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Xbox Series X Console $749 ($699 after Zip Pay Cashback, $689 after Zip & JB Perks) - C&C & in-Store Only @ JB Hi-Fi


Received Twitter notification on stock alert for Xbox Series X at JB

Great timing JB, you’ve done it again

Remember to stack with the current Zip Pay deal

Edit: I forgot to add this to maximise savings:

  • Spend $445 on JB gift cards through ShopBack for additional 2.5% cashback (or if you want, get 89x $5 JB gift cards as this is currently showing as 3% cashback instead)
  • Charge $304 to Zip Pay to get the bonus $50 cashback

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  • +1

    PS5 is still in short supply. What is wrong with Sony?

    • +9

      I find the WiFi speeds of the PS5 to be my biggest gripe with them at the moment.

      • +5

        What kind of speeds are you after on your PS5? I've seen that it's capable of over 300 Mbps which would exceed my NBN speeds haha

      • +3

        It’s not just wifi. Gigabit Ethernet to the PS5 and it’s very inconsistent with speeds. I think PSN servers are just crap.
        Blizzard I get ~950Mbps, PS5 is anywhere from ~50-600Mbps.
        Even with gigabit, Warzone update nights are pretty rough.

      • -3

        lol use ethernet.

        • +1

          I can't recommend ethernet enough. So cheap, so reliable

      • It drove me crazy. On release I couldn't even stream stuff to the PS5 from my PC due to the Wifi issues. Works better now but still not great so I ended up running cables.

    • -4

      Didn't pay for chip priority, true story. Xbox is better anyway.

    • +4

      If you follow the PS5 and XSX stock alert accounts on Twitter, you can see PS5 comes in stock more often.

      Also, PS5 is still more popular than XSX. Sure, Xbox will catch up with Sony this generation. But, haven't happened yet.

      • +6

        XBOX has bigger game library since it can play PC games. Also PS+ subscription is worse than XBox pass.

        The experience on XBox will be much better soon if Sony still does not improve.

        • +7

          More doesn't necessarily mean quality especially when most is from previous generations just made compatible to run on current gen machines, take PlayStation's 1st party titles, Xbox doesn't even come close to matching or beating what comes out of PlayStation game studios.

          • +3

            @FeZZa21: Quality vs quantity argument falls apart when you realise the ps5 has no freaking games lol!!!!! XD

          • @FeZZa21: I'd say it's more about options. While they're very good, if you're not into third person action adventure games there isn't much else for you.

            If you're into shooters, racing, RPG's, indies There's almost nothing for you on the PS5. There's a reason they haven't made an exclusive shooter in 10 years, it's not their market anymore

            • @cille745: Most of those genres are done by multiplay studios for max profit these days no point in either Microsoft or Sony making them. So all those are on ps4/5 as well unless you've been living under a rock for the past decade

              • @FeZZa21: Yeah, but thanks to their aquisitions Xbox now has almost every good shooter developer releasing straight to Game Pass. If you play a lot of shooters, over the console you'll likely spend hundreds more over the consoles lifetime.

                Last time I checked, Forza, Halo, and Bethesda's stuff will now be exclusive, meaning that xbox pretty much owns the FPS, racing and western rpg genre, just need some titles to come out.

        • XBOX has bigger game library since it can play PC games

          What do you mean?

        • +2

          PC tiles such as escape from tarkov and company of heroes? Or you mean Xbox games are releasing on PC? Ps plus gives better games than Xbox live so not sure why you’re comparing it with game pass.

        • +5

          Isn’t the better option is to get all 4 platforms (XSX, PS5, Switch, PC) and get games anywhere you want?

          • +1

            @nelladream: I know right. Why are these plebs complaining? Just get better higher paying jobs. 🙄

          • @nelladream: And give up eating smashed avo on toast? No way.

          • @nelladream: Yes, because real gamers don't just game on one platform.

          • @nelladream: The high end PC can emulate Switch games with upscaling, making them look a lot better than an actual switch.

            • @juzza87: Yeah but the point of switch is portability like steam deck

        • XBOX has bigger game library since it can play PC games

          Huh? It can?

        • +3

          I personally play my PS5 more than my Xbox because it has much better games, and I bought Elden Ring on PS5. But if someone asks me which console to buy I tend to tell them to get the Xbox due to Game Pass and upcoming games. But both consoles are great so people should just go with their heart.

      • +3

        I have the all three consoles. Switch, got the PS5 and the SX two weeks ago. I haven't touched the PS5 since getting the SX. GamePassU is an absolute game changer. I just don't see myself buying multi platform games anymore when Microsoft has said that they'll be on GPU on release day. The only reason I bought a PS5 was for Horizon: Forbidden West, and that's the thing with PS, you're in it for the exclusives, but honestly that list is getting smaller and smaller.

        oh and Xbox's quick resume is way way better than PS'.

        • Which one is good for kids ? I have no idea about gaming things, PS seems in fashion or more well known but they play Roblox usually, which i think isn't available on PS.

          • +2

            @ChipsChicky: Probably Switch. I still love playing the games on it, especially BOTW

            • @he11bent: Does XBOX has more games suitable for kids (small easy games) with GamePass as compared to PS ?

              • +2

                @ChipsChicky: Yes. Especially their back catalogue. As I said, after experiencing Game Pass Ultimate for the past two weeks, it's a game changer compared to Sony.

                • @he11bent: Is there a major difference between Game Pass Ultimate and Game Pass Console, they would be just playing on Console rather pc+console+tablet etc.
                  Do you recommend buying Xbox S or Xbox X series ? I think these are the two types only available.

                  • +1

                    @ChipsChicky: Just the ability to play on PC and I think cloud. If it's only going to be Console, then get GP Console

      • Yep. Globally PS5 has sold more than X/S

    • mainly because people buy more playstations than Xbox series X's. From reports there have been more playstation 5 sold than xbox series X devices.

    • That's because Microsoft ended up paying for chip priority apparently.


    • -2

      They're just inferior overall, ever since they were defeated in the PS3 generation, they've made blunders after blunders, despite the presence of some truly amazing system architects and engineers in their camp.

      They just seem unable to raise production to the level of the Series X, and technology wise the drift issue remains on their controllers despite some arbitrary spring fixes.

      Unless you're a Sony fanboy or diehard (usually the moronic cum downvoters) - its currently a better time to buy a Series X than a PS5

      Better wait another year while they iron out their supply and tech issues

      • What are you smoking? The ps3 sold more units than xbox 360, and ps4 sold more than double the number of xbox one units.

    • They can't get enough chips probably.

    • Because more people buying the console once it's in stock?

      To be honest I am just gonna wait for the pro version at this point.

  • +4

    lmao, don't forget your $10 vouchers, kiddies!

    • +1

      I thought they would of expired by now

      • +2

        It’s valid for one month when you’ve initially signed up (you can do this at any time during the year)

        For majority of us on OzB, we signed up immediately when the Perks deal went live, so it would’ve expired by now

      • +2

        Mine was still valid well beyond 1 month. Redeemed it few days ago and surprisingly still worked.

        • Yep mine was well over the expiry but still worked

    • -1

      Does anyone know where can I find the voucher! When I signed up i can remember I received the voucher. Then I forgot where it is. Is it in the email, i have looked in my inbox no luck. Any clue will be helpful. Thanks in advance.

      • -1

        Have you checked behind the couch?

      • +1

        Search your inbox for "Welcome to JB Perks, here's your $10 Coupon"

    • All my family phone numbers was redeemed too many for vouchers, so no more for me🤣

  • +2

    FYI, my launch machine is still running as good (and quiet) as the day I bought it. Love it.

  • As a scalper, all this stock is disgusting.

    • +4

      Go scalp coins. Leave this for people.

      • +3

        I accept coin payments too

    • You've missed the boat on the Xbox then, best to dump your stock and try and hone in on the PS5 only.

  • perks voucher hasn't come through yet. Do we know if its a unique code or generic?

    • +1

      Unique. They’re not going to have an unlimited use code for $10 off with no minimum spend.

      • Hi, I didn't mean the $10 sign up voucher with JB perks, I meant the code for the console. Lately, OB's have been posting their JB perks voucher codes for a particular item when they don't want it. $749 down to $689 with ZP is pretty good IMO.

  • damn is this what i finally use up my telstra voucher on hmm

  • You can’t claim all the cash back at once, only when you hit reward levels.

    • Isn't $300 the Rewards Goal or does "Rewards Goal" mean something else?

      • It’s every $20 reward. So the $50 is 2 x $20 claimable.

        • Thnx

  • +7

    With Game Pass can't beat the value of Series X this generation.

    • +2

      Not good for future generations though.

      GamePass will progressively get worse, this is just the honeymoon period.

      The transition to games as a service doesn't sound that good to me, it means more games like Genshin Impact and Diablo Immortal. GamePass will give you access to "free" games and the games will transition to making all their money in post-launch services.

      The end goal is to ultimately have you spending more yearly than you used to.

      • +3

        Yes and no. If the services doesn't have value people will cancel so its in Microsoft's interest to provide value as otherwise someone else will come and eat their lunch. Gaming is too big for them not to be competitive.

      • it means more games like Genshin Impact and Diablo Immortal

        As someone who mainly plays on mobile, yay!

      • GamePass will progressively get worse, this is just the honeymoon period.

        Sony's probably waiting for this; they'll be waiting a while…

      • @eagerfisherman well I've played and finished more games over the last 5 years, than I would have… had I not subscribed to Game Pass. It's been a pretty longgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg honeymoon period for me hehehe. In regards of spending more money ? I am saving more than spending, not buying too many new releases. But do splurge on the game sales from time to time (in addition to the freebies via Game Pass). We're all gamers, we all win in our respective ways regardless of the console(s) we have purchased and enjoy for our own reasons.

    • A better combo is the Series S and a Game Pass sub from Turkey.

      • What's the difference in S and X and can we get game pass on both of them ?

        • +1

          S has no disc drive, but it's $250 cheaper than the X.
          You can get Game Pass on both consoles.

          • @silverrat23: what would you recommend ? i have zero idea about these things.

            • +1

              @ChipsChicky: Do you plan on buying disc-based games? If so, get the Series X.

              Do note that getting a Turkish Game Pass subscription takes quite a bit of work, especially with understanding the steps and risks involved. There's plenty of discussion here on Ozbargain if needed.

      • Doing the VPN Turkey XBLG, then upgrading to GPU needs to be done in an exact manner, or else you risk being stuck with just the XBLG and unable to upgrade to GPU… which is what happened to me.

  • With a powerful PC and XGP sub, do I still need an Xbox?

    • +4

      only if you want to play in the living room. I have a gaming PC, but hardly using it since I love playing on my LG CX rather the 1440P gaming monitor in the office.

  • +4

    I like the Series X because I can buy second hand discs for cheap. I'm not a big gamer so getting games on release at high price isn't worth it. With the Series S digital downloads the online sale prices never get as cheap as discs. So IMO the Series S costs more in the end if you want to buy games, it's great for Game Pass though. I like having a physical disc UNTIL RECENTLY when 2 of my discs shows disc rot! Redout and Sina Mora discs started delaminating on the edges. I looked it up and it's caused by manufacturing problems. I keep my discs in a stable storage environment so I was surprised to discover disc rot. Whilst upsetting the disc is really used as a licence check so games still run.

    • +1

      i also use mine as a UHD4k disks :) its a good player

    • So you can use disc in series X only ?

      • +1

        Yes. Series S has no disc drive.

  • +4

    It has been in stock from EB Games for the last 6 days and is still stock in here.

    it's getting really close to the point where the offer meets demand.

    Meanwhile, PS5 is another different story.

  • +1

    Once stock starts to become available daily, do we think the price will drop? Are the $750 price tags simply a result of the high demand?

    • +1

      I think it will,Microsoft store also available now

    • +1

      It's only June, if it really is in stock for good now then you can probably expect some bundles for xmas.

    • Can only hope, the way inflation is going they might just keep it at $750.

  • +3

    I can't believe my eyes.
    A next gen console on the JB website with plenty of stock near me.
    Has supply finally caught up with demand?

  • +1

    So Zip is just hit all time low of 44c is now giving away millions of dollars again?

  • +1

    Got one, thanks OP

  • Oh yeah I forgot to add:

    • Spend $445 in gift cards through ShopBack for additional 2.5% cashback (or if you want, get 89x$5 JB gift cards as this is currently showing as 3% cashback instead)
    • Charge $304 to Zip Pay to get the bonus $50 cashback
  • I had Xbox last Gen from the start. Then bought a Xbox one X, which became obsolete 2 years later. This Gen bought the PS5 and couldn’t be happier. Love the PS5. I’m sure the Xbox is awesome. Might look at it if they release a pro or whatever.
    The other reason I went with Ps5 tied in with wanting something different. The Xbox ONE and the new Xbox had the same Home Screen and look so didn’t feel like a jump to me. Where ps4 to ps5 felt bigger change.
    Lastly I got tired of running two consoles. Too many games and didn’t want game pass.

    • +1

      Xbox One X is hardly obsolete. Had mine for 4.5 years and it's still going strong. Replaced the thermal paste and swapped the internal HDD with an SSD. Quiet and snappier now with 50-70% reduced loading times.

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