarily protect against lightening I thought.

          • @G-rig: It doesn't break the bank to buy a good surge protection power board.

            I recently picked up a Belkin 6 outlet surge protection power board. Apparently it's rated for 700 joules of surge protection.

            The 8 outlet and 900 joules version of the power board is currently $47.80 at Amazon AU.


            • @hollykryten: I do hope everyone remembers that surge protection wears out. The most common transient voltage supressor used in surge protectors are MOVs which are self-sacrificial. Every surge, small or large, wears it out. One large surge can completely destroy them. After that the board is no different to a $2.50-$5 Bunnings power board.

              Higher-end surge protectors can have components that will last longer, so YMMV.

            • @hollykryten: Already got a Belkin 6 plug and 2x Cyberpowers as I said MATE.

              Don't need another one just for a bloody iron, paper shredder, phone charger and vacuum charger which I turn on as required.. if that's ok with you.

              Anything expensive is plugged into those good ones and left on.

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