OzBargain EoFY 2022 Treasure Hunt - Gift Cards and Graphics Cards! Starting 22 June at 12PM

Hi all! It's that time of the year where we invite all the OzBargain users to participate in some load testing OzBargain Bargain Hunt! It's starting tomorrow morning and we are giving away $11,000+ worth of gift cards and goodies. Here's the summary:

  • Starts at 12:00PM AEST on Wednesday 22 June 2022
  • Finishes at 11:59PM AEST on Friday 24 June 2022
  • Around $3,000 worth of gift cards (100x $20, 20x $50) and 50x OzBargain T-shirts will popup at random places.
  • 10x $100 gift cards, some electronics and some NVIDIA GeForce's & AMD Radeon's will popup on specific pages on OzBargain, and I will be posting hints in comments in this post.

What treasure hunt?!

OzBargain Treasure Hunt is a site-wide event that we've been running almost every year since 2015. Not much has changed since then, and this year's format would be very similar to last year's (hence I haven't even bothered to change the picture in the examples below). Basically various prizes will popup on the site throughout the day during the hunt. You'll need to do a bit of scrolling as they pops up in the middle of the page. Here's an example from last year:

Click to Reveal the Prize

When a prize pops up on a page, it won't stay there forever. The "Click to Reveal" banner will disappear after 20 seconds without interaction. However after you click on the prize, it will reveal what the prize is and allow you to claim it.

Click to Claim the Prize

After you have claimed the prize, it will be added to your inventory, which is available on the Marketplace page (that page will be enabled 2 hours before the hunt starts). Marketplace would be very important in the later part of the hunt. You can add at most 4 items to your inventory — prizes basically would stop popping up on OzBargain once your inventory is full.


On the Marketplace page, you can

  • See what prizes you have in your inventory.
  • Drop prizes to vacate your inventory. Dropped prize will be back to the wild, ready to be picked up by other OzBargainers.
  • Put your prizes on the marketplace for trading.
  • See what prizes other users have put on the marketplace.
  • Request / Accept / Reject trades.

Trading is important because many prizes come in multiple parts — and you can only claim the final prize when you have collected all the parts!

Multipart Prize

Feel free to use private messages or this forum to organise trades.

What prizes?

Here are the prizes for the OzBargain Treasure Hunt this year:

  • Gift Cards
    • 100x $20 Prezzee Gift Cards
    • 20x $50 Prezzee Gift Cards
    • 10x $100 Prezzee Gift Cards
  • T-shirts
    • 50x OzBargain T-shirt (same design as last year's, Gildan 5000)
  • Gadgets
    • 2x Apple AirPods Pro (2 parts)
    • 2x Nintendo Switch Neon (2 parts)
    • 2x LEGO Vespa 125
    • 2x Xbox Series S (2 parts)
    • 2x Samsung Galaxy Buds Live
    • 2x Ultimate Ears Wonderboom
  • GPUs
    • Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 (2 parts)
    • Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti (2 parts)
    • Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 (2 parts)
    • AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT (2 parts)
    • AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT (2 parts)
    • AMD Radeon RX 6600 (2 parts)

The list of gadgets were from GoNuts deals at Click Frenzy Mayhem this year, except we removed all the more expensive phones, TV, laptop and PS5, double all the other gadgets that are giving away.

As of graphics cards — these are by far the most popular products posted on OzBargain recently — almost 700 video card related deals so far this financial year. For the winners — I'll just order whatever is on sale / reasonably priced product that contains the chip, so might not be the brand that you are thinking of.

Note the prizes with "(2 parts)" — you'll need to collect both part 1 (floating around during the hourly drop) and part 2 in order to win the prize.

Where to look?

$20 & $50 gift cards, T-shirt and most of the "part 1" prizes will be gradually released on OzBargain. They may be found on OzBargain front page, new deals page, or any deals/competition/forum page from this financial year (July 2021 to June 2022). However the chance that they appear is governed by probability, of around 1-2% per page view.

All the other prizes are released at specific time and location. A hint will be posted as comment in this thread about the location of that prize. Here's the schedule:

Wednesday 22 June

  • 12:00 - Prezzee eGift Card $100
  • 13:00 - LEGO Vespa 125
  • 14:00 - Samsung Galaxy Buds Live
  • 15:00 - Prezzee eGift Card $100
  • 16:00 - Apple AirPods Pro (2/2)
  • 17:00 - Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 (2/2)
  • 18:00 - Prezzee eGift Card $100
  • 19:00 - Xbox Series S (2/2)
  • 20:00 - AMD Radeon RX 6600 (2/2)
  • 21:00 - Prezzee eGift Card $100

Thursday 23 June

  • 10:00 - Prezzee eGift Card $100
  • 11:00 - AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT (2/2)
  • 12:00 - Nintendo Switch Neon (2/2)
  • 13:00 - Prezzee eGift Card $100
  • 14:00 - Samsung Galaxy Buds Live
  • 16:00 - LEGO Vespa 125
  • 16:00 - Prezzee eGift Card $100
  • 17:00 - Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti (2/2)
  • 18:00 - Ultimate Ears Wonderboom
  • 19:00 - Prezzee eGift Card $100
  • 20:00 - Xbox Series S (2/2)
  • 21:00 - Apple AirPods Pro (2/2)

Friday 24 June

  • 10:00 - Prezzee eGift Card $100
  • 11:00 - Ultimate Ears Wonderboom
  • 12:00 - AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT (2/2)
  • 13:00 - Prezzee eGift Card $100
  • 14:00 - Nintendo Switch Neon (2/2)
  • 15:00 - Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 (2/2)

I'll post a comment containing the hint of the prize. Here is an example. A comment like this might be posted at 12PM:

Location hint for Prezzee eGift Card $100

What was the most voted deal in last year's Black Friday / Cyber Monday event?

The answer is this Mastercard / Amazon AU deal, which you'll be able to find the $100 Prezzee gift card. You'll have to be quick though, as other OzBargainers are also fighting for those prizes.

The last prize will drop at 3PM on Friday, but the event will officially conclude at 11:59PM on Friday, giving traders in Marketplace plenty of time to finalise their transactions.

Participation Eligibility

OzBargain Treasure Hunt is open to OzBargain members, and

  • You are not currently in penalty box
  • Your account was created before this post. I am blocking new accounts from accessing the treasure hunt to stop people creating multiple accounts to game the system.

Also any attempt of scripting / gaming the system would result your account(s) banned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is adblocker okay?

Yes, prizes will still show up when you use adblocker on OzBargain.

Q: Is mobile okay?

Yes, mobile browsers should not have any issue.

Q: Is dark mode okay?


Q: Where do the prizes pop up?

It will always be below the fold, i.e. requiring you to scroll down at least one full page. It pops up when the page is loaded, but will disappear after 20 seconds.

Q: I am getting error "This item has already been claimed" when I try to click on Claim This button! What's going on?

A prize can simultaneously pop up on many ozbargainers' browsers, but only the first person clicking on "Claim This" will actually add the prize to his/her inventory. Others will get the error message after clicking on "Claim This" button. It's like multiple people can simultaneous spot a $50 notes on the floor, but only the first person who takes the action to pick it up can claim it.

Q: How do I get the prize after claiming?

After the competition has ended, a form will appear on your Treasure Hunt marketplace page for you to fill in your postal details, and I'll try to order in the prizes and send them out a week after the comp has finished.

If you've only won the egift card prizes, we only need your email address to send the card to you.


  • +7

    I guess this isnt designed for everyone

  • +7

    Honestly, this isn't worth it unless you're doing it for a bit of fun. I got super lucky for the scheduled prize I got, because I knew about the deal beforehand. So, I knew exactly where to navigate as soon as the hint got dropped. That seems to be what is needed for a lot of these prizes, cause they're claimed in under a minute.

    If you do want a prize, the random prizes are easier to get (at X:45). You just load up a ton of pages, and check each one once the time comes around. Ctrl F for the word "treasure". It it doesn't come with a hit, close and move to next page until you get a hit.

    • this isn't worth it unless you're doing it for a bit of fun.

      Unless you're a psycho with 5 prizes and 100 tabs and spreadsheets open

      • Not possible to get 5 prizes. 4 item limit. I had 4 (t shirt, $20 gift card, one major prize and part 1 of RTX 3060 ti). Dropped the part 1 of the graphics card cause it's useless without part 2 anyway. There was also basically no chance of getting part 2 cause it already dropped. 3 of those were loading up random pages and refreshing at the random prize time.

    • Will definitely be interesting to see stats at the end. Ie is it the same people winning a bulk of the prizes. I wouldn’t mind seeing more randomised results. Maybe even a bunch of the big ticket prizes randomly on random pages as opposed to whoever finds it the fastest.

      • +1

        I still want to know how you knew the second most commented forum post.

        • Oh I just looked at the hot forums section. Don’t think it was entirely accurate (based on the thread people said was the second most commented).

      • I wouldn’t mind seeing more randomised results.

        Is that so you have less competition from the bigwigs tomorrow? lmao

      • +1

        I think we might actually want to do the opposite — less random prizes and more quiz based. For prizes on random pages it's pretty much just encouraging people loading up dozens of tabs and overloading the system by spamming F5. At the end it's still a competition of effort. As you can see that the random drops at 45 minutes pass the hour — those are still claimed within minutes.

        As of whether it's the same group of people winning the prizes, there are certainly some regulars when comparing the winners from last couple of years. I do analyse the logs of some of these users and witnessed how fast some of them work. Some are just built different :) OzBargainers also post hundreds of competitions a month and I always wonder how some people win those things. The real compers just know the tricks.

        • Ah yeah of course! What if you manually added the images to one or two recent posts? Like added a comment or edited a comment from a recent deal. In addition to the clue ones.

    • +1

      this isn't worth it unless you're doing it for a bit of fun.

      We are doing more quiz based prizes this year because of the feedback last year — those are more fun than mindlessly pressing F5 across tabs. These also reward those who remembered those big threads here.

  • Man, this is always hard. I wonder what the percentage of people who won by accident and won by actually looking for is. Make a consolation prize haha at least something like that

  • +2

    So far I’ve attempted to play three times and found nothing, this game is rigged /s

    Seriously though, mostly I have been sitting out this year since I won a couple of minor prizes last year and the year before.

    I do hope most of the prizes are going to people who contribute something to this site though and not to too many of the parasites.

    • +1

      We are giving cash/gift card prizes for contributors in our months members award for many years. As of the treasure hunt — it's not meant to be an award, but just some fun that lots of OzBargainer can participate.

    • This treasure hunt is mostly luck with some skill involved where this year it is adjusted slightly to be more skill base with having more major treasures only require 1 piece (ie 100 gift card last year was 2 pieces and was worst value than a 50 gift card). Also only 2 pieces max to complete a major treasure

      Last years also had more time commitments as random treasure drops happened at 30 minutes intervals with the 30 minute mark between major treasure being a smaller drop. Where you had if you were aiming for a 3 piece treasures try to use skill and luck to get the valuable 2/3 piece and then use skill, luck and time to participate in getting 2 small treasures from as many drops as you can.

  • Don't Panic!

    OzBargain is currently under scheduled maintenance / database upgrade. We shall be back "very very soon".

  • I have 4x 3090Ti's, should I drop one to add a 85" LG C1?

  • +2

    Location hint for Prezzee eGift Card $100


  • Maybe do a release without any clue? I wonder if it will go in 20 seconds? Might indicate if someone found an exploit.

    • +1

      There are 56,000+ deal / forum / competition posts this financial year. It would be impossible to find. As I've commented before — I do analyse the logs to work out how the winner arrived at that specific page. Usually those who are good at search.

  • +1

    Location hint for Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

    Which OzBargain meetup in 2021 has the biggest attendance?

    • I remember seeing the stats, so went there but there were no links outgoing! :D

      Need to update that scatter plot with interactive buttons so I can click on the blue dot to take me to the thread with 50+ checkins!

    • +4

      Okay. The answer is the Brisbane meetup. Winner

      • Searched "ozbargain meetup" within the financial year
      • Open some of the top forum posts, probably to scan for treasures in all of them
      • Claimed the prize at 44 seconds pass 11AM.

      You guys are too good.

      • I'd be very interested in these sort of stats for the rest of the quiz questions. It'd be intriguing to see how fast or what terms got used to figure out the location of a clue once it's all over.

        • +4

          I'd be interested to know if any of the major prizes ever get dropped back into the wild.

      • Ooo I wanted go to that Meetup didn't know was biggest

        • +1

          It was a great meet up, I'm really glad I went. Definitely come if it's on again this year!

  • (profanity) me that went quick

  • Would be nice to have a START OF FINANCIAL YEAR TREASURE HUNT for us OzBargainers who are too busy to participate in the end of financial year hunt due to, end of financial year commitments!

    • +4

      Hey I'm not watching The Boys for this, we're all suffering.

    • +1

      Doesn't really matter, you still would have found it equally difficult to get a treasure even if you were free!

  • +2

    Location hint for AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT (2/2)

    What was the most voted deal on the day that BitCoin peaked?

    • +2

      This tough one

    • +1

      Was it November 10, 334 votes?

      • +7

        It was November 8, I claimed one, it was a Disney Plus deal

        • +2

          Ahh, bloody Outlook India told me it was Nov 10!

          I'm never going to use Outlook India as source again!

        • How do you search for deals on a specific date?

          • +1

            @Joebro482: I just scrolled through Popular Deals until I found a deal with November 8

            • @vinhtheman07: Not the most efficient way of doing it, you are able to search by a specific date instead of scrolling through multiple pages.

          • +3



            Search nodes created on a certain date or a date range. A date can be specified with a 8 digital number YYYYMMDD. A date range can be specified with 2 8 digital numbers joined by a hyphen, i.e. YYYYMMDD-YYYYMMDD, and it would search from the beginning (12AM) of the first date to the end (11:59PM) of the second date.

            so you would type created:20211108-20211108 to search for posts on the 8th November 2021.

      • +1

        peak for bitcoin was 8th november tho…

      • +2

        Damn I got Nov 10 as well. Google results were comically bad.

    • +2

      searched wrong date at first, is it https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/661924?

  • -1

    oh (profanity) off, how did someone already find it.

  • -2

    14 April 2021

    • Where did you get that from?

    • +3

      Ehty on 23/06/2022 - 21:04
      "Am not even trying now!"

  • Don't quite understand how people are claiming the small prize drops so fast.

  • +1

    Location hint for Prezzee eGift Card $100


  • damn.. i was close on that one :) mainly due to a typo forgetting the 's' in days. unfortunately I started searching the crypto angle. Wasted valuable seconds.

  • +1
    • vinhtheman07 has it, providing he has 1/2 or something to swap. Otherwise @vinhtheman07, swap for $100 GC? :)

      • I think they mean which user is going to get the prize

        • +1

          well the 1/2 are mostly irrlevevant. There are 3 of them whereas the 2/2 there is only 1 so you assume the person with that piece will get the prize.

          • @Dowhatuwant: I think there are 2 of both 1/2 and 2/2.

            • @Bik: nope

            • @Bik: The ratio of part 1 vs part 2 is 3:1. For example I am giving away 2x Nintendo Switch, so there are 6x part 1 & 2x part 2. You need to collect both one part 1 and one part 2 to win.

              • @scotty: So vinhtheman07 will have to hope to pick up part 1 or have something to trade for it then, right? And it's entirely possible neither will happen?

    • What happens if neither refuses to trade?

      • +1

        scotty gets a new video card ;)

        • Or maybe a new low quantity deal xD

      • neither refuses to trade

        scotty's down $700

    • lol… I've got nothing to offer vinhtheman07. 2/2 is harder to get isn't it?

      • Hopefully they have something to offer to you then eh?

        • I'd swap for a t-shirt :) or GC

  • +1

    Location hint for Nintendo Switch Neon (2/2)

    What was the most posted Nintendo Switch game on OzBargain? What was the first deal post featuring that game in the current financial year?

    Hint: It was a bundle.

    • That one lasted much longer :D

      • +1

        I don't think it did, someone dropped an item before the round so there were 2 active at the start.

      • +2

        There was actually a bit of delay when the piece was dropped (technical issue). I saw the first page view came in after 1 minute 32 seconds, but not claimed until a bit later.

    • That was horrific.. Lol didn't even process all the clues. Admittedly it's the 1 game spanning Nintendos consoles I rarely played. Using a phone was a bad idea though.

  • +2

    One more to go!

    Treasures: Found 233, Active 0, Inactive 1, Total 234

    Good luck!

  • -1

    Anyone wanting to trade their Xbox Series S (2/2)? I have got ozbargain T-shirt and prezzee $20 gift card but happy to provide additional cost (transfer via payid) for the trade.

  • +1

    Location hint for Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 (2/2)

    What was the most participated poll in OzBargain forums in this financial year?

    Hint: 96.5% voted Yes

  • wow gone

  • the fact they are gone within seconds… suss

    • flipping through those spreadsheets

    • That one was probably on somebody's list of pages to have open, since in retrospect it's kind of an obvious one. I had the highest voted 3070 deal ready but guessed wrong. Congrats to whoever got it!

  • +6

    Thank you again @scotty and the OzBargain Team for another fun filled Treasure Hunt!

    I came away with $120 and another T-Shirt, so happy with my loot!

    • 😲

    • Literally the same rewards as me. But ye pretty happy with the rewards I got. Thanks Scotty

    • +1

      Been on Ozbargain for years and this is the first time I won something! Got a t-shirt, a $20 gift card and Xbox 1/2 coupon. Happy with it. Ofc would be better if anyone wants to trade their Xbox series s 2/2 coupon but well.

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