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SCISHARE 3L Hot Water Dispenser $75.99 Shipped (Pay by Card) @ celestialinter0 ebay


One of a Xiaomi Ecochain product normally $99. Very convenient, boil a cup of water in a few seconds. Only boil what you need. For those who are not familiar with these things, Work similar to those coffee pods where boiling water inject through the coffee pods except there is no coffee pods in between, all you get is instant hot water.

4 temp button, room temp, 45c, 75c and boil. Been using it for few years, cant fault it.

note: bought one from this seller for my parents 2 days ago, it arrived today.

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  • Would this use less power than a kettle?

    • Yes, I would think so, the way it works.. only boil a bit you need and not the kettle.

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        I only boil the amount I need in the kettle.

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    Does it dispense a set amount like my instant boil kettle? That only dispenses a cup so it I need say 700 ml of boiling water I have to push and wait three times.

    • press once dispense a cup, if press longer dispense the whole thing, i hold the button a few seconds and let go it seem to not to stop until i press it again

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        I can't see much details about the tank, heating mechanism or pipe. It says food grade so I assume BPA free. Does the heated water have a plastic-y smell/taste at all? When new or even after some months?

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          Good question actually, i am too careful about these things mage in china. I got young child so Two thing i usually test for when i by drinking product and tap and shower heads etc TDS, and lead. This past both test. i use under sink filter water to refill it, and no strange/off smell or colouration. not foolproof best you can do i suppose



          • @huu: Thanks, will give this a go.

          • @huu: So it's plastic not stainless steel and glass? That's the only vessel I would use for hot water. BPA free doesn't guarantee other microplastics won't leach into hot water (almost guaranteed to do so).

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              @bargainshooter: yes the tank and outside is plastic, the heating part i dont know, the nozzle where the hot water exit is definitely not plastic it matted ceramic or metal of some sort.

            • @bargainshooter: I'm not sure exactly what type of heating element it has, thermoblock or boiler etc., but the water isn't boiled in plastic. It will be heated in some sort of steel block and the water will travel via silicone tubing (just like in your usual domestic espresso machines).

            • @bargainshooter: I wouldn't worry about the BPA. It's more the microbes built by chinese for mind control you need to be wary of not getting into your body.

  • Thanks 😊 I’ve looked at these before but wasn’t sure if they were any good

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    I bought one 2 years ago. Stopped working after one year. None of the buttons work anymore. It was good while it lasted.

  • Just bought one. Only 8 left available so it looks like you bunch are buying it. There were 12 available only 15 minutes ago lol.

    Will come in handy since it's tea weather. I'm going to see if this replaces the kettle, and if it does I might buy the Westinghouse one as it looks a bit schmancy.

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      Got the westinghouse one, not recommended. the tank is not removable so get sediments and hard to clean. When dispense water make a very loud gurgling sound. The build quality cheap rattle does not look as goos as picture, the water level viewer become yellow after a year.

  • Look like it back to $99

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