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Samsung Galaxy S II for $394 @ HN on 26/05/12 Only


I just heard an ad on TV in Brisbane advertising one of their usual sales at Harvey Norman this Saturday only. My ears only pricked when I heard them say that they will be selling the Samsung Galaxy S2 for $394.

From what I gathered from the ad, this is in-store only, and an outright (unlocked) phone. No mention of phone colours available.

The only other thing I heard them advertise in the ad was a 4GB USB drive for $4.

EDIT: Multiple people have reported seeing this ad on TV and print in NSW and Victoria.

EDIT: Copied from the BOGOF iTunes deal (http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/70884), this is the ad in the Herald Sun: http://go.redirectingat.com/?id=28468X864468&site=ietab.net&...

EDIT: Reportedly you can buy it online. You can also get it delivered for a small fee.

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  • my sgs2 is soon to be 1 year old, but still reckon it is a good deal for those who, for whatever reason, have not had this awesome phone.

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    Todays is the 24 may..

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      Yes, my apologies - typo in the title.

      • thanks for the info.. might stop by HN this saturday

  • Anybody else have seen this advt? I was waiting for it to go under $400

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    Still on their website for $694

    • Sat only

      • Thankq….Adv subject was updated just aft I posted this comm :)

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    remember SIII is not far away…But if its for under $400 I would buy another one - Good phone

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    good price, esp for Hardly Normal.
    Can't wait to see what the more competitive retailers offer now with SIII looming.

    I voted +…maybe I should have waited to see some details, i.e. check its not locked to Telstra! Can anyone confirm its unlocked ?

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    Online or In-Store?
    White and/or black?
    Delivered included or excluded?

    • From what I saw in the ad it seems to be in-store only - it's just one deal in one of their usual sales they have - although this deal is somewhat reasonable.

      It also didn't mention pre-paid, so one can only assume it's an outright (ie. unlocked) phone.

  • I wouldn't get my hopes up. My friend tried to buy the 25% off iTunes promotion she found out from OzBargain but Harvey Norman refused to honour it because they said it wasn't on their catalogue. Seeing that they are individual franchises, they can pretty much make their own decision on any promotions.

  • NOOOOOoooooooooo just bought it online yesterday for $465 :'(

  • No offence to mastablasta, we have over 25+ votes for this deal so far. Nobody other than mastablasta has seen this ad? I want to confirm that this is a deal or not a hoax.

    • I saw it on a shouty TV ad this evening in Ballarat.
      Couldn't find anything on the website to confirm - OzB is the second reference I've seen to it.
      My Dad's thinking about getting a SGS2, so I want to know more. He uses Telstra for the coverage, so I want to find out whether it's locked to any network and whether it's NextG compatible.

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    Isn't S3 already out? this should be much cheaper

    • Comes out next week(31 May)

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      out on the 30th may in Europe, mid June in America and god knows when in Australia

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        any comment that points out how lame we are when it comes to IT and electronic stuffs attracts at least 6 thumb up in my experience.

      • -1
        • what part of UNVEILING didnt you get?
          Its not the release date.
          If you are going to post an article at least read it.
          It clearly said

          As for what you should expect to happen at the event, we will most likely be treated with details on the Aussie carriers to launch the S3, pricing details, and hopefully some release dates.

  • is razr better than s2?

    • Really dont like motorola software,. Then again I hate samsung too…
      For this price why not go for an xperia S? JB has it for around $450 or less if you can be bothered to haggle

      • Xperia s, good specs but looks and feels cheap, would rather get s2 or HTC

        • S2 looks cheaper than Xperia S. It's all a matter of opinion

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    Nexus also for $399 -

    I will prefer Nexus over S2

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    Awesome price for a 4GB USB. + FROM ME!!!

  • Its tough to decide which one to buy Nexus, SII or Xperia S :(

      • Cheers, it looks like xperia is the winner.

        • I have the Xperia S - I find the user experience to better on the SGS2 - it's more fluid, has ICS and seems a lot more stable.

          The camera is better on the Xperia as is the camera functions - also has a dedicated camera key.

          The day to day use though, from phone calls, text, browsing, FB and twitter - I find the SGSII is much nicer to use.

        • Thanks mate.
          I was doing research yesterday and it seems that battery is not replaceable/upgradable which is a bit annoying.
          I think I will go for SII.

        • +1

          You won't regret it either way. Both decent phones. The battery on the Xperia S is replaceable, ya just have to take out screws…so, it isn't that easy, but it's not impossibru!

        • Thanks again rorymeister :P

        • s2 is not bad in sunlight, really depends on what brightness you have it on. Minimum brightness in sunlight is absolutely useless though. I progressively gets better as you turn the brightness up.

  • Is sale in Sydney too?

  • +1

    I've seen this ad at least twice tonight in northern nsw. I was happily laughing at hn's specials the first time, til i saw the sgs II, which i conceded was a good deal. I nearly had an aneurysm, as good deal and hn commercial do not exist together in my world.

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    For those thinking to buy it might also be interested in checking out the Samsung GS2 extended battery for $25 @Telstra Shop. I bought mine yesterday and hope there are still some left for the lucky ozbargainers.

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    Definitely gonna get one!! Even though I have a 4S damn ozb youre making me poor.

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    I can vouche this is a great phone!!

    Worth it for under $400

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    Just read it in herald sun, they have advertisement for it samsung galaxy s2 $394 1 per customer , satturday 1 day only

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    This is definately the Brisbane store, not Oxley or at the Gold Coast? I'd cry man tears if I made the trip and it was wrong.

    • It didn't specifically say in the ad that it was for Brisbane stores only. Seeing as people in other states are seeing the ad, there's a good chance it would be available on the Gold Coast too.

  • +1

    i'm in syd & heard it on the radio while on the way to work, so its for syd stores as well

  • Do you think jbhifi will price match HN?

  • Hmm. Is it time to upgrade from my well battered Huawei X5. Tempting with the $39.40 gst refund…

    • +1

      It is $35.82

  • Just got one of these last night from my father. Amazing phone for its age. It's actually a better user experience than my Xperia S. The screen isn't as sharp, but vibrance and brightness is and it's a lot more fluid now that it has ICS and MY XPERIA S DOES NOT! Blergh, Sony!

    • How is the screen viewing under direct sunlight or outdoor? which one is better?

      • +2

        The Xperia is great in the sun - it's quite bright.

        I can't comment on the SGSII as I only got it last night and today in Melbourne, i've not seen the sun once :(

        • Thanks rorymeister :)

  • Hold your horses with the +ve's guys. We don't know if they have enough stock or not? Checking this morning there was no stock in Hunter/CC Area. Checking now they are starting to report "in stock" - however how much stock we don't know until 2moro…

    • Agree entirely abc. Harvey Norman CBD Adelaide has burned me twice now with claims of 'no stock left' despite turning up as the door opened on one of their mobile sales. Won't trust them ever again. Other stores may be more obliging.

  • BTW is this already upgraded to ICS?

    • Yep! Did mine last night. ICS is gooood.

  • +1

    WA too?

    • yes was on the radio today

  • Do Samsung phones come with international warranty?

    Edit: from the Samsung's web seems they don't "Except where an International Product Warranty has been provided with your Samsung consumer product" (http://www.samsung.com/au/support/warranty/warrantyInformati...)

  • Heard this a few minutes ago - only thing I heard apart from that it was a Harvey Norman ad.

    Great price!

    ETA: I heard it on the radio. I'm in the Latrobe Valley.

  • Deal active at bondi junction NSW!!

    • Will post receipt when I get home.

      • It's not supposed to start till tomorrow? Or are all stores releasing them now too? I'm very tempted :(

        • it is ridiculous if they start selling them now, can't get out of work right now :S

        • +1

          They displayed all the sales for tmr.

          Here is the poster:

          Here is the receipt:

          Happy hunting! There was plenty when I left!

        • But the sales are for tomorrow… but they sold it to you for the $394 price today? That's odd for HN… I wonder if any of the other ones will do the same (not holding my breath though).

        • Often signs get put up late afternoon the day before as they won't have enough time the next morning.

        • Yeah man, called my friends over and they bought it as well. Yeah sparky is spot on. The staff were surprised about the price as well but must not have been told it was for tomorrow… or forgot.

        • Groan. "Maynia".

        • I remember did happen sometime.

  • it was on the radio in WA also

  • HTC One X is going for $568 delivered Kogan.
    Still a tossup

  • Nice ad. Samsung Galaxy SIII hitting Aus market soon?

  • Can I claim GST in the airport?? I am going overseas next week?

  • Anyone can help me in deciding whether to get this one or the vodafone plane here? http://shop.vodafone.com.au/mobile-details/samsung-galaxy-s-...
    I am using optus connect4less prepaid, spending around $10 a month, and happy with the cost/usage.

    • Depends on your financial situation;

      1) can you pay $394 upfront for an unlocked phone that you can use on your connect4less prepaid
      $394 + 24 months x $10 = $634 total


      2) pay $29 per month for 24 months = $696 total

    • nice way to confirm for Sydney

  • sorry about the quality, took it from my 3GS :(

    • Great idea! Lennnnnnnnnnnnnngennnnndddarrrryyy

      • Yep i bought it too and will pick it up in store, Hopefully will be able to pick it up today itself…….Great deal OP

      • I just picked my TV & phone from Auburn store as well………They got lot of TVs left but S2 is sold out

  • delivery is just $6. u can easily buy it online as well if u can't be bothered to go in and buy.

  • oos nunawadding, they only had about 10

    • I ordered one online for pick up in Nunawading … so let's see … it still shows "in stock" for Nunawading.

      • Update: Got an email that it will take 7 days …

  • Bundall, Gold Coast approx 16 in stock. Probably about 6 left. Good luck.

  • Richmond (Victoria) store sold out already. Apparently around 10 people lining up for doors to open this morning.

    • According to the website you can buy online with pick up from sold out stores on back order. But for $6 postage may as well just buy online with delivery.

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