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[eBay Plus] Nintendo Switch Console Grey $330.68, Neon $347.06 Delivered @ The Gamesmen eBay


An alternative option than the OLED screen, The Gamesmen have these with the eBay coupon PLUSFY22 (eBay Plus members) or SAFY20 (non-eBay Plus members)

Neon link

Cheaper than the previous Amazon deal

Original Coupon Deal

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    Recommend waiting for OLED if you play mainly in handheld

    • +1 to this, it's a game changer.

      Videos/pics online don't do it much justice but when you see the difference in real life it's insane.

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        Definitely. I have shifted to playing more handheld because the screen is so much better

        • F**K…… I chose to listen to the "experts" on Ozbargain and returned my OLED as they said there was no real difference with the screens…… Not Happy Jan!

          • +4

            @jzx100: Anyone who claims they are an expert are most likely not one..

          • @jzx100: Eh, I've upgraded from a V2, also have a second OLED so no bias against it and well it's better, but not remotely close to being "insane".

            • @TheContact: Yes but if you had a choice for your first time buying a Switch I would get the OLED over the V2.

              Not just the OLED but minor things have improved like bigger screen, better kick stand, better dock and clearer speakers.

      • Why didn't they just release the console with OLED to begin with?

        • +1

          why didnt we live in the moon to begin with ?

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            @ChiMot: There was OLED on the PS Vita released in 2012, so it isn't that an insane a question considering the Nintendo Switch released over 5 years later.

        • Why did Sony release the Vita with OLED then remove it in the newer model?

          • @SpeedRunnerLink: Sony stated "The main reason is that the LCD panel can now realise an image as high quality as that of the OLED panel.", which is bull crap and the main suspected reason is financial. Sony dropped OLED to reduce costs as the console was failing compared to the 3DS.

            • +1

              @FabMan: It was rhetorical

              I knew why but your comment snuck in befofe I posted mine as I was trying to chime into the why chain as per previous comments

    • Ditto. I play mainly on handheld and the screen is so vibrant plus I’ve the Zelda joy-con too 😋

    • +4

      This is a good comparison between the old and new model.


    • what about mainly playing on TV? Will it matter as well?

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      • only if you have OLED tv :P

    • Was planning to get another one for an upcoming Birthday~ish/Christmas gift.

      Good call, they'll probably let their daughter play in the car also so I guess it'd get a lot of handheld usage.
      Here's hoping for some decent Prime Day deals in a few weeks :)

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    Pretty reasonable price. OLED would be nice, but 95% of use will be on the telly. Thanks OP.

    • It's funny. We have two switches in our household. 95% of use is in handheld mode around the house.

    • OLED has a better looking dock with Ethernet too :p

  • how much is this at the beginning? special on amazon on release date years ago…. $329 i think ?

  • Is this v2? Troll_face.jpg

    • Yes, back of the box is all red

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    FYI applying this deal to the OLED brings it down to $401.66 which if I'm not wrong, brings it within a few dollars of the lowest all time price.

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    Thanks I grabbed a OLED model and signed up for eBay plus for 1 month free, great price.

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