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Sunbeam EM0100 Knock-Box -Used Coffee Grind Bin $28 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


About this item

Conveniently disposes of used coffee grinds, helping to minimise fuss and keep your bench tidy
Upper and lower rubber moulds absorb knocking action
Anti-slip rubber base for no movement on your kitchen counter
Stylish black and silver design

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    I just use my toilet

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    For those with eBay plus, can get it for $26.60 Delivered here or here with the 5% off coupon. Also will bring it down to $23 if you have your monthly $5 off $15 coupon, or $18 with AFTERPAY10 if you haven't used that (been going for over a year now).

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    how often do you guys empty/wash this thing? My household only makes 2 coffees a day and it doesn't seem worth it for us to use this, we just empty directly into the bin

    • About 2-4 coffees a day. Empty about 2-3 times per week. Wash about once every two weeks. Trick is to empty before mould sets in, so it’s just dry/aired coffee grounds. This thing works and is very convenient for a espresso machine setup.

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      I'm a bit slack and tend to empty/wash once a week (goes into our green waste collection each week) - usually make 2 or 3 coffees a day but it's so much easier to knock the portafilter onto the bar, rather than messing around with a normal bin where the basket sometimes drops in, etc.

      My grind/tamp tends to leave the coffee puck relatively dry, so only occasionally starts to go mouldy at the bottom of the bin.

      Edit: I've had mine for around 15 years and whilst the finish has slightly yellowed, all the rubber parts are lasting well.

      • yes, into the compost here

    • Our household also make around 2 cups a day, and I bought this just because it was on sale for $11.
      It doesn't get much use at all. At $28 I wouldn't even consider it

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      For anyone that have mould issue, line this grind bin with those fogo bag (or any compost bag)… makes cleaning much easier.

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      I empty mine (different brand/make) daily. It takes all of 10 seconds. We use it for all the 3-8 coffees we make. Before anyone comments about tipping it straight into the bin/compost if I empty it daily - that's not what this is about. It's about an easy puck release, keeping the portafilter clean, not banging it on your rubbish bin - gross (not sure about yours but my heavy portafilter would break the edge), not having to deal with mess.

    • Noob here, whats an alternative to a knock box, I got no bench space lol

      • Old ice cream tubs seem popular, though not sure if that would solve the space issue

      • I guess the alternative is just knocking the grounds into your normal bin if space is really an issue, but the key feature for me is the bar across that you knock the portafilter against to avoid losing the basket into the bin.

        You could get one of the really small knock boxes that have been on OzB recently, then keep it in a cupboard/drawer when you're not using it?

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    I got this for $11 on a recent post. It's very solid, and bigger than it looks in pictures. It's circumference is about that of a side plate.

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    I honestly thought after reading the title that this was a used item… that would've been gross.

    • There is a used option for $24🤔

      Feel so cheap just using black PVC pipe on a pedestal…

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    It's very solid, and bigger than it looks in pictures. It's circumference is about that of a side plate.

  • Nappy bags fit inside this really well. Makes cleanup super easy.

    • the (profanity) downvoted ?!?! I was using mine with nappy bags for years until i changed out to a different knock-box. Dont knock it till you've had a mouldy AF one!! the bar goes through the loops on the bag, and it fits in real good.

      • OK, that was me being lazy when I didn't have time to write a comment explaining why - apparently I can't now revoke the downvote though, sorry.

        I was possibly jumping to conclusions but read it as you then throwaway the coffee grounds with the plastic bag, which seemed like a waste of plastic and the coffee grounds which can go to green waste/compost. Maybe that's not the case?

        Personally I've never had a problem with it going really mouldy and the bin itself has always been easy to clean anyway - YMMV…

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    I love this thing, let it sit for about a week, haven’t had a mould issue yet. Much more convenient than dumping it in the bin as it’s right next to my machine.

  • If anyone in Adelaide is looking for one of these I have one brand new in box. It was much bigger than I thought. PM me

  • I've owned one of these in the past. Whilst it is a nice sturdy knock box, that is very quiet to use, it is very difficult to clean. It's not dishwasher safe, and coffee grinds regularly get stuck under the top rubber rim. It's also huge. probably holds 30 pucks.

    After trying the equivalent Breville model, I'm now using the Sunbeam mini bang bang. Super compact, and 100% dishwasher safe. Fits on the drip tray when not in use. Perfect.

    • Hadn't seen the 'mini' version before - thanks for the heads-up, I'd consider that when I eventually need to replace my 15 year old full size one!

      I agree with your point about the current one being a bit too big for my needs but I personally wouldn't describe it as 'very difficult to clean' - rubber parts remove easily and all goes in the sink to handwash with other stuff, never needed to scrub to get it clean, coffee residue just wipes off. I guess it's a pain if you normally put everything else in the dishwasher but we tend to use both.

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