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40% off Sumatra Blend 1kg Bag $30.57, 500g Bag $18.93 & Free Express Post @ Airjo Coffee Roasters


Hey guys and gals….
Here’s today's deal:

40% off SUMATRA BLEND until Midnight Sunday AEST.

Roasted Saturday and Sunday and shipped Express Post Monday - Wednesday.

Just in case you were wondering, we care about your order and you are in safe hands……

Here’s why:
QUALITY - All of your orders are FRESH roasted.
SPEED - All of your orders are EXPRESS shipped for no extra charge.
HEALTHY - All of your orders are made with 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC Arabica beans.
FAIRTRADE - All of your orders are made from 100% CERTIFIED FAIRTRADE Coffee.
APPROACHABLE - Any problems at all just reach out, we want to help.

BONUS Stuff:
We care about your happiness with our products. If you don’t like the blend you choose, send it back and we will refund your purchase or swap for something else and send it at no cost..

Did you pay full price in the last 48Hrs for the same product? And then this deal popped up for the same blend??
Send us an email with your order number and we will refund the difference!

Need help choosing a blend?
Need help dialling in your machine?
Not sure what grind to choose for your kit?
Any questions at all?

Ask Dan!

You can reach out any time, any day, by email [email protected] or the chat app on the website. We will always try and help where we can.

Your feedback is super important to us, good or bad. Please let us know by email or reviews or social, wherever it suits you, how we are doing.

Thanks so much….

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  • Yassss!

    • +6

      You don't need to. You could eat the beans as is, or trade them as "magical" for a cow owned by some kid named Jack…
      The options are endless

      • According to the youth of today, you can shelf it. Not suitable for the morning commute

  • Is there an expresso brew guide for Sumatra? 1:2? TIA, Dan.

    • +5

      Hi hodgey. Yes 1:2 👍🏼
      Edit* Sorry hodgey this bit didn’t post.
      So if you are running an 18g double shot you are looking for around 36g shot weight after a 25 second extraction.

      I hope that helps.


      • that's perfect information, Dan. Cheers mate. I'll put an order through before Sunday night.

      • Hi Dan,

        Any suggestion on the brew temperature for this blend?

  • +1

    For those who have tried this coffee. How does it taste in terms of bitterness? I know that the 'bitterness' rating can be subjective but would appreciate your opinion, thanks.

    • +2

      Not sure, although out of the ones I've tried I prefer this one by far.

    • +1

      It's nice, I like it. Very balanced, not bitter not sour

    • +3

      It's a light roast - I don't find it bitter, but it does have a bit of acidity.

    • +1

      I didn't like it. It found it rather.. weak.

      But in all fairness, I get my blend from a friend of the family and normally a days after he's roasted the beans.

      I really had high hopes when I order this but was left disappointed.

      • These beans come within a couple of days roasting too. From what I have been told, and what I am working out myself is that freshly roasted beans should best be consumed around a week to 10 days after roasting, up to about 5 weeks.

  • Any discounts on the Enterprise Blend?

    • Or Saratoga??

    • Not right now guys. This one’s just for Sumatra.

      • -1

        second that. Enterprise or Saratoga deals please. Thank You

    • -1

      second that. Enterprise or Saratoga deals please. Thank You

      • Say it one more time and maybe OP will do something about it

  • I still havent received my coffee from last purchase….
    Very unusual…

  • OMG!, I was just thinking I should order another pack tonight as I'm on my last few days of beans.

  • -1

    I've tried 4 X 1KG bags in a variety of blends. Find my shots are all over the place on my Breville oracle. Same bag dialed in and some shots yield larger pours than others.

    Not sure what the go is. But enough to make me not buy again. Wish it wasn't the case as this is a cracker deal!

    • +2

      Hey there sotight
      Sorry to hear you were having trouble.
      I am always available to help if I can with dialling or any issues you are having.
      We want this to work for you as much as you do.
      If I can help in any way please just reach out.


    • +3

      Definitely not the problem with the beans.

      The Breville Oracle is quite inconsistent with dosing as this changes depending on the amount of beans on the hopper (more beans means more weight and larger dose). The change in dose means you will have greater or lesser resistance (and therefore a longer or shorter shot). You might find that you end up having to chase your shot by adjusting grind setting.

      My advice is to just have enough for a few shots in your hopper. Alternatively use a separate grinder and tamp.

      • +1

        plus every blend will be different and potentially need a different grind setting anyway?

        sounds like user error to me

        • I find I need a course grind in the morning and it becomes finer by the arvo with my oracle

        • I disagree with this. I have an Oracle touch and it grinds at 20grams each time but the extractiin is very inconsistent with these beans. I love the flavours so I learn to change the grind throughout.

    • +1

      Suggest a proper grinder

  • Was just starting to run low and thought to myself hopefully Dan posts a deal sometime this weekend

  • +1

    Last time with Sumatra towards the final 200g or so of the bag I started getting an awful taste suddenly (with a new machine - Magnifica S). Not sure what happened as before that it was fine and after that bought a bag of Enterprise which was also great. Could have just been the machine or a bad batch though. Could've also been COVID since apparently it causes the taste of coffee to change and the timing was just as I was recovering from it. Will give it another go nonetheless!

    • Hey tfg if you have a similar experience send me an email and I can try and help.


    • +1

      I have definitely heard that some things like coffee tastes awful for some people after the infection. Hopefully your taste it back now

    • +1

      When I caught the bug, I noticed that my sense of smell was attenuated. My coffee tasted more sour and aweful despite the brewing yield vs time looks ok to me. After 3 - 4 days, my sense of smell recovered, and the coffee tasted normal again. Same thing when I drank orange flovoured Redoxen, it just taste sour.

      But I have had Sumatera blend for quite some time now, my experience with this bean using my setup (Breville Dual Boiler + Smart Grinder Pro), is that my machine will struggle to pull a proper shot (won't create enough pressure), after 26 - 30 days of roasting date. Day 6 - 26 usually is the sweet spot for my setup.

      ps: I do have to change my grind size every 3 - 4 days.

      • Curious what grind settings you are using, I have the same setup. 2 grind size and around 17.4 grind timer for me. The grinder does seem a little inconsistent.

  • +1

    If you don’t like the blend you choose, send it back and we will refund your purchase or swap for something else and send it at no cost..

    What do you do with the returned product
    I would imagine it would be illegal to resell it and wasteful if you dispose of it lol

    • +13

      It doesn’t happen often easternculture but when it does, we test it to make sure it’s ours and then we generally drink it 😁

  • Perfect timing, great product and service. Happy returning customer

  • +1

    Just wondering from the airjo and the ozbargain coffee drinkers point of view how would you recommend storing the beans for the fairly long period? I have bought a couple kilos over the last half year but its basically just me who drinks coffee in the house and I dont have time to make one every day so it often lasts 2-3 months. Obviously fresher is best I may just buy 500g from now on but cool dry cupboard vs frozen beans vs frozen grounds any opinions?

    • Hey KutchAu
      If you can grab the 500g bag then I would recommend that to start with. Smaller fresher batches.

      I would definitely store just beans instead of grounds if you have the option (regardless of where or how).

      As for cupboard vs freezer. The jury is still out I believe. There’s pros and cons for either so choose what is best for you.

      I hope that helps and I hope some of your fellow OzB team will jump in here as well.


    • +1

      Freezing them & grinding frozen too is apparently the way to go, eg. split a 1kg bag in half or quarters, freeze the rest and use the other while fresh.
      If you keep the bag form the last batch you could store in that also.

      I'm in the same predicament, just me drinking the coffee and even drinking daily a kilo bag lasts a while, shy of a month I think.
      I'll be giving freezing a go on this order.

    • +2

      I split into 5x200g, use 1 and vacuum pack 4 then put in the freezer. I get the beans out of freezer a day before so they don't get moist from condensation.

  • Are these much superior than the supermarket ones which are less than half price? Just curious.

    • +3

      Ymmv. These are freshly roasted and taste better to me. Supermarket ones tend to be weeks or even months old.

    • +1

      Typically you want to let these bags sit for a bit before you open then because they are roasted and bagged then immediately mailed to you, where as the bags you find in the supermarket are roasted weeks to a month in advance.

      The most obvious difference is they won't be stale (at least when you first get them) and the crema from extractions will generally be much thicker than store bought.

      That and you've also got the beans that are used, the ones you find in supermarket are generally produced en mass, the bean is chosen to satisfy as many customers as possible whilst minimising the supply cost.

      Here you can choose from many, and there's many other roasters that offer different blends of their own.

  • OP, can I use this coffee for a French press? Tia

    • +1

      Yes AussieD.
      You would want to order “Plunger Grind” if you don’t have a grinder 👍🏼

      I hope that helps.

  • +1

    This site can’t be reachedThe web page at https://airjo.com/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

    • Hey mysterybox
      It all looks ok here.
      Is that still happening for you?
      Just the Airjo site?

      • All good now and orderd 500g, thank you.
        First time going to try coffee bean using a manual grinder and then use newly bought DeLonghi Dedica Arte Machine EC885M. I still couldn't able get the microfoam from the machine though, still learning.

        • I had the same issue at the beginning, use little milk first 100ml - 200ml, press steam button and then turn steam dial and let water go until you see continuous stream of steam coming. then close and keep the nozzle almost touching the surface or slightly above, turn on the nozzle again and you will get really doo microfoam within 45 seconds, key is to use little milk first until you master the process

  • Outstanding service, outstanding coffee

  • Hi Dan,
    I guess I will choose “espresso grind” for my full automatic espresso machine?
    Also, seems like the coupon is not applied to all items in cart, only one item.

    • +1

      Hey there mrgeckoz
      If your machine is full automatic to the extent that it has a built in grinder then you would need to choose “Whole Beans”

      The coupon is for Sumatra Blend only so if you have other blends in your cart it will not apply to those.

      I hope that helps.


      • OMG just realized that was a stupid question.
        I was thinking of decaf grind for the machine!
        Thanks for the clarification!

        Bought 1kg Sumatra blend, can’t wait to taste Ozbargain’s fav beans!

  • Just ordered a bag of Cold Brew Grind, very keen to try this after reading all the past reviews of your coffee!

    • +1

      Thanks so much InsertCrow.
      Please let us know how it goes for you.

      Kind Regards

  • 3rd time reordering and same as a friend great stuff for the price

    • +1

      Thank you so much for sharing and thanks for your orders 👍🏼

  • Ok, that’s it. I’m finally giving Airjo a go. I’m expecting greatness and just quietly, I don’t think I’ll be disappointed :)

    • Thanks so much Slave1. Super keen to hear how it all goes for you!!

  • Thanks OP, bought a couple of bags

    • Awesome zoner thanks so much.
      Please let us know how it goes for you.


  • I ordered Sumatra 2 times but last batch was not good at first batch. Not sure what happened. Willing to order few more but bit sceptical as the second batch ordered a month ago didn't taste same as first one on same machine and dial settings. I loved the coffee roast ARJO delivers and ordered so many times with them.

    • +1

      Hey there Ping pong.
      Sorry to hear you had trouble dialling that batch in.
      If you have a similar experience please reach out to me via email [email protected] and I will do my best to help.


  • Can I use air press grind to try making cold brew or is that a bad idea?

    • You could try it em but we do have a "Cold Brew" grind option that we believe is best for the Cold Brew process.


  • +2

    Can we have 1kg price ($30.57) for 2x500g packages as an option?

  • Nice! For this price I’ll give it a go

    • Thanks so much Reticent - please let us know what you thinmk!


  • Does anyone have experience on how Airjo Sumatra compares to lime blue brazil sao paulo SO?
    Similarly priced and both look really good!

    • Lime blue is disgusting.
      SO definitely isn't so

      Airjo are miles ahead on smoothness and richness

  • +2

    Is it possible to have a delayed dispatch?

    • +1

      Sorry sween64 - the only scheduled shipment options we have are through our subscription service.
      Thanks for asking.


  • Just ordered a Chemex. Would filter blend be these to use for that device?

    • Hey there GReeeeN - yes our Filter Grind should work well for you.

  • +1

    Hi Dan, I’ve seen these deals from AirJo popped up a few times now, but I’ve been hesitant to buy from you as I haven’t been able to find any extra information on your blends other than 100% Arabica beans. I’ve been looking into coffee traceability recently and trying to understand the type of coffee I like.

    Would you be able to supply more information on which regions of of beans your blends composite as well as the type of processed used? I understand you might not have all the traceability information, but doesn’t hurt to ask! 😁

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