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Get Any Two 100mL or Any One 250mL Zestify Sauce for Free + $7.95 Shipping @ Zestify.Life


We're thrilled to run this deal one last time, using a final allocation of previous-label stock due to a branding update about to hit shelves. 250mL bottles are now included in this deal. While stocks last!

Zestify are offering any two 100mL bottles or any one 250mL bottle of sauce for FREE, just pay flat rate $7.95 shipping to anywhere in Australia.
Please allow several days for your order to ship as we receive large volumes of orders from this deal.

We think this is a great deal (don't forget to upvote if the deal is good for you) and we've only posted it here on OzBargain.
We've absolutely LOVED the response to our promos and comps, and we want everyone here to have the chance to try our flavours.

Choose any flavour, or combination of flavours:

  • Original Sauce - mild heat, smooth and smokey, made with loads of spices, read more
  • Fire Sauce - fiery hot, made with Carolina Reaper and heaps of spices, read more
  • Chilli Vanilli (Available in 100mL only) - mild heat, sweet aroma but no carbs / sugar read more

TIP: Add a 3rd bottle or pack and get extra discounts off that too. (10% off for 2 or more, Tasting Packs plus orders over $40 get automatic free shipping)

TIP: Swipe the product photos to see videos of how we think each flavour works best

All our sauces are made with pure Australian olive oil and mountains of delicious, aromatic spices including a smoked jalapeno pepper, then slow cooked so they have a rich, intense flavour.

Use it as a dressing, marinade or as a condiment at the table. Works great instead of butter, mayo, BBQ sauce, aioli, chilli sauce and more, or just add to any meal to up the
flavour. No carbs, no salt, no sugar, no gluten.

We're a small business in Sydney, and we make and bottle our own product right here in the suburb of Alexandria. We've chosen only heart-healthy ingredients and there's no preservatives or artificial anything anywhere. All ingredients, allergen info and lab-certified nutrition information is listed with each product on the web site.

This free product deal is for maximum 2x 100mL or 1x 250mL free bottles per customer. Flat rate shipping is payable. Orders placed outside these terms may be turned down.

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  • +1

    Good deal, I have bought 3 (ie paid for 1).
    I'm not sure if I'd be paying $11-13+shipping for a 100ml bottle of sauce in the future, but I'd like to try them.

    • Hi SirCH, shipping never more than $7.95 with us, to anywhere in Australia, regardless of order size. Free shipping also applies to all orders over $40, and to Tasting Packs too (currently available for $29.95).

  • thanks OP, very interested in trying the Chilli Vanilli when it arrives

    • +4

      We TOTALLY recommend trying Chilli Vanilli Honey Toast - when we made the video for that on the web site the chefs ate the LOT! Customers are using Chilli Vanilli with savoury dishes too including with salmon or rice so it's quite versatile. Hope you love it!

  • Just ordered 2 @zestify. Will try and if me and the mrs likes it, will order for more. Was looking for this kind of sauce for a long time.

    And whole heartedly, ALL THE VERY BEST to be successful and expect you to become a global brand in the future.. Thanks.

  • Not sure about chili oil compared to a chili sauce, but the promo is good so I will try it, thank you!

    • +2

      Oil is better if you want to add heat without altering the flavor.

  • Trying it. Thanks, Op

  • Booked. Thx for the post

  • +2

    Is this a Sauce or an Oil, looks like an Oil and selling the Olive Oil Dispenser Cap seems to confirm.

    • +1

      Our chefs tell us it's a sauce however you're right it is based on Australian olive oil. Use it the same as other marinades, dressings or sauces. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/sauce

    • +2

      Is this a Sauce or an Oil? Yes

      "It's not a hot sauce and it's not a chilli oil. It's a new experience that adds a distinctive, fresh dimension with a simple twist of a cap"

  • Ordered thanks

    • +3

      You’re killing me. That goes for basically everything like ketchups, tomato sauce, pasta, etc…

  • +1

    Very curious to give these a try for dumplings and stir frys.Thanks op, generous offer!

  • +1

    Ordered - Happy to support and best of luck with the business, thanks :)

  • +1

    Grabbed a tasting pack and two of the bottles for free - excited to try. Thanks!

  • +1

    Awesome! Great deal OP, very excited to try.

  • +2

    That ended very quickly, I was considering trying the hot one.

    • +6

      We're truly sorry for the short run but we had a wonderfully positive response and we are keen to deliver on our promise of fast delivery rather than delaying anyone's order by exceeding our capacity. We have extra staff on till 9pm tonight to get the dispatch done. And we will run this promo again! Perhaps keep an eye out next Thursday… Warm wishes to everyone!

      • Very kind of you to do this not only this time, but again next week.

        I also missed out but looking forward to trying these out next time!

  • missed out, but hoping to try next time around. Shame it's not EVOO used though.

  • I'm getting a Enter a valid discount code error when i entered the TRY2FORFREE code.

    • it's expired

    • We're so sorry we have expired the deal due to the wonderful response, and we want to stay within our warehouse capacity to deliver each day. We will run this promo again though, thanks for being so patient!

  • Rep can you ask about any potential discount promo since there is alot of interest? Doesnt have to be exorbitant but I rarely buy stuff full price without knowing if its good/if I like it. Thanks.

    • Hi Skinnerr, asked, and the answer is yes! Try this code: 10OFFTASTING for a flat $10 off the Tasting Pack, one per customer. The result is a Tasting Pack for $19.95 delivered. This matches a promo we recently ran but maybe not as many people saw it? Unfortunately we can't post that same deal on Ozbargain again for a little while. Meantime it's fine to share this code with friends, it won't expire it unless orders explode. Hope it works for you!

      • Cool thanks, but maybe you can edit this post and put it at the bottom?

  • +1

    What a difference a "free" makes.

    While this deal was effectively 40% cheaper per bottle than the first offer, I am pretty sure that people just really like "free".

    • +2

      I’m pretty sure people like 40% off something that was already half price too.

      • That final 20% (50% -> 70%) made all the difference between apathy and excitement.

        In actuality, if you factor in normal shipping costs of $7.95 for orders under $40 (based on previous comments), the normal price per bottle when buying the $39.95 pack of 3 is $15.97. Using those figures, this would make the original deal 58.3% off ($6.65 per bottle delivered) and this one 75.1% off ($3.98 per bottle delivered), giving a difference of 16.8 percentage points between the deals.

        Not judging the product either way and I hope everyone enjoys it.

  • Thanks op.

    Looking forward to range expansion.

  • +6

    We've activated this deal again, and will be running it until we reach warehouse order capacity! Thanks to everyone for all the support, and we recommend ordering soon before stock of a particular flavour runs out.

    • The Fire sauce is shown out of stock, any chance to add some of those?
      Edit: never mind, it worked now, not sure what caused the glitch, order is in :-)

      • +1

        This happens because of the 100+ carts and checkouts that are in progress at any given time. Stock ends up showing as committed ('out of stock') rather than being available, but becomes available again if a checkout doesn't complete. We're so sorry for any inconvenience but we WILL run this promo again, and each time we want to double capacity as it's been very popular. Stay tuned next week for more!

  • Ordered the original and the fire. Thanks

  • Thanks OP. Ordered 2 x fire

  • Thank you, looking forward to trying these

  • Thanks, looking forward to trying!

  • Thanks OP, got one of the Chilli Vanilli and the Fire to try out.

    Looking forward to it!

  • Cheers OP, already ordered, cant wait to taste the chilli vanili and fire sauce! Yummy

  • Thanks. Literally half my fridge is chilli sauce, oils and condiments so I'll definitely be buying more in the future.

  • Thanks! Looking forward to trying.

  • +1

    Chilli Vanilli & Fire on its way! Respect to the OP for running deals when they can, rather than taking orders beyond capacity & causing OzOutrage. :)

    • Thanks so much for saying, it means a lot to us. We do our best to meet expectations and always put extra staff on when we run promos because know how awful it is when a seller over-commits themselves. We ship hundreds of orders a day so we're onto it - and thank you for trying our products!

  • Thanks OP. Grabbed an original and a fire to try!

  • Thanks OP - keen to try all three of these.

  • Just wanted to say the fire sauce has been awesome. Popped a splash in with a pot roast we made and it was so good, smokey and spicey. Also been using it on lunch wraps. Very pleased!

  • -1

    Just got it today, will keep it as a present for the lady of the house.

    Just some quick feedback: while it was safely packed, that amount of plastic bubble wrap makes it an environmentally unsound purchase for me that I would not repeat no matter how nice the product.

    I'm sure there are cardboard options that work just as well and that can easily be recycled.

    • +3

      The good news is 100% of everything we send to you is 100% recyclable. Don't throw anything away!!! We put a slip in every order to try to let people know, but the bubble wrap goes in soft plastic recycling at the supermarket, where it gets turned into more useful products. We've also carefully chosen 100% biodegradable packaging for ALL shipping materials. That means the bubble wrap, the bundling wrap (cling wrap) and even the sticky tape we use is 100% biodegradable. The Sendle satchels we use are also not only recyclable and biodegradable, but compostable at home if you want to put them in the garden with the food scraps. The only thing we can't control is Australia Post satchels which they don't always have in compostable form. All our Sendle deliveries are certified carbon-neutral, and Australia Post deliveries are carbon-offset. Obviously the product bottle and cap itself can go in council recycling too.

      We have investigated cardboard, hessian, felt, bio PTFE and more but have struggled to find the right suppliers in Australia that also let us meet carrier packaging requirements. Nonetheless we're on a mission and will keep finding better solutions to reduce energy and waste!

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