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[NSW] Donate Your Discover Voucher to Charity and Get a $25 off Discount Code @ Symbio Wildlife Park


Discover vouchers are ending soon. Don't let them go to waste! Donate to either the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation, The Starlight Foundation, Variety, Canteen, or KidsWish.

For every voucher redemption, your chosen children's charity will receive two entry tickets to Symbio on your behalf valued at up to $78, and you get a $25 off Discount Code should you choose to also go yourself.

Your Symbio $25 off Discount Code expires 31 July 2022

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  • Is that legal?

    • I’d like to know this too. Otherwise I’m happy to donate my vouchers.

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        I can appreciate this deal in some respects but I think it's important to note that simply not using these vouchers doesn't "let them go to waste".

        These vouchers are economic stimulus intended by the government to allow the market to apportion assistance to tourism businesses; because the sector has been adversely affected by lockdowns. They are paid for by the budget which is balanced against tax revenue. When they are redeemed, the government pays the business the amount for the eligible transaction up to $25. Any unused amount isn't paid out in the first place so it isn't a matter of wasted money.

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      At the bottom of the page it states: "This Pay-Discover-Forward initiative has been formally approved by the NSW Government"

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      I will make it legal.

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    Note that the discount ticket you get will expire on the 30th by the sounds of it

    You will also receive a $25 ARP Discount Code that must be used to purchase a ticket before the date that your original Discover NSW voucher would have expired.

    Still a good thing to do anyway!

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      I assume you can buy a ticket online now that is valid for 12 months?

      • Yeah it looks like it.. to me it reads that you just need to use the discount ticket (sent to you after you redeem the voucher) to purchase a ticket before the 30th

    • Actually I think I messed up my tabs.. ARP is Australian Reptile Park…

      When you redeem a Discover voucher for a regular $25 though, there's this line on the Symbio page - but not entirely sure it also applies to the donated discount ticket.

      Your Symbio Discount Ticket is valid up until 30 June 2022, so make sure you redeem it for an entry discount in time.


      • I'm confused by the conflicting information about the expiry of the $25 discount vouchers.

        Their website suggests the end date as 30 June 2022.

        This is what I got in the email when I donated my voucher.

        Below is your own $25 Symbio Wildlife Park DISCOUNT CODE that you can redeem online at the checkout towards entry tickets and experiences (by entering your code in the Discount Code section of the Website), or in-person when visiting Symbio, prior to the end of July 2022. Please note, in line with the NSW Governments Terms & Conditions, this code will expire at the end of July 2022 and cannot be redeemed for a GIFT PASS.

        The end of July seems reasonable as it makes sense to give people a chance to use it.

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    Thanks OP!

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    What would the government do with the money they save by not paying out the unused tickets? That might work out better later for some

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    They only let me donate one voucher. Is anyone else having the same issue?

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      Can only use one voucher per person per day per business. Try using the next voucher tomorrow.

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    Thanks Op. Be better if the hospitals were properly funded to start with.

  • Just to clarify, does this mean I will need to pay $14 on top for myself (unlike with Klook) if I actually do want to go to Symbio?

    "Sorry hospital kids, but we only received 598 free tickets from the public's generosity and there are 600 of you. Does anyone volunteer not to go?"

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    could I donate my $50 stay voucher?

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    fyi - https://www.news.com.au/national/nsw-act/news/service-nsw-pu...

    'A program allowing NSW residents to donate the government’s Discover vouchers to children’s charities has been indefinitely put on hold due to a Service NSW dispute.

    The scheme was introduced by Symbio Wildlife Park after being green lit by the government in May, and has seen half a million dollars’ worth of zoo access passes given to sick children and adults.

    Support for the program however has since been pulled, with zoo spokesperson Kevin Fallon telling news.com.au it was ending its “Pay Discover Forward” program Tuesday evening pending further advice from Service NSW.'

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      I saw the news dated as 22 June 2021? or something wrong with my computer?

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    Is the donation tax-deductible 😅?

  • Best thing I've seen, if you don't use them , give them to someone who can benefit from them. there is no better place then to help out kids!
    12 million vouchers out of 32 million still haven been used.
    Is everyone rich all of a sudden and cant use them?

  • think i saw entry to symbio was $25 on klook?

  • Anyone know if you can use 2 vouchers at different businesses on the same day?

  • Says no. Haven't tried.

    • Got that wrong. Yes. Oops.

  • Reptile Park has a similar offer

  • The Starlight Foundation is fantastic and gave so much care and support to someone I know as their child battled with terminal cancer. Very worthwhile supporting.

  • OP, the $25 vouchers expire on 31 July 2022, not 30 June. You may want to correct that in the description.

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    Thank you Op.

  • Did anyone receive an email confirmation? My junk is still empty.

    • no email received but I think they have used the voucher

      • What's even more surprising is that they never replied to my email. Or perhaps not so surprising if no one received a voucher.

        • What time did you submit your voucher? I did mine Thurs evening and haven't gotten anything either. I wonder if it was after business hours no one would be around to process the codes manually. The website could've just been a generic thanks?

          There was another payitforward scheme I saw and they said vouchers had to be submitted by 4pm on Thurs.

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    It said thanks after I donated the voucher but also not receive an email with my ticket.

    But if my voucher and my parents' vouchers go towards helping some kids out, I don't mind if I don't receive tickets back. But then that benefits no one except for the wildlife park!

  • Never got a discount code but that's ok.

    • Ditto.. maybe was just too late for them to redeem it from ServiceNSW

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      I never got the initial discount code email, but I got a reminder email to use my discount code… and it conveniently had the code in it. So have another look now!

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