10% off Everything @ EVSE Electric Vehicle Chargers


Looks like EVSE have an end of year sale with 10% off everything.

22kW 5m Type 2 to Type 2 EV Charging Cable was really popular last time, and is still quite cheap even without the 10% discount.
Showing as $224.10 with the 10% discount code applied at checkout.


Handy to have in the car when you have to charge on the go, or just use it at home as your regular go to.

I think they offer free shipping as well!
Type 2 to Type 2 EV Charging Cable | 22kW $224, was $249
Portable Type 2 EV charger | 10Amp plug $378, was $570
KWIK Portable Type 2 Charger | 32 Amp | 7kW is $805.5 was $895

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    Any type C car charger available!?

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    Thanks mate!

    Decent deal on a portable 10A EVSE for $378 for those who don't have one in their car.

    • I thought Its included with all tesla cars.

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        There are other brands of EV too, you know :-)

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          Noted myself a check list

          Iphone are not only the smart phones
          Tesla are not the only ev cars
          Bitcoin of not only the crypto

          • +7

            @hopper: Eskys are not the only chilly bins

            • +1

              @sween64: Crescent Wrenches are not the only Adjustable Shifting Spanner

              • @Steptoe: Gyprock isn't the only plasterboard

          • @hopper: iPhones are not SmartPhones, just iPhones, as Apple insists on protecting its "vocabulary".

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        It is now, though earlier Tesla's included the Wall Connector, not UMC. Some people also use their UMC as their dedicated home charger, and as the other guy said - other brands are a thing.

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    Thanks OP! Bought Type 2 to Type 2 EV Charging Cable

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    Been using their Type 2 cable for a while and is solid quality.

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    Which one should we buy for upcoming BYD?

    • Same cable in the link. Make sure you explore the home charging range while visiting the store. Feel free to reach out at [email protected] if you have any questions.

      • Thanks. I am not sure what cable BYD included with the car, obviously, I don’t want to buy the same cable twice. Any suggestions?

        • We'd recommend to reach out to BYD for confirmation before you buy anything.

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          I made a post about BYD info here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/700096

          In particular

          AC Charging
          7kw onboard charger. Maximum AC charging capacity 7kw. The ATTO 3 comes with a 4.5 metre 10amp charging cable.

  • As we get closer to year end, I wonder whether other sites may have a good deal too, such as Tessories? Not sure whether to get this now or wait and see.

  • Good price especially with free shipping.

  • Any love for the 22kW three phase chargers? ;)

    • Maybe look for ZJBENY products.

      What has 22kW charging capacity?

  • Do you stock the 5 pin/32A tail that plugs into the tesla mobile charger?

  • So do most public charging spots in australia have an adapter or the whole cable? And how many are type 1's and how many would be type 2's? Never really looked into these things.

    • +1

      Most non-Tesla chargers do not come with cable. Exception are fast chargers, which have the cables on them.

      Not many type 1 chargers these days, since majority of newer EV adopts type 2.

      • Is that similar to batteries not included?

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    not good if you rent though unless your landlord allows it.

    • +1

      Why wouldn't they if you are paying for it?
      Unless they are some fossil fuel nutjob I suppose?

      • -1

        because its not your house when you rent….. Not sure you know how renting works.

        • because its not your house

          That's not an answer for "Why wouldn't they?". The OP is not suggesting that the renter should get it installed without permission.

          • -1

            @bio: there house there rules if they choose to not its there decision not to.

    • +1

      In that case don't get any charger hard-wired, but get a 32A socket installed on the house, and a matching plug on the charger, to be taken with you when you move.

      You could even use it when you're on the road to rural areas. Many country towns that might not yet have an EV charger have 32A sockets at their showgrounds.

      • Is it possible to combine multiple 10A sockets to charge it faster? That way you wouldn't need to get a new socket installed.

        • Bad idea, those sockets come together on the same wire, and that is not rated for (much) more than 10A continuously. In a compliant installation circuit breakers will turn off quickly.

          • @team teri: Sure thing, I was talking about separate wires, not double sockets. It could at least provide a sustained 20A.

            • @bio: Separate wires all the way to the switchboard? In my house all sockets are on only 2 different circuits, with a 10A breaker for each circuit in the switchboard.

              If I plug bit items into 2 different nearby sockets there are almost certainly on the same circuit. Kettles and toasters run only for a couple of minutes, not enough time to trigger a breaker or melt insulation of overloaded wires, but something like charging a car, different story altogether.

              • @team teri: Interesting. Mine are 20A. If yours are 10A you can't charge your car at 2.4kW and, say, use the kettle at the same time.

                • @bio: I double checked and stand corrected. 10A was for the light circuit, I've got 16A breakers for the power points.

                  Still, any big loads for more than a few minutes in addition to a car charging at 10A should trip that breaker. Perhaps that's why the charger that came with my car only uses 8A. I've never used the included charger other than testing to make sure it works in an emergency.

                  As my permanent solution I went for a 32A socket that is wired back to the switchboard. Charging at home happens mostly in line with solar output, which maxes out at 20A, but I've used the charger on 32A outlets at full speed several times.

      • Something like that would be a very flexible solution.

        Appears quite over-priced though. I'd get this, assuming it allows to adjust current (to be confirmed), and ask an electrician to make up some tails for you. Depending on how many you need you might spend $100 on materials and carton of beer if the electrician is a friend.

      • Are the 32A sockets at showgrounds available for public use?

        • +1

          Checkout the plugshare app, some are free. Most are paid.

          Can also be used at caravan parks, but they're more likely to be 15A?

    • Chargers can plug into a regular 10A outlet - no home modifications needed.

      10A is relatively slow, but is likely ample if you can leave it plugged in overnight and don't drive a crazy amount of km.

      • Technically they are EVSE. The charger is built into the car.

  • These cables are so expensive..

    Supply and demand I guess.

    • probably because copper prices have gone through the roof (even when compared with other materials)

      • Nah, even the really short adaptors (with no cable) are super expensive. Even so, you can buy a 25m 15A extension chord for $25.
        There is bugger all to these things.. but again a squillion people are going to need one. So can't blaim them. Still waiting for the type 1 to type 2 to get cheaper (that's now obsolete). FWIW ..I bought an EVSE via Ali Express 6 years ago for $200. Still going. However, have melted the plug 3 times (but thats due to crappy power points, not the actual plug itself…ie. the Clipsal plug melted as well).

  • KWIK Portable Type 2 Charger | 32 Amp | 7kW is $805.5 was $895

    Isn't it better to get the Tesla Wall Connector for $780

    • Hi Harby. The KWIK is a portable charger meaning that you can carry it around for longer trips using 32A outlet. In addition, the KWIK portable chargers also have scheduling function as well as configurable output.

      • Where on the product page does it list that it can do scheduling? Can the ocular LTE do scheduled charging? Shouldn’t these be handled on the car side of things?

        • My apologies. The 7kW version doesn't offer the scheduling function. Neither does the Ocular LTE.

  • Hi Op, do you have a bidirectional V2H charger?

    • Unfortunately, we don't have anything available yet.

      • Thanks for the reply.

        Please let me know if/when you add this to your product list.

  • Hi Rep,
    Would it be safe to assume that 3 phase 22w cables also fully support single phase 7w chargers?
    All of the public charging near I live seem be single phase 7w.
    Need to decide between 22w $224 and 7w $197.

    • +1

      Yes, 3 phase 22kW cables are compatible with all universal charging stations including the 7kW chargers.

  • Hi ESVE - What is the diff between a "Tesla EV Charging Cable 22kw" and a
    "Type 2 to Type 2 EV Charging Cable 22kw" ?

    They seem functionally identical to me, didn't think there was a "Tesla Type 2" port - Cheers!

    • I’d like to know too.

    • Hi Ewat. They're the same product.

  • No EV yet, as AU is not ready yet. Will hope that the Asian EV with superior CHAdeMO charging (up to 900kW bi-directional) will take over (the bullies;).

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