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[NSW] LG 65" G1 4K UHD Gallery OLED Smart TV OLED65G1PTA $3100 @ The Good Guys (Casula)


Saw this earlier at The Good Guys store in Casula, and it seems like lowest price for LG G1.

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    Any stock in Vic ?

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    G1 or C2?

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      I'd use the Rtings comparison function and decide from there.

    • My question too
      Hope you have an answer

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        I initially ordered the c2 but decided to go go all in with the g2. Extra warranty is included which covers burn in and it just gets that much brighter than the c2 because of the heat sink. I am mounting it on the wall and can report back Tuesday.

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          Burn in not covered under warranty

        • How did you go with the install? i am in WA and could not find anyone competent to install it on the intended bracket on my double brick wall with existing wall hung TV.

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    Is a 77" c2 for $3600 worth it?

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      Um yes! Where is that deal, I want it.

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      Not possible

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        Possible but it's a special offer I got with a coupon code. Only thing is I just bought a new tv and don't have approval from the wife to use it. :/

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    Looking for 77" C1 or C2 or Sony 77" A80j. Hopefully there is a deal soon.

    • Same here. The 65’s have some great deals but I don’t want buyer’s remorse. It’s a bit rough that it’s nearly twice the price for an extra 10 inches.

        • True. Similar to the jump from 55 to 65 though, but the prices are proportionally more serious going to the 75/77.

          • @Jake T: High end fees and also related to how many 77" they get out of a panel

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        I got a 65" c1 a year ago, awesome tv except for the shit os. At the time I was debating about 65 and 77 because the room could take a 77 but price won the day, and now i have the remorse you speak of. If the 77 can fit in the budget then get it, I wish I had.

        • Always buy what the budget can afford. Then you have no remorse because you couldn't go higher at the time

        • Google tv was made for this telly

  • Anyone confirmed stock?

    • Yes, and before I posted this.

  • Any deals on 77inch g1 ?

  • I have been looking for a G1 deal again ever since I missed out on it being posted for under $3,400 last year (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/655627). Unfortunately I was told by the sales rep that there are no units in the warehouse that this promotion was only for the unboxed floor stock (display) and that there was only 1 display unit.

    Not going to report for insufficient stock as there could be other stock at random Good Guys on display that may not be appearing in the system (also for $3,100). Hopefully the G2s come down in price ($4,000 or sub) but I'm not holding my breath (especially after seeing all the C1s go on special month after month for the past year when the G1s barely moved - I'll assume the C2s are going to be much more popular/discounted/more supply).

    • Why don't you contact Casula store if you are in NSW? They told me they have limited stock but won't give me how many in stock.

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