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Dewalt 18V Brushless 3 Piece Combo Kit with Impact Screwdriving Set $354 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings


Same set as this deal and $45 cheaper.
Also, seems plenty stock around.

DCK303P1A-XE kit includes:


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    Drill 60nm max, driver 170nm, angle grinder 9000rpm.

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      Where can I find a 6 nanometre drill?

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        Workshop on USS Enterprise, ask for Scottie.

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        Oops.. Nm

  • i thought it was the 54v for a sec

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    Is this a good starter set for someone who moved out and might need to do some home Reno?

    My dad used ryobi but I'm not committed to any Ecosystem yet

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      Yes, a really good combo for the price.

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        Agree.. I have this gear, all good and no complaints, it's all been going good for years… Only 1 battery is a bit of a pain, maybe look for a multi-tool, sander, or such down the track, to add an extra battery to your inventory…

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      This is a great set for the price.

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      Yep, as suggested by someone else I would recommend 2 batteries so you can predrill + screw without having to swap batteries every time. Of course, depending on what kind of reno. However, if your dad has a lot of stuff and you visit him somewhat frequently, I'd suggest sticking to the same so you can borrow his tools, etc.

    • Definitely. You will use the drill and driver all the time and the angle grinder is brilliant when you occasionally need it.

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      i was in the same boat. weighed my options, and went with makita.

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      Ended up with this ecosystem due to an ozbargain years ago and have added many tools to the set (driver, drill, rattle gun, sander, angle grinder, circular saw). It’s been through some serious work and haven’t had any problems. I’ve been buying some skins from the US as they can be a little cheaper depending on what you’re chasing and fx rate (they’re advertised as the 20v over there).

      Highly recommend for the price.

    • yes great value for money. grab yourself a powerstack battery if you have the extra $$$ will be perfect for any job you do

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      If your father has quite a few of the 18v Ryobi tools then I'd stick with Ryobi also. You can borrow any tools that you need. Especially if you're just looking for a basic starter kit and are not sure what tools you will use.

      If you borrow your dad's tools you can see what you are using a lot and then research what is best about the more expensive brands before jumping into one of their ecosystems.

      Ryobi are cheaper and have a wide variety of tools and there isn't a massive (IMHO) difference in quality with most of the basic tools.

      ** Best tip is to buy quality drill bits, blades etc for your tools as that will make a big difference than the cheap ones that come with Ryobi**

      I have had Ryobi gear for 15 years or so and still use the drills, blower, recip saw etc.

      I purchased some Makita kits (about 14 tools) a few years back and they are definitely better but you pay for the quality. I am also using the tools a lot more know now for home reno's and woodworking so it justifies spending the extra $$.

      • Sorry I should also add that you can interchange batteries for most brands. I use my Makita batteries on the Dewalt 18v Router as I prefer the Dewalt router adjustment and ergo over the Makita router.

        There are adaptors for all brands … I have only used the Makita -> Dewalt.


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    I got a Ryobi HP brushless hammer drill kit for $299 (came with 2 x 4Ah batteries) and now I'm wishing I had got this kit instead.

    • What is wrong with the Ryobi?

      I'm tempted to get this only for the drills but have no idea what to use the angle grinder for and the 1 battery would be sad when it runs out mid project.

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        5Ah battery will last you very long unless you are a tradie. By the time it runs out, you deserve a break.

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          That is really good and reassuring to know. Now I am closer to spending $350…

          Thanks stranger? Haha

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            @hhuy837: Haha need more convincing? The angle grinder can be used with what’s called a flap disc for cleaning duties too, on top of any cutting. Though arguably there are brush attachments on drills too.

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              @ATangk: I am $354 lighter now.. thanks!

              I hope I never have to buy these tools until I retire now…

          • @hhuy837: More $, but more power, bigger range etc

            85Nm drill, 240Nm driver, 9300rpm paddle switch grinder, 2x batteries

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          Not very long on angle grinder.

          • @Richardc: That’s true but I based my comment on the fact he wasn’t really going to use the angle grinder.

            • @ATangk: I don't understand what that means but I am so bloody close to pulling the trigger friend.

              I looked it up and found out that you can use the angle grinder to cut metal like nails out of wood which I may need to do so in the near future… Uggh

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                @hhuy837: If you haven't used a grinder before, you shouldn't just jump on in to use it on anything tricky. Watch some youtubes - learn how to use it properly - and don't skimp on proper safety equipment using a cutting disc, including a full-face protective shield mask.
                Even though they're designed for it, angle grinders hate it when people use them to cut metal and will go out of their way to try to hurt you. Don't give them the chance.

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        Nothing wrong with ryobi but I could have had an impact driver and angle grinder for only about $60 more I guess.

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      You can buy battery converters on ebay. Which means you can use your Ryobi batteries on any dewalt/makita etc tools you like

      • I've never found a Ryobi to Dewalt actually, only the other way. The ryobi stalk is to tall for other tools I was told.

        Have you got a link? I'd be interested in grabbing one.

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    sydney tools Dewalt road show $399-$50
    Total tools Zip pay deal $300-$100
    If anyone interested

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    Bought this 795 model drill to use on-site, but found it horrible for drilling into masonry. so i bought the 996. Much better

  • The 54V angle grinder is fantastic. I have heard the 18v one isn't overly impressive but I haven't tried it. Not sure if anyone has experience with it?

    • Wish i kept my 18v instead of selling it when i got a 54v in a combo kit, haven't noticed enough of a difference except the 54 is a pain to use 1 handed

  • Good price. I’m kind of annoyed I went with Bosch, but the batteries have been fantastic, and the tools have held up really well. Oh well. If they ever die I’ll go with a different brand.

    • +1

      Nothing wrong with Bosch (blue anyway). I have a mix of brands, mostly DeWalt, but I love my Bosch mitre saw.

      • Yeah, I’ve only got the Blue gear. You’re right, it’s not bad, it’s more so just so limited amounts of tools.

        • +1

          Really good safety features in Bosch Blue, like kickback protection

          Also their batteries last forever

          • @perfeksionitst: Depends what for.. my dad has a Blue circ saw, and I can rip maybe 1/3 sheet of 32mm Plywood before it starts dying.
            18V though.
            I run my 54V DeWalt circ saw through the same, and it''ll power through no issues (obviously with the power increase!)

  • I was/am thinking to buy Ryobi 2 piece kit (hammer drill + impact driver +batttries n charger) in similar price range. The only thing I currently have ryobi is 18v blower, so actually haven’t got to build up the tool collection yet.

    Should I go with this one ?

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      Don't worry about the blower.

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    Just bought my first place and starting to become handy around the joint. Is the hammer drill good enough for masonary drills? What use case would
    I use an impact drill for ?

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      An impact driver is designed for putting in screws. The imact mechanism means it can produce much higher torque.
      It has a hexagonal collet for holding driver bits rather than a chuck which is commonly used for drill bits and it is shorter in length, making it more useful for working in tight spaces.

    • not good enough for masonry work. will end up burning out the motor because it takes too long to drill, steel is also a bit of a stretch. Main use case for this drill is timber applications

      • Even for home masonry use? Eg wall Mount TV etc

        • It'll be fine for the odd job. I used mine for a dozen or so masonry things around the house. Honestly my best tool purchase ever, these DeWalt cordless tools.

    • -4

      Someone above mentioned the 18v isn’t serious enough for a worksite, but if it’s just for home, I imagine this could handle the odd masonry job better than a Ryobi or similar.

      • +4

        As a tradesman, 18v is powerful enough for %95 of the work, when it's not we use corded ones.

        • Interesting, each to their own I guess!

          But I see your point, if the 18v battery-powered isn’t enough then just go whole hog.

          • @WhyAmICommenting: For the portability alone it outweighs any negatives that having the 18v cordless brings, there has been very few tasks that I've done that has required something corded these days and even then I'll just hire that thing for the day I needed eg. Demolition hammer, drain cleaner etc.

    • This hammer drill is fine for drilling DIY… in fact it's very good

    • +7

      Hammer drill will be fine for smaller jobs (e.g. putting some wall plugs into brick)

      Hard concrete, or anything past 8-10mm diameter you'll want an SDS drill, also known as a "rotary hammer" (not hammer drill)

      My advice for using a hammer drill to drill into masonry - go slow, clear your hole out often, and cool down your bits once they get hot. I used to dip my bits into a cup of water from time to time.

  • Hmmm, i can see that this provides good value, but I'm not sure if I need an angle grinder.

    • +3

      you will need it, this is a good deal,

      • +2

        Yeah i bought it anyway for the house - ends up being less than $100 per tool when the screwdriving set is put into consideration.

        • recipro saw > angle grinder for most things, but doesn't hurt to have one.

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    Cracking deal, if I didnt have these already.

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    If anyone doesn't want their angle grinder, I'll buy it off you 🙂

    • Me second

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    If you don't want/need the angle grinder, get this kit

    • Actually probably a better home kit in lots of instances with 2 X 1.5ah batteries instead

  • I know opinions will vary but I'm looking at a Bosch blue hammer drill/driver and wondered how this compares? Spec wise presumably similar.

    I'm not hung up on Bosch have just really liked the drill I own which has been brilliant for years but feels on the way out.

    • +1

      Very little difference between dewalt, bosch, makita, milwaukee etc at similar levels.
      Just don't buy there bottom range and they'll last you for decades. This dewalt kit will not disappoint.
      But for any serious masonry work don't rely on the hammer drill, even an ozito SDS will blitz a dewalt/bosch hammer drill

      • Ah yeah I guess I could've been clear on that. I usually just use a cheap wired hammer drill anyway as it has plenty of power and not common for me to do masonry work.

        Thanks for your comment :)

  • Just bought this, heaps of stock at my Bunnings.

  • Back to $354

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