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Pepsi for Sodastream Soda Mix 440ml - $3.50 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Big W


For some reason, it’s the only Pepsi branded flavour on sale. Nevertheless, half price and cheapest currently out there for this flavour.

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    If only we could get Coke syrup

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      If only we could get Coke Dr Pepper syrup


    • The old Sodastream brand cola was so much better, especially the sugar free one, the branded Pepsi stuff tastes off.

      Is it too much of an ask for some decent sugar free cola syrup in bulk?

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        The sugar free ginger beer is excellent.

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          Agreeing on their ginger beer is great, it’s even better if add spiced rum.

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            @grouchiness: Thanks… will have to try that…

  • Thanks OP. Was about to pay $5.50 at Woolies.

  • How much does this make?

    • From the link..

      Makes up to 9 litres

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    You could make your own Coke syrup by purchasing a carton of Coke, pouring it into a large saucepan, and reducing it until most of the water evaporates.

  • Wonder what this would taste like… Considering the standard cheap cola one already tastes like Pepsi!

    • It tastes like cheap cola.

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    This taste nothing like pepsi.. tastes more like pepsi max cause they use artificial sweeteners.

    Its disgusting unless you like the pepsi max taste.

  • I thought it was shampoo

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    I don't get the value of Sodastream…. You barely break even, unless you are making litres on litres of it a month. For what, worse tasting drink?

    The cost comes down if you break it apart and use a proper gas canister mod, but that's far from kitchen friendly.

    • Got one on sale and try, yeah sub par, waste of money.
      Better to stick to the original drink

      • Yeah, the main thing it saves you is lugging bottles from the car to the pantry!

        And, the choice of syrups ain't what it used to be. These Pepsi/Mountain Dew/Mirinda, etc ones don't taste anything like the proper version. Only benefit is that you can make it as sweet as you want it to be (Mirinda ain't bad… sure beats Fanta which tastes god awful with their 25% less sugar same great taste BS).

        We also find that the cylinders aren't created equal. Some have more gas, others seem to be more powerful whilst some are weaker. We also had a couple of faulty ones that were super noisy and actually had loose valves on them (complained to Sodastream and all they did was send a replacement).

        Is there much of a saving? Not really!

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      You kinda answered your own question there. Buy a refillable 2.6kg gas bottle and in the long run it's cheaper than buying bottles of sparkling water and far less plastic waste.

      You do need somewhere to put it though, so it's not for everyone

    • the other benefits are that you can have your choice of flavour + strength on demand. its more for convenience than value but you do generally save a bit.

  • I have watched tutorials where people refill the gas cylinder using dry ice, and if that works that would remove most of the ongoing cost.

    Perhaps then if you used a good quality cordial rather than the syrup, you would end up with something better than what you can buy, and less 'nasties' (in the same way that people use their ice-cream machines).

    Or carbonate Apple juice or other juices.

  • Seen tutorials on making carbonation rigs. It's like an old school soda fountain/jig. Sodastream packages everything in a neat product, but lot less economical.

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