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Apple iPhone 13 256GB Midnight $1319.12 Delivered @ Mobileciti


Excellent price on the 256GB storage variant of the Apple iPhone 13 and even beats the recent Costco/Officeworks deal as you pay a couple of dollars more for double the storage.

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  • I've never used mobileciti - anyone confirm their legitimacy?

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      Been around for ages. Never bought from them personally, but you have nothing to worry about :)

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      To my experience yes. Bought 2 mobile phones from them before. No issue at all.

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      I have purchased a laptop from them about a year ago.

      No issues at all. I would recommend from my personal experience.

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      Years back I bought Samsung Galaxy phone and a few years later I bought Samsung galaxy watch from them. Both were listed as Brand New however they turned out to be Open box items which were resealed. I removed the seal/ sticker and I could see another torn sticker underneath I.e. someone had opened the box and then resealed later.

      Phone was faulty when I turned it on for the first time, where it kept restarting after every 2-3 minutes. I had to take it back to Mobileciti, where they kept it for a day before admitting that the phone was faulty.

      Watch too developed an issue within months and was fixed by Samsung under warranty.

      That was the last time I purchased anything from them.

      • Also had similar issues with an iPhone. They made me feel kinda guilty when I had to return the brand new phone DOA.

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        Same story. Allegedly fake seal that wasn't sticking. Phone was fine. I checked with Samsung, they weren't interested in the seal and the phone was legit. I've bought from them since. Would buy again.

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      I’d steer clear from this company https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/10867011/redir

    • They're legit, but have woeful after-sales support

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      I've purchased 2x phones, a watch and 2x headphones from mobileciti. Never had an issue.

    • Yeah, they're legit

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    Apple iPhone 13 256GB Midnight $1319.12

    Only 3 more hours !!!

    Thanks for posting.

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      You're back! I'm in VIC now when can we have our long awaited Lime escooter date?

      • when can we have our long awaited Lime escooter date?

        I'm a Neuron kinda guy…

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          So you like it hard.

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            @Clear: You have the nerve to ask?

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    I don't like the notch.

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      No problem, wait for iPhone 14 Pro, or get the iPhone SE.

      • I’m on the fence btwn 13pro eofy sale and waiting for 14pro.
        The one in your post looks nice! I might just wait.

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        Apple being the most valuable company in the world (and we pay good money for their products!), I can’t see why they wouldn’t chase after and buy the patent to the under-display front camera tech.

        • It's not the camera that's the problem, it's the FaceID tech. If you look at renders/drawings of the 14 you can see that they've finally figured out how to put an oval in the display for those sensors

      • How much you wanna bet they make the 14 Pro with an M2 chip and have them start at 2999 dollars?

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          no chance

          • @BigRiggs24: Based on the rumours, they're definitely looking to separate the pro line from the "regular" iPhones, so maybe not M2, but almost certainly a much higher price

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    iphone 14 pro looks nice

  • -1

    iphone 15 pro would look nice

  • -1

    iPhone 16 pro should be nice

  • iPhone 17 pro must be nice

  • Looking to buy this but missed out.. how often does mobilecity have these sales?

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