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Free Zeller EFTPOS Terminal (Normally $299) with $500 Worth of Transactions @ Zeller


"Sign up with Zeller by 30 June and process $500 worth of transactions by 15 July and we’ll refund the price of your Zeller Terminal."

"Pay just 1.4% per tapped, dipped or swiped transaction for every card type. No hidden fees, no surprises."

Limited-time offer valid only to new Zeller customers who successfully activate a Zeller Account between 26 May 2022 and before 11:59pm, 30 June 2022 AEST, and process $500 of card payments with Zeller Terminal by 11:59pm, 15 July 2022. For eligible merchants, the purchase price of your Zeller Terminal will be credited back to your nominated bank account no later than 20 July 2022. Cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other Zeller fee-free processing offer or promotion. Excludes customers who refund $500 of payments via Zeller Terminal. Zeller has the right to refuse eligibility for this offer at it's discretion. Offer limited 1 per Zeller Terminal per customer. You can read Zeller's Terms of Services here.

Referral Links

Referral: random (25)

Referrer and referee receive $100 on their transaction account when referee signs up through the ref link and processes first transaction within 90 days of account activation.

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      • And dont forget GST cause tax office can see everything now

      • You will most likely end up paying tax on those $500

        Wouldn't there also be a $500 expense that cancels out the ~$500 revenue?

        • Unfortunately, there isn't $500($299) expense, as it will be Reimbursed.

          • @Vater Woods: Reimbursed next financial year

            • +1

              @CandyMan: Then it would work as $299 expense for current year, and GST plus tax on $500.

              Then $299 as pure profit next year, still taxed.

          • @Vater Woods: $299 is the expense for the terminal, which will be reimbursed in next financial year.

            $500 is the expense for processing your own money, as it can also come out from your business' bank. It generates $500 taxable income (minus $7 fee to Zeller). That cancels out itself so just $7 out of pocket? Wouldn't that be the case?

            • +1

              @scotty: For my experience, ato tracks every cent(EVERY CENT) went through eftpos.

              And when doing tax return and BAS, if reporting figures is lower than the tracked amount, ato will sent a letter to accountant asking the business owner to explain.

              Now, to avoid auditing, accountant will ask you you report honestly, and maybe report slightly higher amount tracked by ato.

              Now, when you want to take off $500, therefore $50 GST aswell plus tax, you will be reporting lower than tracked amount.

              Accountant can force it through(though most accounting firm will refuse to as it a risk), but risking audit.

              Now, you will be asking yourself is it worth it risking audit or just pay the taxes on that $500.

              I am speaking as a micro business manager, where we can't afford any trouble with ato.

              • @Vater Woods: The ATO tracks what you submit via your BAS, yes, but I am unaware of any EFTPOS providers (i.e. private businesses) that submit personal information to the ATO along with your transaction details and the like??

                If the ATO wants to audit then they'll go to you as the suspicious business first to explain yourself and submit transaction statements to prove your BAS figures are correct.

                ato tracks every cent(EVERY CENT) went through eftpos.

                I have enough experience with accounting on ATO transactions that I find this statement misleading, unless you have proof otherwise to share.

                • @Switchblade88: First hand experience, they provided exact amounts(including 61 cents) through two eftpos to me and ask me to explain.

                  You are more welcome to try it, you will be surprised how much ato know about you.

    • Not even $500 in a month??? 😢

      • +1

        Side gig. Everyone has auto transfers already..

      • They prob have an online business which generates more sales :D

    • My mates business in Punchbowl needs this. He would easily get through $500 before July.

  • +2

    I just bought this, pretty good for a unit that only get used 1-3 times a month.

  • For those comparing, a big difference between Square and Zeller is that Zeller does not yet have options for keyed-in card transactions, payment links or ecommerce.

    • +8

      They do support keyed in transactions. It’s listed as MOTO transactions.

    • It’s called MOTO on the terminal, there’s a toggle in the settings to enable it or not.

      As a dumb terminal like the ones from a bank it’s a decent unit.

      Usability compared to my iPad + Shopify machine it can’t compare.

  • +10

    FYI, our business has been using this for a few months - after one month, we called up and renegotiated the rate down by 0.4% due to our sale figures.

  • +1

    Depending on your sales amount, you might be better off with commbank smart terminal , 1.1% per transaction, $29/month after 6 months


    Pay 1.1% per transaction10

    Single Rate Per Transaction

    Pay 1.1% on all transactions10
    1.1% covers Mastercard®, Visa®, AMEX® /JCB®13, eftpos®, and UnionPay® transactions10
    Plans include

    Current offer: $0 merchant terminal rental fee for up to 6 months11 on up to 3 terminals11
    Then $29.50 per EFTPOS machine per month after 6 months11

    • +9

      Let's work it out. Save 0.3%, spend $29.50. You'd need a monthly turnover of more than $9833.

      • Exactly, this is ozbargain. If your turnover is more than $9833 you can save at least a few cents:)

  • If your sales volume is high enough to offset $29.50/m terminal fee, they will match or beat it as well.

    Bank terminal fee model is nothing but disguised rip-off.

  • Smartpay… much better offer.
    Particularly this one, for those that have reasonable volumes: https://www.smartpay.com.au/eftpos-solutions/zero-cost-eftpo...

    • +1

      The best way to piss off customers. If I don't know before a transaction that a surcharge applies, and am slugged with one, I will not return to that business ever.

      14.1 Smartcharge and Surcharge. If you have purchased the Smartcharge product, then in respect of all Transactions processed by you, an
      amount will be charged in addition to the price of the goods and services. This amount is referred to as a “Surcharge”. We process and
      collect the Surcharge and we credit it against the fees that we charge to you.

      With payment processing possible as cheap as this Zeller offer I'd expect businesses to cover the cost, which in most cases will be more than offset by the savings of not having to handle cash.

    • Do you know what they charge? They don't say much on website

      • Smart charge product passes the surcharge into customers

        The other product I don't have recent rates for, so don't want to misquote it

        Their sales team are quite good. Might be worth giving them a call

  • +1

    I signed up, this will be useful for my side-gig consulting business, I have a few customers that prefer to pay via card so they can get frequent flyer points.

    • +1

      Noice, i'm also thinking about it too!

      • good one

    • Cash only here .
      They can get FFP from somewhete else 🤣🤣

  • +1

    Can one use this to meet minimum spend requirements for a new credit card. How about maximising the 2% cashback from HSBC.

    • you need ABN and need to pay taxes on revenue.

      • You pay taxes on profit not revenue

        • Perfect so you just need to show that the costs incurred are greater than the revenue.

    • I just signed up for hsbc axcout and for the 2% haha

  • QR codes are so much cheaper. Wonder why it's not popualr use

    • QR codes are only visual hyperlinks. You need a bank API that interfaces with both the sender and receiver to display a secure website or similar with the appropriate transfer details, none of which has ever been available in Australia.

    • +2

      Because using a card that you just tap or insert is easier.

      I saw a QR code system at a Bunnings sausage sizzle a couple of weeks ago, where people not paying in cash has to use the QR code (sent to a payment site with the payee details already in there, you selected the menu and payment method). There was a queue of around 20 people using the system taking them a couple of minutes to do it even with two staff members helping them through it.

      Personally I understand how easy it is, and skipped the queue because I had already done it at the start. But compared to tap and pay, it doesn't compare

  • Looks like a great deal especially with the referral bonus for new sign ups as well.

    • +2

      Referral does not stack with free eftpos terminal

      • Ah missed that. Thanks for pointing out.

  • I wonder if it has integrated model?

  • signed up with these guys last week.. it was far from a easy application.

    • Get your card and terminal yet?

      • Got my terminal within 2 days delivered via express post… I haven't had a chance to call them back as it wont accept the card that was included in the package to be activated.

  • +1

    Have two and like mine. They gave me 1% rate, 2 free terminals, and 2 months free when I switched from paypal

    • is 1% based on large amount of monthly transactions or if you refer me that can I also share same benefit?

  • +1

    Remember DO NOT use a referral link to sign up. Otherwise you can't get this deal as well. Yes I asked.

  • Did anyone get the $50 coupon?

    • yeah i did i applied it to the order at checkout before i knew about this promo so not sure if i’ll get the refund??

  • Zeller is a good deal for a no contract EFTPOS machine if you only need it for occasional use such as weekend market stall. The last time I had a bank terminal it cost $29 per month rental plus minimum of $20 per month in transaction fees at 1.2% + GST and the initial setup fee was $100. Considering the likes of ALDI supermarkets pay around 0.5% for Visa/Mastercard I can’t see a small business getting anywhere near that rate!

    • +1

      Yes a bank EFTPOS terminal will set a business back at a minumum $600 a year regardless of how many transactions are made. And that's for a fixed terminal, mobile terminals cost even more.

      Whereas with this offer, once $500 in transactions made before 15th July the $299 is refunded, and no monthly or yearly rental minimum transaction fees or account keeping fees, making this a zero cost (apart from the transaction fees) payment method. This connects to WIFI hotspot or if you provide a sim so you can take it with you.

      Zeller never meant for this to be targeted at large multinationals like ALDI supermarket, you can see it on their website, so the comparison is moot.

  • hmm can I use this for a hobby weekend stall i.e. no ABN then just use my HSBC 2% cashback card to cover the difference?

    • interesting, can you just make $2500 purchases with your HSBC card to gain 0.6% per month?

      • Against hsbc t&c

        I got a bit carried away in the past splitting in 99 lots when ME back and Citibank used to give 5%

        Think it was Citibank that sent me a letter to cease doing it

        • seems fair. haha

  • Don't use the signup50 coupon. makes u ineligible for this deal.

  • Got mine today and works really well! very happy with it.
    Anyone know where to get 3rd party (cheaper) eftpos rolls?

  • Just double checked- referrals do work with the free Zeller terminal offer.

    • How did you find out? Everyone else seems to be saying you can't get the reimbursement for the terminal if you use a referral code.

      • Chatted with their phone staff, and also emailed them. I was honestly surprised.

        • Do you know who you spoke to or who sent you the email?
          Here was the reply I got:


          Thanks for contacting us!

          The EOFY promotion is unfortunately not able to be used in conjunction with any other offer!

          This is a limited-time offer valid only to new Zeller customers who successfully activate a Zeller Account before 11:59pm, 30 June 2022 AEST, and process $500 of card payments with the Zeller Terminal by 11:59pm, 15 July 2022.

          For eligible merchants, the purchase price of your Zeller Terminal will be credited back to your nominated bank account no later than 20 July 2022.

          If you have any further questions, you can reply directly to my email, and I'll be happy to help!



          Zeller Customer Success

          • @Gaz1: Hmmmm, I got an email that basically said this:

            To answer your question about your offer eligibility, yes, you will be eligible for both the terminal and the referral offer but this can’t be used in conjunction with any other fee free processing offer or discount.

            • @macmine: Do you know who wrote that message?

              • @Gaz1: After querying again, the free terminal is valid with the referral offer. I expect the call centre just give a generic "no other promos" reply when someone asks about it.

                • @Gaz1: It's strange, today I emailed them asking specifically if I could get the refund with the referral offer and they said no.
                  Do I need to keep asking until I get a reply from somebody else? lol

                • @Gaz1: I checked with another person through FB and they gave the same reply, not stackable.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for contacting us!

      Our current EOFY promotion cannot be redeemed in conjunction with other offers or promotions.

      It is eligible for customers who successfully sign up with Zeller by 30 June and process a minimum of $500 worth of transactions by 15 July. To read the terms and conditions of the offer, click here.

      If you have any further questions, you can reply directly to my email, and I'll be happy to help!



      Looks like there are multiple confirmations that referral can't be stacked with this offer.

      • I also received this generic reply.
        After questioning it they confirmed that the EOFY terminal refund does indeed stack with the referral offer - it just doesn't stack with any other offer.

  • After buying the terminal and making a transaction, they have contacted me to ask for so much personal business information including business account statements. Seems very strange and fishy.
    I have been using square for a long time now. Never had such a weird request for information.

    • The same here. Well they said they will release the fund 90 days later if I don't provide any of the details they are asking so might just wait then sell the terminal and call it done.

      • Can't you return it?
        Did u discuss this with a Zeller rep?
        I'll call them tomorrow because all this seems BS to me. They should've asked for all the details before activating my Zeller account.

        • +1

          Nop - didn't want to spend any time on this as it's small enough money that I don't mind getting 90 days later.

          Yeah exactly, they should determine the risk level during the sign up process and tell the user about t&c. I recall stripe does that so they delay the payment a few days if the risk level deemed high then reduce it after building up some history.

    • Did your refund for the unit come through automatically or did you have to chase up?

  • way to invasive.
    Mine's a start up business (not yet ready to start) and they want my personal bank statements?
    Now to get a refund on the machine, i have to provide them my bank details? More details just for a refund? can't they just refund me with my original payment method?

    • I agree. Invasive and strange. I didn't have such issues with Square.
      Did u buy from Zeller directly? I bought from Officeworks so I guess I can return.

    • I didn't get asked any of this for some reason

  • For those people who are worried about BAS,

    After you get the $299 terminal, just make a refund of the transaction

  • Bought and activated. They asked for my driver's licence and 3 months' business bank statement.

    Now, waiting for the sales :)

  • Has anyone got a refund yet?

    • +1

      "For eligible merchants, the purchase price of your Zeller Terminal will be credited back to your nominated bank account no later than 20 July 2022"

    • not yet. waiting on this too

  • They really don't wanna hand out free terminal it seems like.

    This email is to confirm that we require some additional business information in order to fulfil our financial regulatory obligations.

    Please reply to this email with as much of the information as possible by close of business on 20th July 2022 to prevent your Zeller account from being disabled.
    A more detailed explanation of the goods and services that you sell to your customers
    How you intend to use Zeller for your business
    Any advertising material for your business (e.g. pamphlets, business cards, posters)
    Links to your website/social media accounts
    Any other supporting documents to verify your business (e.g. certificate of insurance)
    When we receive the requested information, a member of the Zeller team will be in touch to confirm next steps.

    If you need further assistance, please reply to this email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

    What a joke.

    • I still haven't received my credit/refund. I haven't got any emails though..

    • I received this same email while my terminal was in the post on the way to me. I sent back all the information requested and they replied thanking me.

      I've met the requirements of the promotion and am now awaiting the $299 credit.

  • Just received an email. A little interesting though, because the T&C specifically states that the $299 would be credited no later than 20th July. I'm not complaining, just pointing that out.

    Hi bonezAU
    Thanks again for joining Zeller.

    We are pleased to confirm that as part of our EOFY cashback promotion, the purchase price of your Zeller Terminal will be credited back to your nominated bank account within the next 7 - 10 business days.

    Need support? Contact our local support team on 1800 935 533. We’re available 9 AM to 1 AM AET, 7 days a week.

    Team Zeller

  • Yay! Just got this email!

    Thanks again for joining Zeller.
    We are pleased to confirm that as part of our EOFY cashback promotion, the purchase price of your Zeller Terminal will be credited back to your nominated bank account within the next 7 - 10 business days.

    • Any sign of your $299 yet? Today is the 9th business day and I haven't received anything as yet.

      • not yet, i'm not sure if they're going to reverse the charge on the payment or credit my zeller account.
        Let me know when you get it!

        • It said in the email that they'd deposit it to your linked bank account. I've got my business account linked and have been checking every day. Will let you know what happens next!

        • See below

  • Got $299 into my business account last night

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