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Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 - Grey $255.97 ($249.57 with eBay Plus) Delivered @ Microsoft eBay


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First time I've seen these under $250 for awhile

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  • Found these on B&H. Are they the same? Comes out to be about $231 w/ shipping

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    Jesus I'm blind….disregard my sorry about that!

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    I've bought these before and I can't really recommend them. Unlike the Sonys or even the Boses, non-oem replacement parts are non-existent. I recently replaced a friend's MX3's and all I had to do was buy a $5 set from like the hundreds of sellers on ebay.
    In my experience their support site is also terrible and I wasn't even able to get up to the step of obtaining their official replacement pads because the site kept breaking.

    The top rubber is terrible. The adjustment bands/notch thingies have some sort of radar lock onto my hairline and are constantly plucking out my hairs.

    Not usually the biggest fan of Razer, but took a chance on their Opus X line for $70 bucks from the recent deals and they're a beaut for a fraction of the price.

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    Not the best in market, but a treat to user for meeting, only headphone in the market which has mute button. Really helps to multitask

    • My work headphones have a mute button

      • Wireless?

        • Mine do too - G733, pretty sure many do now

          • @chid: My Jabra Evolve 75 bluetooth headphones also have a mute button (as well as auto mute if you swing the mic boom up).

  • Had a Matt black version of this but found this too uncomfortable, so much that I used it two days and sold it for half the price.

    Instead, Got Jabra Evolve2 75 for WFH and it is more comfortable, sounds better & better mic. Also, able to fold boom mic up is a great feature (can mute and unmute with boom mic)

    • But the Evolve2 75 costs 100% more, isn't it?

      • Yeh, thats why I resisted buying first time around but thats how bad (uncomfortable) surface was.

        I really like other surface products (laptop, pro, pen, mouse, I use on daily basis) but couldnt stand the headphone.

  • In all honesty, I have found them okay in comparison to QC45, I prefer these ones for dials they have for volume and noise cancellation.

  • Bought these a while back. Returned within 2 weeks. The band on the top started coming off. Do not recommend, go for the xm4s if you can afford.

  • I've had these for close to 2yrs now and feel it's been good. I use them for video calls so focus more on voice clarity and microphone. It's not as punchy in terms of bass against my XM3s but since it has multipoint connection it's handy having it connected to my work comp and mobile at same time.

  • Can't recommend these at all. Constantly disconnect from Bluetooth on a surface laptop and phone, most of the time the mic stops working so you have to turn them on and off. They also make you sound like a robot randomly.

    Just shitty quality headphones for a lot of money. Wouldn't recommend at all.

    • Sounds like defect. You should have gotten a replacement

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