Spend $300 or More with Zip & Get $50 Cashback @ JB Hi-Fi


Credit to the bot for the pickup though just got around to posting it now.

*Spend $300 or more using your Zip Pay or Zip Money Account at JB HI-FI to earn $50 cashback. Cashback redeemable when you reach the Rewards Goal. Promotion limited to one redemption per Customer. Excludes gift cards. Promotion starts at 8:00AM AEST on 23 June 2022 and ends 11:59PM AEDT on 29 June 2022. Rewards Program T&Cs apply.

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  • It says excludes giftcards but can Zip determine our purchase?

    • Would you like to test this out? Iirc they cant see your purchase, so it should work.

      See https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/12053901/redir

      • Noice. Thanks! I'll look at getting it then.

        • +1

          Note that the cashback redemptions are every $20, so you will only be able to claim $40 immediately and have $10 in rewards sitting there…

          • @ATangk: Think I've got $30 cashback so should be fine. Thanks for the heads up.

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            @ATangk: I still have the $10 from the same deal last year. Last time JB deal was for $40 cashback so that I could not cash it out.

            Just redeemed $60 back to account after an online eGC purchase.

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    Look at the share price of Z1P
    then conclude that leukemia is curable.

    • +1

      Was tempted to buy them when they went < $1 after 13 months, glad I stayed away.
      I think these after payments are dead

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        They’re not dead, there is just zero moat for the BNPL section. Their market share eaten up but any and every financial institution that’s decided they want to offer this service.

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        Investing afterpay was full retard during the pandemic but how good was the SP. Never seen so much hype on such poor fundamentals.

        Oh look people can't afford to make ends meet so afterpay bad

        Oh look afterpay good cause you can pay back in 4 payments instead of one.

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      Was trying to say that. We are going to see less and less of these kind of promo

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      Zip at 50c would be a good buy I think.
      I got them when they were $1 :'(
      I feel sorry for the ones who got them at $10.

      • I bet more money on Paul Keating's pig farm! (sarcasm)

        Zip has a $ 7.95 monthly account fee. Any questions?
        Afterpay is free. Compare success!

        • +1

          The $7.95 fee is waived if you pay your monthly statement balance in full.

          • @JLai: Thanks for update.
            Perhaps one of their downfalls for not being plain forward upfront with this.
            Paypal kicked me out with their blind 5 strikes and you are out policy. I bought 8 faulty items on ebay, got 5 refunds and 3 times got ignored.
            I really hate Afterpay but then again I must give them credit to make use of their stolen credit information to teasing offers.
            Once I missed a payment and whilst going thru many of their offers they gave me a chance to skip the $10 fee for being a good customer.
            Maybe Jack Dorsey knows too much about me ?

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        LOL. It's headed for 0c.
        Recession upcoming, interest rates up. Would avoid any BNPL like the plague

        • +2

          Or other way around. Need to spend money they dont have. BNPL is free money IF you pay it off. Same like interest free credit cards, etc.

          • @ATangk: Yeah but the people they target/use their services are the ones who are addicted to credit.
            You have to pay it back, and the risk then lies with Zip who have customers who can't pay them back…

            • @Maz78: But we're ozbargain, isn't the major usecase here signing up for free discounts on ebay as we're using giftcards already?


              Jokes aside, there's too much bad debt already on their books.

    • +3

      Yeah, they bet to zero cash rate for ever, their business model will be hard to sustain now, with rising rates. Afterpay (at least their share holders) was very lucky to be bought out at the peak.

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    Z1P trying to stay relevant in a market that leaches off the lowest socioconomic demographic…

    • Sorry to blow your bubble, but they did a whole ASX release to tell everyone the stock code is now ZIP instead.

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        Because the price has been below $1!

    • Please explain how it's ZIP's fault that people make a free choice to use their service?

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        Not blaming Zip for anything.
        Moreso their business model was floored from the start, same with afterpay, it was all hype.

        The market to leverage the poorest 20% was relatively small to start off with as they have the least wealth. Chuck in the fact that they'd only start to make money when the 4 payments were missed and then you have a lot of high risk debt with people not exactly inclined to pay it off.

        Business model never stacked up

        • I see your point with regards to their business model.

        • Flawed*

  • Can u still do the trick to buy jbhifi gc?

  • +2

    For those asking about giftcards. It worked last time, however at your own risk I guess.

    • Thanks for updating here

  • -1

    Does opening Zip account require a credit check?

    • +1


    • -2

      No. Not until new regulation hits. Afterpay also no.

    • -2


    • Our third party credit checks are performed by Equifax or illion. If you have any questions regarding your credit score or the information provided as part of a credit check we recommend you get in touch with any of those 2 providers directly.

      • Did this got changed recently? Thought it used to be no.

    • +4

      Not sure why these comments are being down voted. I've googled - which, let's be honest, I should have done before I posted - and it looks like Zip does in fact check credit.
      Now the 'no' replies are confusing me. Can you tell me more?

      • +3

        Credit check shows on Equifax for me.

      • +1

        Why thank you Sir.

      • AFAIK, there has always been a credit check for ZIP

    • Jack Dorsey is having a good laugh!

  • Can zippay be paid off using AMEX? Would like to try my first rewards double dip using zip/amex to buy a tv :D

    • Not directly but you can buy Special card using amex and pay Zip that way.

      • Using special card to pay off zip balance?
        Which special card are you referring to and have you tried that?
        I find the special shopping card cannot be used in many places like Daiso.

        • Super Shopper. Yes, tried many times with ApplePay.

          • @tajid: How do you pay your zip money balance by Apple pay/Google Pay?
            I just bought a $5 super shopper and it can't be added into Zip's "payment method".

            • +2

              @TanedaR: Add the super shopper to apple pay first; then use apple pay to repay zip.

              • @me1stt: oops, I don't have any Apple device.
                is there any way with Google Pay?

            • @TanedaR: Which card from Super Shopper are you talking about?

          • @tajid: Are we talking about this Special.com.au Super Shopper Card ?

  • has anyone tried yet with giftcards? pls keep us posted :)

  • +11

    Have just confirmed, can buy a gift card and have the cashback.

    Generate a single use card in the app, use that to pay JB and should be able to get the cashback instantly.

    • +3

      Also worked for me, now just waiting for the gift card to be emailed to me

      • +1

        Got it too, but can be redeemed in $20 incremental, so now I am stuck with $10 in the reward pool!

        • I'll still part with my money for 13.3% off for now… Until next deal.

          E: JB cancelled my order o.0 "Failed verification process"

          BUT I already redeemed $50 from ZIP.

          • @ATangk: they will reverse it.

            • @dbui8743: I just dont see how ZIP accepted the $300 payment, I saw the $300 disappear from available balance, and then JB cancels the order after deducting the money.

              • @ATangk: yeah, it happened to me last time, the 40 back for 200 spent.

                It all went through, and i redeemed the reward. then it all got canceleld, money refunded and my reward balance became -40 lol

                • @dbui8743: I see. Did you ever figure out why?

                  • @ATangk: cbf, but i think JB is just particularly anal about buying gift cards and using gift cards to buy stuff.

                    They accept orders and reverse if they detect even the slightest thing that they deem too risky to accept,

          • @ATangk: Mine was cancelled immediately, no money taken from card. Might have to do it in store.

    • Funny, my order got cancelled and I did the same thing, single use card. (Not that it bothers me too much)

      • Got my gift card like literally 1 min ago posting this.

      • Same thing happened to my husband’s account. I wonder if we can qualify again once they have reversed the $50 rewards.. anyone had experience?

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    Would be sweet if I can pay it off using the MasterCard from Coles last week, this is what we call the OzBargain spirit

    • +1

      Cant add those cards to payment method in ZIP. If anyone knows a workaround, let us know!

    • To save you from trying, Sniip does not work, either. Zip chose not to accept prepaids.

  • if I pay by Zip (or Afterpay or whatever),… am I still eligible for price protection from Lattitude 28 Degree?


    • +1


  • can stack with eufy door bell. to bring total down to $309

  • I only see credit card and PayPal option on payment page, pressing zip at the bottom doesn’t help.

    How to choose zip
    edit: do u have to login to jb? Or Copy card number

  • +1

    Credit to the bot for the pickup

    Wait, there is a bot behind the human?

    • +1

      Bots are capable of patting themselves on the back. Quite a neat trick!

      • +2

        Is that a form of sentience?

        • Let’s be honest here — we’re a long way from sentience. Even Elon Musk thinks we’ll have to wait until at least October

    • +2

      How do you think dealbot gets so many front page deals…

  • Can you buy JB Hi-Fi gift cards in store? Wondering if that would work better.

  • can this be redeemed single or multiple times

    • Promotion limited to one redemption per Customer.

  • +1

    I have the Zip Card added to my phone (ApplePay)
    If I pay using ApplePay (using the Zip Card), will I still be eligible for the cashback?

  • Newb question; where does the $50 redemption show up after spending the $300 minimum at JB?

    • It shows up in the green bar underneath “Rewards balance” in the main tab “Home”.

      • Ah, in the phone app.


  • Did you guys redeem for Zip Pay credit or to Qantas..?

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