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NetGear Nighthawk XR1000 Wi-Fi 6 Gaming Router $286 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Hey :) 3rd post ever but I’ve just purchased this from Amazon - it normally sits around $550 new, currently on sale across the web around $450 and Amazon has it at $286 :)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Did they really call the OS DumaOS?

    • is it stand for dumb*ss OS?

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      Lol if you're Vietnamese

      • +4

        Du Ma in Vietnamese as in F*** You lol

        • *** Your Mum!

          Ma = Mum see the similarity?

  • Does this provide enough range for upstairs/downstairs? Right now I'm having to use 2 routers

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      You're probably better off using a Mesh setup.

      • -2

        I've heard Mesh is slow (I've got an Ethernet port upstairs so using that with the second router). Only problem is no seamless handoff between the routers

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          I've heard Mesh is slow


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          Depends what you get and how much you want to spend. A single router for a two story house…absolutely not. If it was me I'd get something from Ubiquiti and put one on each floor. Put in the $$$ for the best speeds.

          • @Aliensf: I guess every house is different, but my Asus AX86U is good enough for 2 storey house, and it's not even placed in a central location.

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          Might be better off getting 2 access points like Ubiquiti Unifi or TP-Link EAP and connecting them both to a central router. That way there is no bandwidth loss or latency increase and being proper access points they should be able to roam pretty quickly.

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        The difference between Mesh and just using a repeater for downstairs?

        • Mesh is usually better at roaming. With just a repeater devices will often hang on to the first access point they connect to.

        • Mesh - better reliability, seamless roaming (even between 2.4Ghz to 5Ghz bands). To get really good speed, you will need top end models.

          Repeater - cheaper setup, when it works, you could get better speed than low/mid range mesh, but hard to get proper roam between the repeater(s) and the main router. If you elect to name the repeater with a different SSID, then getting a smooth roaming is quite difficult if not near impossible.

          There is also the option to run both. In short, go mesh if you can.

    • Depends on the house. I have a RT-AC68U in a two storey house and works fine. Router upstairs. Streams 4K Netflix/Prime etc downstairs no problem. TV is at the opposite side of the house to the router

    • Depends on what the inter-floor is made of.
      If the router is in the ground floor, 5.0 Ghz can go through wood floors easy.

      • How about if it's on the second floor? Can it still go through wood?


        • +1

          you need to be running the WoodOS for that.

        • +1

          No. Wifi only flows upwards

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            @serpserpserp: Incorrect, in Southern Hemisphere, downward.

            • @AlexF: no i just circles in a counterclockwise direction. But always upward.

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    I have this, It's good for the price. Bought it for a similar price when scorptec had a sale.

  • Is the OS still having issues? Read there was stability issues with DumaOS

    • I have this for about a year now.
      Twice, I have woken up with no wifi, after trouble shooting found that the router has factory reset itself.
      Apparently it is a known issue.
      otherwise I love the router

      • Thanks, sounds good hopefully I don’t have bad experiences

  • +1

    Showing $438 now.

  • Got one as my r7000 has been dying.

    • yeah wifi on my r7000 was dying… did the same thing happen to yours?

      so i just ended up getting the Ubiquiti unifi to plug into it.

      • I used to plug the r7000 into the telstra router. Just went back to using the telstra router for now haha.

        The wifi would disappear and just not appear again.

        • My R7000 still running strong after 8 years.But I am keeping an eye on potential replacements.

        • yep, so wifi issues, why not just plug the NBN directly into the R7000? ADSL, or cable? not FTTP?

          • @wisc: I fail to see how that would fix wifi network. Internet works just not wifi.

      • Yep. I use it as a bridged modem now.

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    Better off just getting a WiFi 6E router or waiting until WiFi 7 comes out

    • Didn’t Wi-Fi 6 just start becoming mainstream a couple years back

      • +3

        Wifi 6E uses 6Ghz, but the higher the frequency, yes it is faster but you’ll get shorter range. For most people, range is way way way more important than speed.

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    This or Asus AX-RT 86u

    • 86U rates much better

    • If you intend to use custom firmware, must have 2 USB ports on a router, and/or need the Ai-Mesh feature, then 86u.

      Otherwise, XR1000 Wi-Fi 6. XR1000 supports Wi-Fi 6 after all, whereas 86u is Wireless AC.

      • ASUS RT-AX86U is a wifi 6 (AX) router as well, not AC. You referring to RT-AC86U?

        But good luck finding AX86U stock. I’ve been looking for one but there’s simply none around.

        • Probable a good sign it's a decent router if it's sold out everywhere

  • It is now $437
    Will wait for wifi 6e router.

  • modem and router are two different things?

    • +3

      Yes, but some devices are both a modem and router. Others are one or the other. Then some devices are neither, for example a toaster.

      • Yes i use my toaster as an access point

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