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Chromecast with Google TV $69 (Pay with Card) + Delivery ($0 with eBay Plus/ C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


Must pay with a credit or debit card. Beats the Big W deal if you don't have eBay Plus and possibly more convenient anyway given TGG offer click and collect where Big W eBay don't seem to.

Ripper price for an absolutely great product. I have one on every TV in the house now (4 total)

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  • +10

    I have 2 and they work well, especially for travelling but with all the advertised content they push through now, they should really be giving them away.

    • +8

      Was thinking of getting one but decide against it after seeing this comment. Google you can keep the ads yourself.

      • amazon one is even worst with ads..

        they should just give these away due to the ads
        and they might get more in signups/payment for the content

        • I'll admit that the ads before each episode is a bit much, but I skip through them so they aren't a big deal to me.

    • +2

      I got one yesterday, I just disabled the built in launcher and use FLauncher on it. No ads. You lose the "continue watching" feature but it's better than your home screen being 10% your apps and 90% sponsored content.

      Only major downside to these is Google have locked down the certificate installation so you can't use AdGuard to its full potential (no HTTPS filtering on it).

      • +1

        Found a new launcher the other day EmotnUI, works well.

        • Thanks, that one looks great. Will switch over to it tonight.

      • if you use another launcher
        how does it affect the usage of the device?
        like how does it look in comparison?

        can you post some pics or video?

        if it is no longer a google device ie no google launcher with their features
        why not just get a raspberry pi or build a htpc?

        • It just replaces the home screen, it's not a custom ROM. All the back-end software is still Google, the device still has the same hardware specs and remote. You are still a verified device with Widevine L1 and can use official TV apps. There's a lot of reasons why using a raspi or htpc are less easy to use on a TV, I'd rather not be moving a mouse around to click on websites to play stuff on the TV.

    • +10

      I have no idea what these ads are that everyone is talking about - I haven't seen a single ad on either of my Chromecasts since they were first released.

      • +1

        I'm with you. I don't see ads, no idea what people are talking about

        • aren't the ads are the promo for the movies or tv shows to buy?

          amazon has lots of it on their homescreen

          • +1

            @pinkybrain: I get some suggestions of things to watch, but that's about it. Nothing that I would consider an advertisement. But I also don't really go beyond my apps. So if there is stuff being shown as you scroll down further, it's not being shown to me because I just fire up whichever app I intend to use and that's the end of it.

      • +1

        Are you talking about regular Chromecast (which has no ads), or Chromecast with Google TV (which is what this offer is for)?
        On the homepage of Google TV
        - Trending on Google
        - Top picks for you
        - Featured Apps
        - Recommended for you
        These are all lists of 'suggested content' which is.. ads.
        Many People don't want to plug in a new device and have it immediately try to up-sell them with ads like "hey you can watch Zootopia on this device, just buy Disney+ or buy it right here from Google", they just want it to be a frontend to existing services they've got and signed into on the device.
        Hope that clarifies.

        Worth mentioning that you can turn almost all of the suggested ads off with the setting "Apps only mode", so maybe a family member did that for you or maybe you did it a year ago and forgot all about it.

        • -1

          TV/movie suggestions aren't ads. Plus they are easily ignored for anyone that is strictly using certain apps. And no, I set up my Chromecasts myself as I live alone with apps only mode off turned off.

    • What advertising do they push? I don't have one by my partner LOVES her's?

    • I have kids account and no ads that you were referring here. Perhaps that's the way to not getting the ad? Not sure

  • +5

    HN is $78 with a $20 GC (buy 4 get one free)


    • +21

      But is Harvery Norman

      • +2

        and more expensive than this deal

        • +1

          but you get it $20 GC
          which sort make this like $58 if you want to think of like that.

          • +1

            @pinkybrain: Ahh got it, though what you can convert your $20 GC to.. Something useless and overpriced maybe

            • @alexshel: whatever you want to buy or need
              does the GC need to last 3 years?

              can always save it for some sale

              • @pinkybrain: How do you remember what gift cards you have unused or expiring soon?

  • +2

    Anyone else have the issue where sometimes the assistant shouts at you when voice search can't find anything?

    • +8


      • +3

        I have mine attached via a USB C power pass through hub

      • +1

        Remote mouse "zank remote" app on phone, gives keyboard and mouse function. Handy especially if you have more than one Google TV, or other Android devices like car head unit.

      • +1

        Alexa will come in handy 😷😂

    • +2

      In other words, Google Assistant is eavesdropping on the conversation of your family.

    • this must be one "testy" assistant
      did you do something to piss it off?

      can you post a video of this?
      would love to see this.

  • +2

    This or firestick if you want to sideload apps.
    I have firestick and looking for a second one

    • +2

      Require the google drive for sideload app, some app may not show up. you may have to install an Explorer App for this case. other than these all good.

      • so you need to download the app on google drive first
        then browse the drive from the google device?

        how does it differ to the firestick method?

    • +1

      I have firesticks and also Xiaomi mi box s (I think) which is very similar to the google tv. I use the firestick more, the advantage of the google tv is that you can chromecast. Both excellent devices, but I tend to use firestick more because the smartdns makes me watch foreign apps better (in particular British and Italian). For some reason they don't work as well with my getflix, while the firestick do.

    • Can side load apps on Google TV with no problems. "SendFiles" app works well to transfer files from phone to device. Or "Snapdrop" if wanting to send from PC.

  • +7

    I have two and it is getting a bit dated, plex app struggles compared to the fire stick max.
    still better than 98% most smart tv eco's

    • +3

      Plex has been a little weird for me lately, might be a dodge update. Kodi works perfectly, got my thumbnails stores on my NAS so the puny onboard storage of the GTV isn't filled.

      • with kodi, when you add movies from SMB share to the kodi app..

        doesn't kodi create thumbnails on the google chromecast device?

        how do you populate the kodi library with movies and tv shows
        and still have the thumbnails, movie artwork store on the NAS showing up in the library?

      • I've had 0 Plex issues recently. However I haven't updated it for a few weeks. How recent have your updates been?

    • can you share in what ways its better than the native apps on smart TVs? is the video/audio significantly better or just snappier/faster

      • Much faster, better menu, provides suggestions based on your preferences from all apps so you don't have to go into each one.

        Most smart TV menus are far less user friendly. GTV even beats our relatively new Samsung TV menu hands down.

  • +5

    These are great, only thing they need to do is put more memory on them. If I didn't already have 3 at home. They work well, have all the apps needed for watching streaming TV in Australia and the remote is good. I don't even have FTA connected to my TV's anymore, just use this.

    • Hello, I have just bought one for my new house which doesn't currently have a TV aerial and connection. Are you able to share how you access all free to air channels without going into each broadcasters app e.g. 10Play, 9Now, 7Plus, SBSonDemand etc

      • +3

        I just go to the apps and live stream if I really want to watch something live. It does lack the flip through the channels function, but that helps me not just have the TV on with shit playing for the sake of it also.

      • +3

        On mine I followed this guide https://www.matthuisman.nz/2019/01/live-au-iptv-channels-on-...
        I can stream all major channels. I did this on my Shield though, should work the same on chromecast.

      • +2

        Use SlyGuy repository via Kodi and you'll get a much better FTA experience than just the generic 9Now, 7Plus etc. apps.. It's by far the best you'll find.


      • +1

        As long as you have decent internet, you don't need an aerial. We haven't used one for a while now, just run off the wifi and chromecast. You can view any of those channels via their apps, live or catch up.

        • A decent TV antenna obviously gives you a much better quality picture and the kind of usability that TVs should have e.g. turn it on and change the channels normally!

          • @PhilToinby: also tv program info, freeview, catchup etc..

            • @pinkybrain: Catch up is available on the apps. Freeview yes, but I have that on my phone to check what's on FTA.

              As for picture, it's very good for us using WiFi.

              • @Brianqpr: you forgetting something
                the picture quality would not in 1080p or even 720p from what I seen

                most streaming channel are below this.. like 572p or something..

                also internet and wifi quality can be an issue for some people
                which will causes buffering issue.

        • Certain live events are not available on the streaming I believe.

    • +1

      FTA via Kodi goes pretty good if you need a FTA fix

  • As others have mentioned, storage is the absolute major issue for these devices. It hampers just about everything and I would hazard a guess is also the reason that Google hasn't pushed an update for them since October. They were clearly hitting a price point but I would've happily paid an extra $10-20 for an extra 8gb.

    • Agree, have had to start juggling apps due to low storage messages, the storage limit creeps up on you as app sizes increase over time. If you only have a selected group of apps you regularly use, this is a no brainer at this price and great for making older TV's "smart".

      • This is a no brainer for anyone with a smart TV also. GCCwGTV blows every other TV OS out of the water. I use one on my LG 65" C1 and it's leagues ahead.

    • +1

      Worth noting there are relatively inexpensive ways to add storage (and get ethernet on the side) that may be worth exploring if you're running into that issue.

  • +1

    I have a smart TV but the OS is pretty slow, so switching between apps is laggy and sometimes crashes. Would switching to a Google TV or firestick be faster or would it still rely on the underlying specs of the TV?

    • +8

      TV specs don't matter, it's all run by the device. Google TV is fast and responsive, huge upgrade on a slow smart TV.

    • +2

      Had the same situation with a TV we have that's a few years old before buying one recently. Google TV is perfect for your needs as it replaces the TV's own smart menu and is much better to use. Gave our TV a new lease of life.

  • Can you have multiple accounts on this like can I have my own account, wife can have her account and kid can have their own account?

    • +3

      Ye you can, they just released this feature not long ago

    • Yes, you can. You can even lock the kids account so that they can be within your control

    • You can but be careful because it only has 4gb storage available it will fill up fast if you install too many duplicate apps.

      • Wtf do the apps cannot be shared?

  • Cheers op grabbed one for the old bedroom tv.

  • Cheers op! Got one!

  • +1

    Is it worth getting one of these over using the native TV apps? I have an LG tv and it's ok but not the best. Was using the PS4 but a lot of apps are dissappearing from that (SBS, Tenplay).

    EDIT: Looks like this has been answered above, will go in.

  • I've got two in my house, better than most "smart tv" UI. Still annoyed there is no native Foxtel app available. CBF with the sideloading

  • +1

    have 2, one for TV and other for projector
    might get the third one for 34" monitor :)

  • +1

    When I got mine Google sent me a $10 voucher after registering it. I put that towards a second remote. Both can be paired to the same Chromecast TV at the same time. So me and the missus both get a remote - which has been a godsend!

  • +2

    Awesome! My 2014 Samsung smart TV has Netflix and Prime but does not have the new services like Kayo and Disney+. Having to find my phone every time I want to cast is a pain so I'm looking forward to this!

  • Does anyone have any recommendations for projectors that can link with Chromecast?

    • +1

      Any of them with a HDMI port?

  • +2

    Just got my delivery confirmation email and sms with a promo saying 'view digital invoice' for a $10 TGG voucher (min spend $50). Vouchers to be sent next week.

  • If anyone not using their$10 voucher, I'd be happy to grab one. Thx

    • It might be easier to create another eBay account?

      I have used it once and am still seeing it as available in a different account, and it appears at least one person has used it twice.

    • $10 voucher?

      eBay plus voucher? What have I missed?

  • Any way to turn the light off on this thing?

    • I don't think so, there's no option in the settings as far as I can tell. A small piece of tape will work though.

      • thanks

  • +1

    Mine, straight out of the box, REFUSED to connect to my Unifi network. I googled around but all the normal suggestions (mDNS, creating 2.4 and 5ghz separate SSIDS, etc), nothing worked. Out of frustration, I hotspot my phone and it connected immediately -_-

    However it did a large update and once that was done, it then instantly connected to my Unifi network. They obviously ship it with some crappy firmware?

  • Anyone knows how to install Kayo Sports on this thing? I tried on playstore but it says the app is not available in your location -__-

    • +1

      It worked for me

      Have you got international YouTube Premium?

      You might have to sign in with another Gmail account

      • Thanks Champ. Yes i've got youtube premium - does it have to do something with it?

        I tried the hard way around by enabling developer options, then installing an internet browser on the chromecast, and then downloading the kayo sports apk and installing it directly to the system (Sidelining).

  • If a TV already has Chromecast integrated and you can cast YouTube, Prime, Netflix with no issues, what's the point of getting this device?

    • If your TV seems laggy, this could be a very cost effective way to feel like you have a new TV. Though the operating system might be the same, this device is very zippy.

      The remote is another reason you might want to buy. It's ergonomic, simple and has voice control built in.

      Automation is another reason. This device is easy to link with other Google Home / Nest products, meaning you can easily ask your assistant to turn on/off the TV, watch a given program or even schedule.

  • Did this deal end today? The ebay link has the Chromecast listed for $99…

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